The Benefits of Barefoot with Steven Sashen

Boomer Anderson
June 12, 2018
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And I started investigating that fundamental idea is there something wrong with me? Or what are the things that I think are wrong with me and what’s the evidence that these things are wrong with me and the whole idea of something wrong with me did fall apart. I was no longer able to believe that.

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About Steven Sashen

Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes, is a life-long athlete, a former All-American gymnast and current masters All-American sprinter. A serial entrepreneur and Emmy award-winning television personality, Steven and his wife and co-founder, Lena Phoenix appeared on the ABC hit show, Shark Tank (they turned down a $400,000 offer from Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary). When not building the Xero Shoes brand... don't be ridiculous, that's all he does.

Key Highlights from the Steven Sashen Podcast:

  • How Steven hypnotized his 5th-grade class
  • Steven's meditation practice and why it stopped at age 38
  • The problems with the self-help world
  • Why there may not be anything wrong with you... and you are probably okay
  • The history of modern-day padded shoes
  • How Steven started Xero Shoes with a minimalist sandal
  • The importance of your feet and their nerve endings
  • Why Steven spends as much time barefoot as possible
  • How Xero Shoes increase intrinsic foot muscle strength
  • Can running barefoot and building barefoot strength eliminate plantar fasciitis?
  • The problem with orthotics
  • Is grounding a farce?

Resources Mentioned

Top Tool or Technology Steven Uses for Peak Performance

  • End of day decompression with his wife

Top Trick Steven Uses for Enhancing Cognition

  • Having confidence in himself that the work will get done. Some days are productive, others are not, but the confidence that the work will get done remains there.

Episode Transcript

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