Parasites: The Bad and The Ugly with Wade Lightheart

Boomer Anderson
December 9, 2020
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Round 2 with Bodybuilding Champion and BiOptmizers Co-Founder, Wade Lightheart. This one gets into a dirty topic, parasites. Wade talks of the downsides of biohacking: when a parasite almost took his eye. Wade's experience led him to create an all-natural parasite cleanse. In this epsiode, Wade Lightheart educates on how to avoid parasites and what to do if you get them.

Who is Wade Lightheart?

3-Time Canadian national All Natural Bodybuilding Champion who competed as a

vegetarian, former Mr. Universe Competitor, host of The Awesome Health podcast, Wade

Lightheart is one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training

Methods. Having majored in Sports Science at the University of New Brunswick, he has

authored numerous books on health, nutrition, and exercise which have sold in over 80


Wade also serves as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and is the

Co-Founder and President at BiOptimizers, a digestive and health optimization company.

He’s been in the health industry for over 25 years, coached thousands of clients, and is

sought out by athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide for his advice

on how to optimize their health and fitness levels.


[3:33] Wade’s Favorite Gadgets

[7:15] Encountering parasites

[17:20] Most common effects of parasites

[21:01] Improve your chances of not getting a parasite

[27:30] Running a parasite cleanse

[38:50] The herbal parasite cleanse

[47:02] How to determine if the cleanse is working?

[53:05] Why is magnesium important to people?


Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer

Katrine Volynsky

Wild Oregano Oil

The Bucket Theory of Optimization

Episode Transcript

Boomer Anderson: [00:00:00]Welcome to decoding superhuman. This show is a deep dive into obsessions withhealth performance, and how to elevate the human experience. I explore thelatest tools, science and technology with experts in various fields of humanoptimization. This is your host Boomer Anderson. Enjoy the journey.

Today's conversation was actually brought about after myfirst podcast with my guest. After we stopped clicking record or stoppedrecording. If you will. We got into parasites, a discussion about the good, thebad, the ugly, and most of it was ugly. And he gave me a book to read calledparasite Rex. I read it was absolutely terrified and invited him back on theshow for round two.

And so Wade Lightheart is back for around two. He is theco-founder of BiOptimizers, which is one of my go-to products and companies forall things, digestion. He's also a bodybuilder and just an all aroundfascinating individual. We talked extensively in the past about traveling the world,but today we get into some down and dirty stuff about parasites. We talk aboutWade's experience with a parasite, almost eating his eye. We talk about whywater, pork, and other things may be things that you want to avoid. How EMF andthe modern environment contribute to both magnesium deficiency, as well as justhigher incidences of digestive issues.

And of course, I'm going to link to all of this in the shownotes for you guys. It's at decoding superhuman.com/wade2. That's w a D E witha number two. Enjoy my conversation with Wade. Lightheart

Before kick things off today with Wade. I want to give ashout out to exercise and exercise has evolved over the years for me, as it haswith Wade, we both love the idea of movement, but moving efficiently has becometantamount in my life as well.

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Let's get on to my conversation with BiOptimizers.Profounder wait light

Wade's back for round two. Welcome my friend.

Wade Lightheart: [00:03:23]Great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Boomer Anderson: [00:03:25]So today we're going to dive into a topic again, a first-time topic on thepodcast, which parasites, but, um, You've managed to build yourself what I'vebeen told an amazing place for biohacking in, uh, in California. Okay.

First off you moved to California because of goals, butwhat, what, what kind of get goodies and gadgets could one expect to see at thehouse these days?

Wade Lightheart: [00:03:55]Well, there there's a, there's a continuous. Bringing in of, of, of, of this,this place. So we have, uh, BiOptimizers we created what we call the bio homeand the goal of the bio home is to create a self-contained biohacking centerthat allows me to work in my business.

Um, it allows me to train, to maintain my fitness and itallows me to have a wonderful living space where I can entertain. Other peoplewho are in the industry so that we can share ideas and just sit around andexchange or make filming, or do all that sort of stuff. So, um, This is aconcept that we have, and I think it's becoming more relevant with all themitigations that have occurred in the last while is I saw a recent statisticthat 60, over 60% of the people who actually train in a gym, don't feel thatthey're going to go back.


Boomer Anderson: [00:04:54]That's horrifying.

Wade Lightheart: [00:04:55]So let's even just say it's half of those people. That's a big hit to thefitness industry and I'm a big advocate of, of fitness and maintaining one'shealth. In a, in a technologically advanced world, we didn't have to do thatbefore fitness was just living. And now with the technological advances, wehave to consciously engage in that.

Or we'd be just become like little jelly beans sitting on acouch. So I said, well, I found this place. And, uh, one of the, uh, one of theprincipals is, uh, he's a pretty impressive biohacker particularly in thebrain. Yeah. Um, yeah. Tony Flores. He's a very intelligent guy. He actuallyworks with BiOptimizers and we said, Hey, let's create this home together andput this together as, as, as an advocate for BiOptimizers our messaging, howyou can turn your home in.

So, you know, we've got the standard stuff, we've got ainfrared sauna and we've got some, a NanoVi and some rebounders, and we've got,um, some. PMF, uh, technology. We've got brainwave, uh, regulatory components.

Boomer Anderson: [00:06:02]Of course. We've got to have that, right?

Wade Lightheart: [00:06:05]Yeah. We've got a water pure specialized water purification systems.

We got air purification systems. We've got, uh, an entiregym upstairs with, you know, with attack bikes on the roof, out dot side, whichis cool, and a rower and a big Olympic weight set and bands and bars and allthe little gadgets and every now and then I see some little gadget on, Oh,let's get that in.

And then on the bottom floor, I have a live in work studio.Basically. We've got a kitchen set up. We've got my office where we do thepodcast. I'm actually bringing in some other stuff and I've just got a shipmentof all this incredible audio video equipment so that I can. Really have a fullfledge recording studio that allows me to kind of bring in other biohackers,other people in the industry and provider a really nice curated space wherethey can communicate their messages to the world.

And so it's, uh, it's coming together quite nicely. It'sfine.

Boomer Anderson: [00:07:00]Oh, that sounds like fun. The Zen den the dojo, if you will, but I liked it.The biomes. A very good name for it. All right. Let's transition to somethingjust slightly different than, you know, uh, biohacking gadgets. Let's talkabout parasites and I know you've got a personal experience with this and, ormaybe several personal experiences cause you and I have both spent extensivetime traveling the world.

Wade Lightheart: [00:07:26]Yup.

Boomer Anderson: [00:07:28]Um, let's talk. When was the first time you encountered parasites or knew youencountered it?

Wade Lightheart: [00:07:35]Yeah, well, what happened? I was in Bali Indonesia a number of years ago, and Ilove Bali. It's one of my favorite places

Boomer Anderson: [00:07:43]I'm supposed to be getting married there sometime soon. So,

Wade Lightheart: [00:07:47]wow. It's a beautiful place to get married.

Uh, it's, it's an extraordinary culture and extraordinaryplace. And, um, it's one of my favorite places on the planet to go and, uh,Unfortunately, when you travel to countries that have left less developedsanitation practices and medical facilities and stuff there, uh, the populationis subject to more parasitical infections and being the westerner.

I think that in a lot of cases, we're at a disadvantagebecause we're in a highly, um, I would say antiseptic environment. Yeah. And wetypically have a reduced immune response to pathogens, pathogenic, bacteria,and viruses and things like that. And so I went there and many, many times. Andnever thought much about it ate the food, did everything and never really gotsick.

I'd have a few days where I might feel a little off, but Iused a variety of my nutritional supplements and strategies. You know, wetalked about oregano oil and things like that. And grapefruit extract andthings like that to always, if I felt something that felt a little off I'dpound, all that stuff.

And usually I was pretty okay. But what happened is I came,uh, I was back in the States. Several months after a ball and he's trip. And Iwas messing around with a bio-hacking device. Uh, it was a tenent machinedevice where you kind of it's, it's a healing is voltage technology. And I wasplaying around with it.

Uh, me and Matt were both playing around with it at thechocolate tree in Sedona, Arizona, which is a great place to hang out for greatfood, by the way. And there's all kinds of biohackers meet up there andconnected. It's just like great place, right by, uh, some friends of ours and.So we were using this device kind of blasting different organs and we weren'tusing it properly.

We were turning it on a little too much as wait. Well, Itend to find what's the excessive amount. And then I pull back from there. It'sa bad tendency of mine, so yeah. The next day, Matt woke up and he had thisexcrutiatingly like terrible throat. And I had what seemed like an unusual itchin my eye. And I thought, I'd say what, maybe I'm accessibly to hide her.

Now. I was actually traveling to California the next day.Okay. And on the ride over my eye, I kept getting worse and worse so much thatit felt like. There was being knives being stuck into it. It was very, verypink, but like, you know, and, and I even had to stop at a gas station and puton sunglasses, which I don't normally wear sunglass.

Um, and. It's still continued. And when, by the time I gotto California, the lights from other cars, which is, were, were excruciatingpain. I'm like, this is really strange. Something's really wrong with my eyehere. I went to the medical pharmacy, tried to get a bunch of things toalleviate my nervous system got up the next day.

It was worse. And at that point I said, Oh, okay, I'm introuble. Now me being. A little bit crazy. Uh, I said, I'm going to, I'm goingto go up to Vancouver, which is about a 24 hour drive, one 20, 24 hours drive.And I went and I was literally holding on to my eye and I couldn't see, it waslike

Boomer Anderson: [00:11:19]for those listening right now, you're, you're kind of basically going sort offinger in the wind guessing where you're going and.

Probably not the safest elements by which to drive.

Wade Lightheart: [00:11:31]No, but there's two people that I really trust when it comes to my body. And Ihave a chiropractor in Vancouver that I called the wizard and I have a reallygood optometrist, um, who I said, you know, I trust these people. I knowthey'll figure out the bottom of my, I figured there was just something wrongwith my eye.

Well, when I got to the optometrist. He said to me, helooked at my eye and he said, uh, well, I've got some bad news for you. And Isaid, well, what kind of bad news do you got? He says, there's a 50% chancethat you're going to lose your eye. And I was, I remember in that moment and I,I practice radical acceptance.

I'm like, okay, if I lose my, I can, I, can I still functionmy life. Yeah. I don't want that to happen, but I can, I can accept that. So Iwent immediately to acceptance and then he said, you know, we're going to haveto give you some medication and stuff like that. And I said, okay, well I needto fly to Japan.

And a few days he's like, no, no, no, no. You're, you're,you're, you're, you're not going to Japan. Like you're, you're like, you're,you're in trouble. I said, give me a few days. If I can come in on Saturday andyou say that I'm not healed. I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday. If I, if I,if I'm, if I'm healed sufficiently left, we will let me go on the plane.

He said, I'm not open Saturday. I said, well, what would youcome in for a few minutes? Just to take a look at my ID to give me the okay.And if it's not, I'll stop my flight. I was going to Okinawa. He's like, fine.It's not going to happen. So I go over to my chiropractor who's as I call themthe wizard, he's a, an advanced kinesiologist muscle tester.

He can tell you stuff about your body that would literallyfreak you out. Yeah. And, and so I, I, he starts testing me and I said, how didthis happen? And he does all these tests. And he says, Oh, were you using anelectrical device? I said, yeah. And he said, well, it appears that you werestimulating your gallbladder.

I said, yeah, I was actually, he goes well, and he does abunch of tests. He goes, he had a parasite in your gallbladder. And when youput the electrical stimulation on and the parasite went up the nervous systemand started eating your eye, it was literally eating my eye. This type of.Parasite Nichols is parasitical stuff.

So under normal conditions, my body was able to manage thisparasite that who knows how long it had been in my body. But when it gotstimulated, that area, it was threatening. So the device triggered a healingcrisis. The parasite that the hell out of there found the weakest part of mybody. And started attacking it.

And so we did a bunch of mitigations. I went to, um, Icalled up my, uh, genetics and nutritional expert, who does all my internalstuff, uh, Katrine Valinski. And I said, Katrina, I'm like, okay, we need, weneed to pull out all the stops here. What do I need to do? Right. Like we like,and I got this laundry list of anti parasitical medications from a Chinese.

Went down to Chinatown and got these herbs. I startedpounding all these things, uh, biohacking stuff to kind of bring down mynervous system and boost my immune system and wipe this stuff out and was justdrinking this God awful herbal stuff.

Boomer Anderson: [00:14:44]I can imagine it.

Wade Lightheart: [00:14:46]And you cook up Chinese herbs that instincts the high habit.

You got to plug your nose. It's horrible. And it worksright. I did this for a few days. Come in Saturday. And I go to the doctor, theeye doctor, and he goes, well, you know, you're 95% healed. I wouldn'trecommend that you'd fly, but you won't probably hurt yourself. So I got on theplane, went to Okinawa, but I went and picked up.

During this time I picked up a book called parasite Rex. Andwhen I read this book, I frankly got terrified. Number one, I had a terrifyingexperience. The prospect of losing one's eye to a parasite seems prettyradical, but it happens all the time throughout the world. All kinds of things.In fact, the book talks about how parasites have killed.

Millions and millions of humans throughout history and arequite common, uh, amongst particularly societies that don't have access tofresh, clean drinking water. Yeah. And Bali would fit inside of that. A lot oftimes they wash vegetables or things like you mean you've been there, you know,

Boomer Anderson: [00:15:46]just like Indonesia in general is not a great place to get the water.

Wade Lightheart: [00:15:50]Yeah. And one of my passions is to provide pre clean, healthy drinking wateraround the world. Um, I'm very passionate about that and have been involved inthat for almost 15 years. And so I read this book and I started to realize thatHoly cow, like parasites are a bigger issue than them. They're these remarkablelittle individual, these little.

Organisms that they'll actually hook into your nervoussystem. They'll takeover, brain functioning, for example, in rats, so that theyrun out and get taken out by vultures. Then when they get consumed by thevulture or the bird of prey, they mutate into something else and then they getinvolved. Then the intestines of that bird, then they get crapped out into thewater and another.

Organism will drink the water and then go in that and mutateagain to, to something else. And they can be very difficult and get rid of, andit can cause a variety of conditions from mental illness to the loss of organs,to, to death and, uh, and a whole laundry list of, of issues. And of course, Igot fascinated with this topic and started to look at how do we wipe thesethings out.

If someone gets subjected to the situation that that I wasin. So.

Boomer Anderson: [00:17:02]Let's talk about some of the more common parasites that either you hero friendshave had because the a as a person who's traveled the world, or a lot of adecent portion of the world, not a lot, um, I've had a couple and I've got themin places that I didn't expect, like drinking water and Patagonia, forinstance, bad idea.

Um, Some of these parasites that you've come across, whatare some of the effects that you've seen of them and are, is the most commonway of getting them drinking water or is it, you know, pork used to be anissue? Is pork still an issue? Um,

Wade Lightheart: [00:17:39]I believe, I believe so. One of the reasons that. Uh, cloves were originallyused as part of the cooking process for pork products was to just drive rightparasites.

And so if you look at many of the traditional methods of.Cooking food or the herbs that were developed throughout, you know, uh, variouscultures, is that right? I actually designed to, because they were shown towipe out these parasites, that cause problems. Interestingly enough. So for example,I think one of the big water is one, but, uh, I think there's a lot ofparasitical worms like Anna Sakis and here's one for you, pseudo Terra, Novathat infect Marine creatures.

So. Fish shellfish whale seals. They can all make fishers,fishers, squid, particularly cause those are commonly occurrence. Andoftentimes aren't well cooked or eaten in a raw state, particularly with sushitype meals often can create infection. So, um, I know my, um, my businesspartner, Matt, he has, uh, when you come down and visit him in Panama, he'lltake you to this restaurant and there's this.

Sushi kind of districts are like this. It's got varioustypes of fish in it. It's got avocados, it's got fish, it's got these wholecomponents. And from all reports, everybody just goes crazy for this particularfish product. However, some of the

Boomer Anderson: [00:19:04]side effects?

Wade Lightheart: [00:19:06]Side effects there have been, you know, you're, you're prone to that.

So you want to be taking, uh, Products that can helpalleviate that. And, you know, anytime you travel, I think oregano oil andgrapefruit extract, I always put grapefruit extract around like drinks and takea little shot of that. I always take some oregano oil if I start to feel off oranything, I just pound that stuff immediately to start wiping things out beforethey get, take, hold, and start delivering their eggs into the,

Boomer Anderson: [00:19:32]so this is helpful because we have a lot of listeners who back in the timeswhen you could actually travel, uh, do bounce quite over, quite a.

Basically bounce around the world quite a bit. Um, now whenpeople think of parasites, a lot of people think of tapeworms and sort of theclassic, like what was the tapeworm experiment, where you draw it out withsugar, but these things that you mentioned can exist in fish. And it's notnecessarily something that we can see, right?

Wade Lightheart: [00:20:02]Well, no. Well, the CDC estimates that in America, for example, at least ahundred million people have parasites. That's about right. 25

Boomer Anderson: [00:20:08]now, is that just purely because the American diet is quote unquote shit.

Wade Lightheart: [00:20:14]Um, well, that's part of the issue, but I think it's just the part of beinghuman. Now, some of these.

Can compromise your life moderately or almostinsignificantly and other ones could, the excrutiatingly problematic. So, um,most of them are very sneaky, very small. We will all hear the stories andseeing the pictures of the guy that passed the five foot tape we're in orwhatever. But that doesn't, that doesn't necessarily mean that that's, what'sgoing to issue many of these things, microscopic and level, and very hard toget rid of things like hookworms and things like that.

Boomer Anderson: [00:20:47]Yeah. Okay. So just looking at, um, let's take a look at just sort of basiclifestyle measures that people can take in order to improve their chances ofnot getting a parasite, because let's say, um, for instance, me, I don't wantto give up traveling like one of my, if goals are actually thing, one of mygoals is to go and see the rest of the world.

What are some basic measures that you take in your life andyou recommend other people taking in order to just sort of avoid the likelihoodof parasites.

Wade Lightheart: [00:21:23]Great question. Number one, be very conscientious about the consumption ofwater products. That's number one, because water is the most common carrier ofparasitical organisms.

Number two. Always travel with grapefruit street extract,oregano oil. And if you're in above middle age of thirties, I would add HCLbehind every meal because hydrochloric acid was one of the ways that we wipeout pathogens and most people by the, by their mid thirties, uh, are, havenone. Um, yeah. Are certainly limited.

The other thing is, is there's a couple of things that youcan do to assess yourself. Uh, if you get. Hit by something or what could beIndic indicative. This can happen at home, but, or particularly when you travelor when you're at say raw food buffets or things like that, things where theremight be a potential contamination.

Um, did you start getting excessively fatigued or withmuscle aches? Yeah. Does your bowel movements change suddenly intermittent,diarrhea or constipation? Usually a good indication that something's disruptedthe system. Um, Unexplained weight loss. Like you might lose a lot of weight orget an, a fever for a period of time.

Your belly might get distended.

Boomer Anderson: [00:22:44]Yeah. So distended, meaning portraying

Wade Lightheart: [00:22:46]is that right? A sudden you wake up and you're like, what's going on? And Ihaven't gained a bunch of weight, but my belly seems swollen. Um, Anotherinteresting, interesting indication is if you're a teeth grinder, if you grindyour teeth at night.

So if your partner says, Hey, you keep grinding your teeth.You probably should do some testing around parasites, dark circles under youreyes, or a lot of acne. Yeah. Oftentimes people that have worried about acne.So these are a checklist is to check people who have insomnia and disturbedsleep.

Oftentimes that's because of parasites affecting the sleepcycles. Um, if you travel a lot outside of United States and the Europeanunion, Yeah, you've probably, um, if you eat unpeeled, raw fruit andvegetables, I eat a lot of raw food and vegetables, particularly when I travel.That's one of the things I actually like.

I like all these wonderful fruits and things like that. Um,the other interesting thing is pets. If they pet sleep with you, so contactwith pets, a lot of people love their pets. A lot of them, um, may haveparasites that could cause problems for you. Right. So that's the first thing,um,

Boomer Anderson: [00:23:55]suffice to say you don't have a dog in the bio home or

Wade Lightheart: [00:23:58]do you, I don't have a golf ball home yet.

Okay. So these are things that, you know, inadvertentlythat, you know, are very, we need to be mindful of, again, when you're eatingoutside of your normal range, to make sure you have those items. And if youhave any of these symptoms, First thing I do is pound their regular oil. Ithink it's a, it's a cheap, ineffective, or an effective and portable solutionthat has really helped me in a lot of places.

And so, uh, those are the, those are the verse starts. Thesecond thing, if you have any of those conditions, go to a naturopathic doctorthat can issue some tests and do some samples to find out if, if indeed thatyou, uh, Have a parasitical infection.

Boomer Anderson: [00:24:43]Uh, what kind of tests do you do? Because like the ones that I'm sort offamiliar with are along the lines of like three-day stool tests and that kindof stuff.

Is that similar to what you're looking at?

Wade Lightheart: [00:24:53]Exactly. That's, that's pretty much the, uh, you know, kind of the goldstandard for testing for parasitical infections. So there's a variety ofdifferent tests. Uh, I won't go into all the names of them, but yournaturopathic doctor will we'll have one or two that they prefer in, like, andcan grab that information from, I know for me, I use a variety of tests, uh,with our testing team.

Boomer Anderson: [00:25:15]Yeah, absolutely. So, um, We talked about foods to avoid. We've talked aboutwarning signs. Now, one thing that you mentioned was weight loss as weight gainoften attributable to parasites, or is it something that, uh, not

Wade Lightheart: [00:25:29]can be, it can be, but it's not typically the, the, the weight gain that mostpeople are associated, which is like, just.

You know, excessive body fat put on, um, it's, it's usuallya distension of the abdominal area or an overall inflammation that kind ofdefies that doesn't necessarily get divine. One, one of the interesting thingsthat I like when I do, um, I go to, um, body spec testing, which is, you know,they use the machines here in Los Angeles to kind of test your body.

And not only does it test your muscle mass and body fatmass, but it also tests your interest out of your water, water levels, as wellas your mineral density. Now, if you are, you're doing regular testing. Onthese DEXA type DEXA scan types, things you can monitor if there's bigfluctuations, either excessive increases or excessive decreases of theWaterweight.

Usually that's suggestive of an inflammatory condition now.Okay. Maybe you went to the gym and killed it one day, or maybe you didn't getenough sleep and then you can have those variances, but if you start seeing asignificant trend over time, well then guess what something's going on. And,and you would probably want to do, uh, More investigation.

The other thing is too, um, anxiety and depression are a bigone sometimes or excessive cravings. So if you start getting excessive cravingsuddenly for things that are not normal, but that oftentime, it has somethingto do with. Uh, parasitical infections.

Boomer Anderson: [00:27:07]One of the things that I found fascinating when you and I were chatting aboutthis offline was the idea of, because you run a parasite cleanse almost quarterly,as I understand it.

Is that just because you travel so much or is that because,you know, you're that aware of the presence of parasites, even in places likeLos Angeles?

Wade Lightheart: [00:27:26]Yeah, well, I'm probably a little bit more freaked out since I almost,

Boomer Anderson: [00:27:31]I guess you have a natural predisposition.

Wade Lightheart: [00:27:35]So I, I, I, wasn't something I did, uh, frequently.

I, you know, I always did cleansing because I was, uh, veryaware of it, but I do have a very high, raw food diet. Um, so I get a lot, youknow, every day I'm eating, you know, fruits and vegetables. Um, from organicsources, rural farms, I don't know what the conditions are, or they may nothave been subjected to, you know, really any, you know, antibacterial programsor anti parasitical programs.

There's a lot of different things that I could potentiallyget that I don't cook a lot of my food. Interesting enough. Um, so that opensme on the raw food side. Um, people who eat a lot of rough food, like sushi andstuff. Um, they're also potentially susceptible with, with people you need topay attention to.

And also if you eat a lot fast food, I don't mean a lot offast food or anything like that. But a lot of those areas, uh, you know, wherethey're cooking and stuff, when they have these kind of edges and variousthings with the block that gunky. That that gets down. They, they, they can bebreeding grounds for,

Boomer Anderson: [00:28:41]yeah.

People listening to show shouldn't be eating fast foodanyway, but, you know, hopefully, hopefully that's not the case. Let's talkabout some of these, these cleansing modalities, because you went through avery intense experience when you were in Vancouver. And that was almost like.You know, uh, situation five or whatever you want to call it.

Right. And you're just kind of doing everything possible.Uh, you mentioned a couple of more, uh, things that people can use when they'retraveling like oregano oil, like grapefruit extract one. I'm curious, one ofthe ones that has come up frequently for me when researching this field isberberine. Do you have a feeling what, what is sort of your.

Um, thoughts around Burberry and if you're willing to share.All right. So this episode, we're talking a lot about the herbal parasitecleanse from BiOptimizers and parasites in general, and the herbal parasitecleanse much like Wade is something that I run once a quarter. Why? Becauseback when traveling was a thing.

I could travel all over the planet and potentially get aparasite, but also I think it's just a good maintenance practice. Anotherproduct that I love and use daily from BiOptimizers is magnesium breakthrough.Why do I use it daily? And why am I so excited about something so simple asmagnesium? Well, most magnesium supplements fail because they are synthetic andnot full spectrum.

When you actually get all seven critical forms of magnesiumand we go into what those are later in the episode, pretty much every singlefunction in your body gets upgraded. That includes your brain sleep, lessanxiety, pain, inflammation, and less stress. Of course. So BiOptimizers puttogether a little deal for you guys.

If you head on over to bioptimizers.com/boomer and use thecode boomer, you'll be able to get a nice discount on any BiOptimizers product.But again, let me just take a look at my supplement cabinet right now to showyou what I use on a daily basis. Durable parasite cleanse. I mentioned I rotateonce a quarter.

Okay. So that's not quite daily, but I use Mazza timesdaily. I use HCL breakthrough pretty much daily. I use magnesium breakthroughdaily, and I enjoy trying all their products from gluten guardian, which youknow, is kind of like the cover for when you go out and are unprotected tothings like constant cleanse, which.

Kind of couples very well with herbal parasite cleanse. Soagain, head on over to bioptimizers.com/boomer and use the code boomer for adiscount. Let's get back to the show.

Wade Lightheart: [00:31:21]Yeah, no, I think, uh, there's, there's it's, it's great. Um, there's a varietyof different things that have been used. Berberine, uh, is a great one.

Like for example, I would go through. I'll just go through alist of herbs. Auntie auntie, um, have been shown to be effective against varioustypes of parasites. And I won't go into which ones are good with words, butblack Walnut clove, garlic root grapefruit seed extract. We talked aboutrhubarb root wormwood, pumpkin seed tumeric golden seal.

Um, Burberry, uh, root, usually from the root bark, slipperyElm fennel seed. Uh, all of those things have been used historically, uh, torid your S w rid the body of parasites. So I think those are any of those aregood to be taken and you don't have to take them all the time, but I thinkperiodically. Like I do, like every 90 days I'll take a, uh, I do, I do a lotof fasting and I'll do some fast and I'll add a bunch of herbs.

You know, and you know, I'll usually try some crazyconcoction that I heard about to see if that course were all

Boomer Anderson: [00:32:31]experimented.

Wade Lightheart: [00:32:32]They're horrific. They're horrific experiences

Boomer Anderson: [00:32:35]sometimes.

Wade Lightheart: [00:32:37]No,

Boomer Anderson: [00:32:38]no. Like if you don't mind just walking, cause I want to talk about the, theherbal parasite cleanse, of course. But for you, what is your sort of yourquarterly cleanse procedure?

Is it involving a three, five day fast? Or is it moreintermittent fasting with these herbs? How do you do it?

Wade Lightheart: [00:32:58]Yeah. Great question. So, um, up until, um, this year, so I'm going to give yousome updates. So up until this year I went, uh, I worked myself up from a oneday. To a three-day to a five day until eventually 10 day collect cleanses.

And I would engage in those two, twice a year. And then wewere water fast where I would engage in, um, herbal laxatives and detox agentsand so forth as I got better and better, I found it didn't quite need. The 10days I found it was too invasive into my life. And those typically now arethree days every quarter.

And in those three days I only consume water and I consume amassive amounts of. Hydrochloric acid massive amounts of, uh, additional levelsof tumeric. And I take my herbal parasite cleanse. And when, I mean, massiveamounts of HDL, I'll take 20 caps of HCL that day.

Boomer Anderson: [00:33:54]Wow. Okay. So just to give people a perspective, like, uh, you know, what's atypical person take in terms of HCL post-meal maybe couple

Wade Lightheart: [00:34:03]of one, maybe two caps after a meal, depending on how big it was.

Boomer Anderson: [00:34:09]Um, just on the high hydrochloric acid front, I think it's important to touchon why people are deficient on that. Is, is it so much just coffee first thingin the morning, or what causes people to be deficient in

Wade Lightheart: [00:34:20]this? Some indication? I think the first cause is actually dehydration, right?Yeah. We require water to make hydrochloric acid and there's not like a bigbowl of hydrochloric acid sitting in her body.

It comes in about 30 to 60 minutes after we begin a meal.Yeah. And it serves it donates ions to kill bugs. Parasites included in it alsochanges the pH to activate and deactivate various enzymes. And so hydrochloricacid. So I had no idea of, I knew about the ethic efficacy of hydrochloricacid, but when Katrine said to me, well, you need to take like 20 tablets ofthis day.

I'm like, okay. 20 tablets a day. What are you talkingabout? I'm mr. Digestion, you know, she's like, yeah, well, well she's like,you're, you're getting old wave your hydrochloric acid. So age is a, is afactor. Uh, when, as one thing, dehydration is another one. Um, and then thetype of diet that you follow. So some people say, well, some people coffee isgoing to be.

Advantageous for them. And some people it's, it's going tobe absolutely not a good idea for them to take. So I don't like to use blanketstatements about common commonly used products because everything's on a bellcurve of

Boomer Anderson: [00:35:42]distribution. We're all individual. So it's. Yeah, I get that. Um, okay, solet's kind of go into, uh, so your, your, your, your parasite cleanse protocolthree days, right?

Um, is that so three days every quarter, or do you sometimesrun it for longer?

Wade Lightheart: [00:35:59]Yeah, three days. Every quarter. Although now what I've been doing, becauseI've been doing alternate day fasting and in the alternate fasting program thatI'm going to eat for 12 hours. And then I fast for 36 and then I do that threetimes a week.

And I'll do that for a period of a month. And then I'll takea little break and then I'll do it for another. I'm doing, I'm doing a bunch ofdifferent experiments for a new diet book that Matt and I are working on. SoI'm doing some really crazy

Boomer Anderson: [00:36:25]stuff. That sounds like a fascinating protocol. I'm curious, going back to thesocially invasive part of things, like, is it socially invasive for you to dothat or no?

Wade Lightheart: [00:36:35]No, that one's really easy actually. I mean, uh, you know, I, it's actuallyprobably the easiest, uh, dietary program I found, although. Done for anextensive period of time. Like I did the first time I did the first time I didthat for 13 weeks. It was a little too long and I had some metabolic. Slowdown. I kind of went, pushed it past, so I had to bring myself back and thennow I'm doing it in, in two week chunks.

And, um, what I do is one of those days, one of those 36hour periods, I'll take, uh, servings of, uh, A combination of, of, of herbs.Like my parasite cleanse I'll take, yeah. That like three times that day. Andthen another day, I'll tell you one where it's, uh, something to it's it's aconstant, but it's called constant lines where I just said, sit in herballaxative that I'll just try and clean the system.

And other days I won't do anything like that. I'll I mighttake a hundred enzymes on that other day. I'll just run an experiment and seehow I feel. I'll also experiment with, you know, Something in the blind on oneof those on one of those days, like maybe a various nootropic combination thatwe're working on, you know, we're, we all love nootropics and I'll try this oneon a food day versus on a fast day and see the differences of effects andthey're quite measured.

So one of the reasons if you're doing detoxification andwhether it's a one day, a three day, five day, 10 day, whatever it happens tobe the advantage of using herbs. On a fast and a cleanse. The principle behindthat is, is you are devoting a lot of energetic resources that would normallybe allocated for digestion to go in and change the internal environment.

Now, Paris, the sites in particular requires certainenvironments. In fact, they'll hook your nervous system and create cravings andstuff so that they get the food and nutrients they need to survive. Yeah. Ifyou create an environment for them. Where they can't survive, they'll leave.They just exit the body.

And so by fasting for small and regular periods where you'rechanging the internal environment significantly, this makes it very difficultfor. Your body to host them. It makes it uncomfortable and I'd like to gosomewhere else. And that's what they tend to do.

Boomer Anderson: [00:38:49]Let's talk about the herbal parasite cleanse because we've teased people enoughwith it.

And I have it right here. And part of the reason why I'mprime in this conversations, because I'm going to go and do one right afterthis, but, uh, Some of, you mentioned a lot of the ingredients already, butlet's talk about the combination of these because there's quite a number ofingredients in here they're all independently studied.

I know for the effect of parasites, but how did you guysarrive at the combination of the various ingredients?

Wade Lightheart: [00:39:20]Yeah. Great, cool. So basically we created a laundry list of the various. Typesof Herb's who have been used historically to kind of take out various types ofcommon parasites. And then we said, okay.

And when I did, frankly, it came independently because whenI had to go search this stuff out and Chinatown and get all these. Herbs throwntogether and cook them up myself. It was very time consuming and sucked. Um,cause I was like, okay, get this one, get this one. Cause I wasn't really surewhat was going to work or if it was going to work.

And so afterwards we started working on it and saying, Hey,let's put all these things and get the extracts. Um, in fact, we in Canada, uh,we just got. W we're actually going to be able to make a health claim on thatparticular product, which you Canada's a very highly regulatory environment,uh, about dealing with, uh, uh, particularly with tapeworms, um, and itseffectiveness.

And that's largely in part because of the black Walnut and it,black Walnut is probably one of the most common anti tapeworms tapeworms areand rimming worms. Uh, ringworms in particular are very common in North Americathat people will have and suffer all sorts of digestive systems. So we put thatin there as the primary ingredient, black Walnut extract.

And what that allows is that you get a higher potency andthere's specific ratios that are required in order to get a maximum effectefficacy. Otherwise you have a giant pot. Oh, the stinking herbs. And so how doyou get, how do you get the, how do you get the most and in a convenient way,because it's very inconvenient to do these things.

Um, so we put that in for the ringworm particularly, um, goahead. Uh, then we added clove very common and you know, people can take someof these and, and add some of these herbs. Some people really like cloves, somepeople are very adverse to cloak. It's very interesting. So adding these thingsand interesting enough.

My mother used to put a lot of these different things in herpickling. So they would create pickles and she still does it to this day. Shemakes her pickles every year and she puts all these things and I just thought,yeah, they were herbs, but turns out a lot of these personal properties. It wasjust common in the, in the area that I lived in.

So clove is a big one. Um, garlic now. I will say somethingabout garlic. I'm one of these people that do not metabolize garlic at all.

Boomer Anderson: [00:41:51]What does that, how did, how did you identify that first off?

Wade Lightheart: [00:41:55]Well, it's just the way my, um, genetics works is that I don't methalate garlicand onions very well, and it became, um, it became exaggerated significantly.

When I started doing neurofeedback, interestingly enough,now in Indian culture, if you look at our medicine, they avoid garlic and onions in meditative process. And thenwhen I was actually doing brain's a neurofeedback, I could take garlic oronions and I would instantly see. Shifts in my meditative States suppress that.

Now some people don't have that, but I'm one of those peoplethat does. And it turns out it's just the way that I don't methylated verywell. So if I eat a piece of garlic, it literally comes out of my skin. I stinklike garlic, like almost instantly, because my body's trying to get rid of it.It doesn't, methalate it very well, but.

The reality is, is they're very good at killing amoebas. Andso I can tolerate a little bit of garlic and like I say, a hint of a spice, butnot like the overly garlic stuff. So, uh, we put some garlic in there becauseit's been known for thousands of years for a lot of people. And it doesn't, youdon't really notice it if you take it in the cab.

Boomer Anderson: [00:43:09]Yeah. It's interesting. You mentioned garlic cause we've had Andrew Hill on theshow before, and I think he mentioned something about that. If I go back tothat episode about. It impacting brainwaves and the reason why they don't askpeople to take it before doing a QEG for instance, um, I'm not sure it's,

Wade Lightheart: [00:43:26]it's significant, it's significant.

It really suppresses, um, alpha, um, particularly as one ofthe ones and, and it's different types of gamma. As well can be impacted by theuse of garlic and onions.

Boomer Anderson: [00:43:40]So, uh, let's talk about how to take this because obviously on the label youmentioned overnight, is that predominantly due to us being fasted overnight or,uh, like, let's say I'm a morning faster just because it helps me focus.

Can I take it in the morning then?

Wade Lightheart: [00:43:58]Um, yeah, so there's also the, I want to have a, put another caveat too. Ithink most of the biohackers are going to know notices when you, uh, createserving sizes for labeling requirements, you have to put certain things withinparameters. And that's why we encourage people to reach out to us.

There is what I call a minimum dosage. A maximum dosage andan optimal dosage. And one of the things that I believe most people do betteron particularly in a cleansing because of the variance within individualgenetics is to start with a small dose and start scaling up until you. Franklyhave some sort of negative side

Boomer Anderson: [00:44:40]effects titration process, right?

Wade Lightheart: [00:44:43]And then you titrate down to your optimal level so that you can do that withnotes. You can do that with vitamins. You can do that with herbs. So I like tokind of, to kind of scale up with that. So if you're a morning faster, you'regoing to have a particular type of genetic, uh, capability and hormone cockprofile where you would probably do better taking the herbs.

First thing in the morning, big glass of water or whatever,and go about your day. If you're someone that doesn't tolerate that you'reprobably going to do better. If you take it at night or you're going to fast,because you've got to get up in the morning and have your breakfast before youkind of get cognizant.

Interestingly enough, it's been shown that females. As ageneral group do better fasting later in the day and eating in the morning andmales tend to do better fasting in the morning and eating later in the day. Andthat's just the hormone variants.

Boomer Anderson: [00:45:33]Interesting. Okay. So yeah, so I can totally take this in the morning and ifI'm running my, my fasting protocol, is that like for a person who's not goingto do a three-day fast, for instance, is there a particular duration that yourecommend in terms of these parasite cleanses?

Wade Lightheart: [00:45:50]Yeah. Yeah. Um, I would a minimum of three days, but preferably two weeks.Okay. If you're not fasting, do it for 14 days. I don't think there's a benefitfrom taking it more than 14 days at a time. You have to realize with Herb'sthere isn't a climatization process. Um, and so you want to. Go on them andthen go off them just like you would do on, on, on various types of nootropicsor various types of medical drugs or things like that.

Herbs are very, very powerful and they should only be usedin very tight window. So for most people, um, if they're doing it as a kind ofa side thing and just an adjunct, I would take. One capsule, maybe three timesa day, if they want to go crazy, you could do up to, you know, a dozen capsulesa day. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. So, you know, I know there's going to be somebiohackers that say, I want, I want to go all in and stuff.

Boomer Anderson: [00:46:45]Of course, of course. Right. We all love to follow Sasha Sjogren's guidance.Um, so. Uh, okay. So we've talked a little bit about, uh, just the titrationprocess and how to run this at yourself. How do people know it's working in thesense that, um, you had a parasite in your eye and obviously at some point youprobably got tested.

I'm guessing to see that was removed. Obviously it feltbetter, but how do people know this is working without going and spending 400pounds or $400 on a test?

Wade Lightheart: [00:47:17]Yeah. First for, you know, the interesting thing is, is usually the firstcouple of days that you start doing it, you feel a little off

Boomer Anderson: [00:47:25]Herxheimer reactions.

Right. And because, cause I, I, when I've done this before,there's a couple of days, like the reason why I don't take it at night isbecause like, it does wake me up. Cause it's, it's clearly very potent. Right?

Wade Lightheart: [00:47:42]Well, that's just it. So usually you may experience. Uh, a few symptoms, ageneral sense of nausea. Um, that's the most common element.

The other thing is a disrupted sleep pattern. The otherthing, uh, pretty common changes in your stool patterns. In other words, you eithergo to the bathroom a lot or you get kind of constipated for a couple of days.Those are usually good indicators. Sometimes you'll get, you'll notice thatyour breath will change a lot.

Sometimes if people will get really bad breath, um, theremay also, depending some people will get a discharge in their eyes. Yeah. For afew days

Boomer Anderson: [00:48:24]I've heard that, but the guy was using combo and he had like, the parasiteactually came out of his eye. It was crazy.

Wade Lightheart: [00:48:30]Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. You can see there's some very strange things.

Um, headaches, um, can be quite common. Um, excessivesweating. Can happen, like just all of a sudden you just start sweating or findsuddenly I've got to go to the bathroom really quick. Like one of those kind ofmoments like, Oh Jesus, you know, I got to get over there and see like, youknow, you have a big release or something like that.

Um, those are usually common elements that will happen.Usually three days they subside it for whatever reasons it's 72 hours seems tobe the time it takes your body to kind of. Regulate those kinds of variances.Yeah. Um, and that's why some people, when they do a cleanse, that's why I tryto do three days.

Three days is usually enough time for my body to regulate.But I'm, I'm pretty fast your experience in

Boomer Anderson: [00:49:23]this too. Right? So,

Wade Lightheart: [00:49:24]yeah. Or someone who's a little bit slower or hasn't gone that they might haveto go for an extended period of time. And that's why I said go start gentle atfirst. Um, depending on where you are in the situation, and then.

Usually what will happen is we talked about some of thesymptoms that you might have, uh, you know, that, that you've noticed all of asudden, you know, seven to 10 days after you know, that the distension in yourstomach has gone down. You notice that you don't have the headaches, yoursleeps better, or, you know, some of the conditions that you, that the grindingof the teeth.

May subside or be eliminated completely. There's all thesedifferent things that are usually in indications that, Oh, there was a result.And I would say this I'm a big journaler and I'm an old school gun. So Ilearned to journal with my bodybuilding coach back in the day. Got her ahead.Yeah. And I'll notice.

Patterns of behavior. Number one, how do I, did I wake up inthe morning, feeling refreshed and energized? Do I feel tired and sluggish? Sothat's the number one I can tell where I was the last day. Um, second thing is,do I have a lot of food cravings, cravings for sugar or not for me? Ifsomething's off. I want sugar and I want lots of it.

Yeah. Okay. It's like, I know that I'm screwed up cause I'mlike, I want sugar and I'm going, okay, wait, you're off track. Um, usuallythat's about three cabooses later.

Boomer Anderson: [00:50:53]See for them, most people would do it.

Wade Lightheart: [00:50:55]Right. But you know what I mean? Like I know that. Sitting there. And I like,I'm on my third Caboolture and I want another one. I'm like, okay, wait, youprobably want to hit some cleansing. There might be some disruption in yourdigestive system.

Boomer Anderson: [00:51:06]So very cool. So on the parasite side of things, what are the sort of the topresources that people should go to?

If they want to hear more about this?

Wade Lightheart: [00:51:15]Yeah, parasite Rex, I think is a great book. It's frightening, terrifying. Wetalked about it's a terrifying book, but I think it gives you a good indicationout there. I would also look at, um, there's a lot of information, particularlyin our you Vedic and Chinese medicine, um, sites that we'll talk about, uh,various herbs and their impact and historical components.

I'm a big believer in actually getting. The real herbs, likeget some real grapes or you get some real, like, get some of these things thatyou can go at your local health food store or your natural health grocery, andgo in and bite into it, take it and bite into the seeds. See how it feels inyour body.

Does, is it stimulating? Is it feel really weird? Is thatthese types of things? I think. You know, we're such a voyeuristic society,Heidi now. And if there's one thing I can encourage, and I think you wouldagree with this is being a biohacker is about participating in the world andrunning experiments, run your own experiments.

Go take some of these herbs and see what does go to theChinese market. Get a bunch of herbs, cooking up in a pot and drink it. And.You know, gross your cell phone. I mean, that sounds crazy, but I think it'snot going to kill you. Uh, and I, and, and just get into the process of it.Experimenting Matt. My business partner is the greatest experimenter.

I know that he runs more experiments than anybody I've evermet in my entire life. And he's always influenced me in that way to help me.Um, particularly in that area,

Boomer Anderson: [00:52:50]I have to chat with Matt because, uh, I may try to give him a run for his moneyon experiments and trying new things.

Wade Lightheart: [00:52:56]I think you two are two peas in a pod.

Boomer Anderson: [00:53:01]I told you earlier, I want to transition a little bit into magnesium because,um, you guys have solved a problem that I've had for a very long time. Butbefore I get into that resolution, why is magnesium important to people?

Wade Lightheart: [00:53:16]Again, unintended consequences of technological innovation, particularly aroundour, our monoculture farming and the depletion of magnesium out of our soil.

And therefore it's devoid in our food products. Um, most.Even general practitioners understand that the average vote, 80% of thepopulation is deficient in the RDA levels of magnesium. Okay. RDA

Boomer Anderson: [00:53:39]for clarification for people is the level where people are not likely to getsick or die. Right?

Wade Lightheart: [00:53:45]Exactly. Not thriving.

On on top of that, uh, magnesium and calcium operate in a,in at about a two to one ratio, magnesium being the control element. So if youdon't have enough magnesium, your body will start dumping calcium in a coast,osteoporosis and Kell, and we can be an issue. And we have diets that are very,very high in calcium, per se, and very, very low in magnesium.

So exaggerate the problem. And then the third thing is theuse of. And you're wearing your blue light blockers, which is great blue lightstimulation, as well as, uh, electromagnetic frequencies increase the burn rateof magnesium. So we've had this. Ginormous escalating electromagneticfrequencies, uh, exposure from our grandparents and a ginormous decrease in theamount of magnesium we have in the body.

So, um, w one of the number one issues dealing with. Uh,particularly our Americans or people in the modern world is sleep deprivation.People can't sleep. They have insomnia, much of that has to do with the calmingeffects of magnesium, um, muscle cramping for your susceptible to thatheadaches. Um, inability to relax anxiety.

All of these things are traced to a magnesium. It's aformation aspect of neuro-transmitters. People are an enzyme, anxiety,medications, or depression mechanisms burn a high rate of magnesium because ofthe way those drugs are developed. And so by adding magnesium into their diet,um, there's an extraordinary amount of benefits and we've actually cracked thecode on we, we do.

We do upregulation this all goes by orthomolecularnutrition. You start out small and you increase up to you get tolerance in thebody, and then you, you stay at that highest level that you can tolerate for aperiod of time. And then you titrate down. So then you only need a little bitit's I call it the bucket theory of nutrition.

I did a video on it, on her, in her. Site, you can link toit

Boomer Anderson: [00:55:47]in that.

Wade Lightheart: [00:55:49]Yeah. And that, that allows people to kind of get this concept, which wasfounded by the founders of orthomolecular nutrition. How do you use nutritionto create a physiological benefits in the body or the elimination of variousconditions?

And that's what we do. And so we kind of figured that outand it works. The testimonials we got were kind of. Shocking. Like I read aboutit. I did a lecture. I attended a lecture with dr. Charles Paula Quinn and hesaid it was one of the secrets that he used with his Olympic athletes. And he,he trained gold medals in 27 different sports.

He told me about the different types of magnesiums and whichones worked for this and which ones worked for that.

Boomer Anderson: [00:56:26]He has tons of magnesiums. Cause I was similar sort of follower of Paula Quinnand I would carry around bottles and bottles of this stuff.

Wade Lightheart: [00:56:35]Yeah, he was a super genius. I mean, that guy was an extraordinary individual.

We lost him a couple of years ago, which was devastating, Ithink, to the industry. Um, I thought he was one of the most Lunchable figuresin the biohacking community in high-performance sports. Yeah. He turned me ontothe whole magnesium thing. When I went through a burnout session for all thosereasons, too much coffee, too much stimulation, too much work, too much EMF.

Uh, when I was living in Panama for a period of time.Magnesium pulled me out of it. And it's pulling a lot of other people out of,uh, you know, severe levels of anxiety or overstimulation. And it's, uh, it'sbeen shocking, the testimonials around it. I'm like, wow, I didn't, I didn'tknow that. I didn't know how bad it was.

Boomer Anderson: [00:57:17]Yeah. So one of the things I like about magnesium breakthrough and the.Shamelessly, like I use this stuff and pay for it myself, because it's thatgood? Is that you guys combined, how many different varieties of magnesium?

Wade Lightheart: [00:57:31]Seven different types of magnesium.

Boomer Anderson: [00:57:33]And so I was that dude who is hauling around different types of magnesium inhis bag.

Right. And so you have your valet, your citrate, you have,um, of course your L three and eight, whatever it is. Right. And you'recarrying around your bag. And obviously if you're. Traveling around the worldand a carry on that takes up a lot of space and you've managed to put it all inone bottle. And so, and you get high doses, which Holy shit like that's, that'sawesome.

Let's talk about just sort of the specifics of theingredients that you see as seven in there. And then what kind of dosing are wetalking about in a serving.

Wade Lightheart: [00:58:11]Yeah, great stuff. So, um, we have, uh, magnesium key late. Yup. Magnesiumcitrate or citrate. Some people like to call it magnesium glycenate, um, magnesiummalate.

Uh, we have, uh, throne eight and we have Tor eight, uh, aswell as orotate inside that. And we're actually, we're moved into aspartaterecently and. I can't tell, I can't tell people I'm going to give a little bitof, give a little,

Boomer Anderson: [00:58:40]maybe give a little, give a little hint. Yeah. Yep.

Wade Lightheart: [00:58:43]We've got a new development coming very soon about another improvement thatwe've been able to get into

So we have a team of PhDs, nutritionists, and chemists thatwork for the company. And we, we did, we literally took all these differenttypes and kinds of bottles and keep going the formula. It was very hard becausea lot of people don't understand. When it says aspartate or key later citratevehicle, what does that mean?

Well, it's actually the bonding agent that comes to themagnesium, which is going to determine which part of the body it gets absorbedby. Okay. And that's why there's various types for different types ofconditions. The problem is when you try to put that in a capsule, It doesn'tflow through the machines properly.

So the, nobody did it because of the, there was the machineflow rates. Then they put them in a capsule. It doesn't, it doesn't go togethervery well. So a lot of people, you want to use chemical agents to createexcipients, to create the flow. Right. We won't do that. We had to get specialcapsules. We had to get special machines.

We had to, it was a whole big laundry list. And so we werestill running tests. We, we still continue to look, can we improve this? Can weimprove this? Can we improve this? Can we improve this? And so that formula isgoing to be even upgraded again very, very soon, but it's a very effectiveformulation, but we've, we've made a breakthrough recently, uh,

Boomer Anderson: [00:59:59]a break magnesium breakthrough squared.

I love it.

Wade Lightheart: [01:00:02]Yeah. Yeah, because our policy is we're. We, we always want to be best inclass. We always want to be first in class. And we there's always things thatwe don't know in that are new developments. So for example, many of ourproducts are on second and third generation products because we come toconclusions that we can make, we can make it better.

And we're always thinking that way we don't, we don't thinkthat we have the defacto truth on anything, but we're, we're continuing to workon it. And that's the biohacking

Boomer Anderson: [01:00:27]amazing. It's two capsules for 500 milligrams, right? And so for somebody likeme, who takes a substantial amount of magnesium every day, that makes life ahell of a lot easier than getting these hundred Meg craps, but used to exist.

Right. So,

Wade Lightheart: [01:00:43]yeah. What's your, what's your dosage that you take per day?

Boomer Anderson: [01:00:46]Usually?

Wade Lightheart: [01:00:46]Yeah. Yeah. That's great. Um, I, I do, I do, I do one and a half, but I'm oneof the owners of the company. So I, I

Boomer Anderson: [01:00:53]think it's a, you have a bigger source than I do.

Wade Lightheart: [01:00:56]Yeah. And I, and I, and T to get for people to learn this when I was.

Going through the experimental phase with the, with thegiant, uh, amount of bottles on my cupboard. Uh, and we were documenting allthis stuff. I went up to dosages, uh, around five grants for dad,

Boomer Anderson: [01:01:14]shit

Wade Lightheart: [01:01:16]dosage. Not at once. I take it. Like I T I would take, um, 500 to 750milligrams, three to F. Five dosages a day.


Boomer Anderson: [01:01:30]And for people listening to this, that think we're that way denier, but justcrazy. The upper end of magnesium, my understanding at least is the worst thatcan happen is loose stool. Um, correct. Yeah. So that's kind of the, thewarrant, not the warning sign, but the sign that, you know, you've pushed yourlimit and then.

Like we've talked about multiple times on the show, we backit up from there to have that, right? Yep,

Wade Lightheart: [01:01:52]exactly. Yep. Exactly.

Boomer Anderson: [01:01:54]Very cool. Wade. What is next for BiOptimizers?

Wade Lightheart: [01:01:59]Well, um, good news. We've just putting the TA the finishing touches. I we'relooking at the cover yesterday of our blueprint for biological optimization.

We have created a new updated edition. That kind of, uh,allocates the philosophy that we use in order to do biological optimization ofBiOptimizers, um, as well as some markers and things that people can look for,particularly if they want to kind of have an overarching philosophy. So it'san, we, we started with the.

12 week double your energy awesome health course, which isthe overarching philosophy on help people. We give that away regularly. Then wewent, okay. Now we want to go to the people like, you know, our, our crowd tocall us us the weirdos that run experiments here is the kind of blueprint ofwhat we've learned over the last.

17 years that Matt and I have been working on this in avery, some summation form that people can start their experimenting processfrom there. And then, um, and then beyond that, we're working on another bookfor NEC for the following year that we're, we're doing a radical. A series ofexperiments cause Matt of course is a keto guy and I'm a vegetarian.

So you can imagine that you can imagine the conversationsthat happen there and a great number of our people are paleo. So we're actuallyexperimenting with the different diets is to find a universal, conceptual ideasthat we can all agree on that

Boomer Anderson: [01:03:23]that's, um, that's extremely useful, especially in the dogmatic world that isdiets.

And I love the fact that you guys kind of coexist and arestill friends and not shouting at each other, that you should be this or that.And it's great. Well

Wade Lightheart: [01:03:36]that, you know, that's the tradition, uh, in history. And for some reasonthat's devolved in kind of this tribalistic, digital world where everybodywants to defer to the tribal leader and attack other tribes.

Um, I think it's really important that we can respectfullyexchange ideas and without attacking the person behind them, as opposed tosaying, Hey, someone says, Hey, like Matt introduced concepts out of, to theketogenic world. That really helped me as a vegetarian. I had a problem.Metabolizing fats. And, and it turned out it was a lipase deficiency and it wasa particular couple of light paces that I didn't have.

I had some, but I didn't have others. And he solved thatproblem for me in that conversely, um, I've helped him in other areas of hisketogenic diet because of what I've been developed in, in the plant-basedworld. And so there, we can learn from people with opposing ideas and differentgenetics and stuff like that, but in order to do so.

We can attack the person. Yeah. We can challenge the, the, theprinciples so that we refine our, or our own arguments and expand our awarenessof things that we don't know. And that's how humanity moves forward. And forsome reason, people are so threatened. If somebody doesn't like their idea ortheir bio hack doesn't work for that person.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's like, okay, it doesn't work foryou. We'll abandon it and move on to the next

Boomer Anderson: [01:05:03]Lauren. Well said, well said, wait, where can people find out more about you byoptimizers and everything that you're doing?

Wade Lightheart: [01:05:10]Yeah. Thanks for asking. So, um, you can find out, you know, pretty muchanything@heratourwebsitebioptimizers.com.

I think we have a 10% special for anybody. If they join us.Um, particularly on this site, if you go to, let me pull up the link here. Yes,it is. bioptimizers.com/boomer. Add boomer 10. You get any of, uh, our productsat a 10% discount, by the way, I know you've got a lot of experimenters on yoursite, and I always want to say that our company policy is if you try any of ourproducts and do not like them for any reason, We find all your money and Iwould encourage them to reach out to our customer support team if they want toget some of the more advanced tax for stimulate, you know, to going beyond whatthe label suggests, I would invite them to reach out and run the experimentsand then give us the feedback.

And it's a risk-free

Boomer Anderson: [01:06:08]beautiful way. Thank you so much for the education today. This is a, this is adecoding superhuman first on parasites, and it's a lot of fun.

Wade Lightheart: [01:06:16]Thank you. Yeah, boomer. It's always a pleasure. And I look forward to when youcan, uh, come here and hang out at the biofilm and we can, we can shoot hereright here, live here and hang out and have an workout on the gym and have agreat, we're

Boomer Anderson: [01:06:27]going to have a great time together.

The moment the borders open again. Thank you, sir.Appreciate it.

Wade Lightheart: [01:06:32]You bet. Take care.

Boomer Anderson: [01:06:36]All right. How many of you guys want to read parasite? Brex? I'll link to it inthe show notes, but it's also available on places like scribed, et cetera. Andit's a book that's well worth reading, just to get some perspective onparasites and what they could potentially do to you.

I've had friends that have had experiences where parasiteshave induced. Fatigue, constipation, diarrhea weight. Obviously you shared astory about the parasite, almost eating his eyes, and I've personally hadparasites that has resulted in just significant issues with digestion. The shownotes for this one are decoding superhuman.com/weighed to and includes all theresources that we got into about parasites.

And if you want to check out. Buy optimizers, head on overto bioptimizers.com/boomer. Use the code boomer 10 for a nice discount. Thankyou. Super humans for tuning in today. As always head on over to Applepodcasts, leave a five-star review. If you are so inclined, all of them are appreciated.And thank you.

From the bottom of my heart for listening.


Wade Lightheart
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