Vasper with Sebastian Wasowski

Boomer Anderson
May 29, 2018
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Through a low impact 21 minute protocol, the user is able to mimic the physiology when you do an intensive 2-hour workout, get the same response from their pituitary and endocrine system without the same wear and tear, time and effort normally involved in initiating that anabolic response from exercise.

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What is the Vasper?

Sebastian Wasowski is the Co-Founder of Vasper Systems. Vasper is a complete exercise system based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, cooling and interval training. By combining all of these principles, the results are extraordinary.

Vasper has a wide-range of use cases and users. The machine is used by medical professionals, people recovering from cardiac incidents, athletic teams, and the Special Forces.

In 21-minutes, the Vasper enables the user to get a complete workout. Utilizing the compression, cooling, and interval training, the user is able to concentrate lactic acid and enhance growth hormone production. The "cooldown" session, which involves laying on a cooling mat, enables you to workout again later in the day (should you like) or head straight into the office.

Key Highlights on Vasper

  • What is the Vasper?
  • Why was the Vasper created?
  • How Sebastian's father built the Vasper prototype with a friend from Costco
  • Use cases for the Vasper
  • Why everything cooled on the Vasper
  • How Vasper is able to mimic 60 minutes of HIIT training in 21-minutes
  • What is the significance of the 21-minute workout?

Episode Transcript

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