Where Health Meets Performance

One-size fits all recommendations for nutrition, exercise, and technology do not work.

Who has time to spend 3 hours in a gym when you're running a company or building a career?

Decoding Superhuman is for the time-constrained professional who knows optimized health leads to optimized performance

Parked at the intersection of entrepreneurship and health optimization

My name is Boomer Anderson.

Growing up, I had two passions: health and finance.

I traded my first stock at 12. It was the same age when I found the weight room.

Before my health optimization muse became my profession, I worked in finance helping companies and governments raise money around the world. The job was fantastic. It allowed me to see a lot of the world, interact with different cultures, and learn from the smartest minds in the world.

But I found it troubling every time I searched for someone to help me optimize. My physicians didn't understand. My trainer didn't have a broad enough knowledge, and no one understood the life I was living.

So I started Decoding Superhuman to provide a resource for people like me who are under a lot of pressure, driven in their careers, and want to optimize their health, business, and life.

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