The X Factor: Using the Somavedic to Harmonize Your Environment and Replenish Your Health with Juraj Kocar

Boomer Anderson
April 8, 2020
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Juraj Kocar, CEO of Somavedic, talks about the benefits of precious metals and stones. Juraj explains geopathic stress and EMF awareness and how Somavedic helps relieve the effects of it. He covers the benefits of structured water and the different applications of their devices.

Who is Juraj Kocar?

Juraj Kocar is an endless optimist with a passion to build and grow projects with meaning. He’s currently working on his dream project - Somavedic. A functional and broadly accessible frequency therapy device harmonizing the negative effects of EMF on our bodies. Somavedic is helping people to sleep better and to have more energy and focus during the day.

His journey began 10 years ago, as Juraj Kocar was struggling with high blood pressure, chest pain, and constant dizziness. So he went to the doctor, as we’ve been taught to do, and he was given pills to treat those symptoms.

When he asked how long he should take them, they said he’d take the pills for the rest of his life. A life sentence of pharmaceuticals didn’t cut it for him.

So Juraj started researching and dabbling in biohacking, which led him down the deep, dark hole of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and discovering the Somavedic. He ended up joining the company after the device changed his life, and he’s now the CEO.


[4:06] How Somavedic started

[14:26] How Juraj got involved with Somavedic

[21:44] Personal experience with Somavedic

[23:51] Effects of precious stones

[28:12] Benefits of structured water

[31:05] EMF Awareness

[37:20] Different Somavedic Models

[41:43] Somavedic against parasites and viruses


The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

EMF Practical Guide by Lloyd Burrell

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

What is Structured Water?

EMF radiation and geopathic stress

The Great CEO Within by Matt Mochary

Somavedic Models

Episode Transcript

Boomer Anderson 0:06
Welcome to decoding superhuman. This show is a deep dive into obsessions with health performance, and how to elevate the human experience. I explore the latest tools, science and technology with experts in various fields of human optimization. This is your host enjoy the journey.

On the decoding superhuman podcast today, my guest is Juraj Kocar, CEO of Somavedic which is a technology that I’ve experienced benefits from, and I just can’t simply explain what it does. But before we get into Juraj his story and the episode, I want to give a shout out to another listener, Kayminkus who says real expert give us a call star review on iTunes. He said Boomer is really obsessed with the details of these topics. And his easy approach to explaining them. And passion really draws me into his podcasts. If you’re looking for a real expert on this material and an enjoyable person to learn it from, this is the place. Kay Minkus, thank you so much for the review. And if it compels you, and you’re drawn to it, please head over to iTunes and leave a five star review and you have time. It means the world to me and it definitely helps get the word out. But let’s get back to our guest today. I alluded to it earlier, but my guest today is Juraj Kocar. Aside from being my Czech brother from another mother, Juraj is the CEO of Somaedic and Somavedic is a device that I’ve had at home for a little while now. And when I plug it in, it gives me more energy in my office that I’ve ever had before. I can’t explain how it works. And so I sought out the company and Juraj was gracious enough with his time to come on the show and explain it. We talked about precious metals, precious stones, and how the Somavedic is able to project a field into your environment which protects against things like 5g and EMF. It helps structure water. And among certain doctors in the Czech Republic, it’s been able to lower their patient’s hypertension or blood pressure, which I find fascinating. Somavedic is currently undergoing double blind trials to see its effectiveness. But again, it’s something that I’ve plugged in in my own home and I know it does a world of benefit for me. The show notes for this one are decodingsuperhuman.com/somavedic, but if you’re grabbed by this episode to go out and get one, head on over to somavedic.com use the code BOOMER, you’re going to get 10% off one of the These devices, again, I have the medic green ultra, and you can check one out for yourself. Better yet they have a money back guarantee. So it’s pretty cool that you can try it out for free. The show notes again are decodingsuperhuman.com/somavedic, enjoy my conversation with Juraj Kucar. Juraj, my friend, welcome. How are you? doing? Great. Thank you for having me. You know, a couple of weeks ago, you sent me one of your devices. And I have to say, I reached out and reached out to you and was like, Okay, I have to figure out how this thing works. Because so many people are raving about it. So many people are talking about it. And I just wanted to understand more. And I’ve had this plugged in and it’s been one of the more enjoyable experiences in my home office that I have and I can’t explain it. And why? So I’m hoping we can uncover a little bit of that today.

Juraj Kocar 4:04
Yeah, definitely looking forward to that.

Boomer Anderson 4:06
But you have a very interesting background with the company in that I would love to hear just how you came to Somavedic and actually maybe even before that, how Somavedic got started.

Juraj Kocar 4:22
Sure, yeah. So Somavedic the very first let’s say prototype was produced in 2010. So it’s not like a new device. And but like the story goes way before that, when the founder, Ivan Ribyanski the founder and inventor of Somavedic was struggling quite a lot with his help with his pancreas and some other organs, and they will like the medicine traditional doctors. They just gauging bills and told him that Yeah, well, you know, in two years you end up in a wheelchair. And so he was not satisfied with that and started to study Chinese and our Vedic medicine, and precious stones and minerals. And so then later he was he was able basically to heal himself from whatever he was suffering with. And then he was helping other people with different different health problems. And people started to approach him that they have problems with geopatic stress or geopatic zones. Those are like negative zones coming from from below the earth. When when, for example, there’s like a flowing river below like below the surface. And he like he got the idea that he could put like whatever he learned into a device so he put together Different precious stones and minerals and metals together and to basically mitigate the negative effects of geometric zones. So even even the first prototype that he put together worked. So yeah, this this was in 2010. And since then he is upgrading them. And a bit later, he basically let’s say, like edit the EMF, then later EMF mitigation then later water structuring. But all of this was quite a quite a long process and there’s like, like every product you have r&d behind it. So this was similar case. So it’s not just that you just put together some verses stones and minerals and wow, like you’ve got a great product because otherwise like Like everybody that has loves precious stones and minerals and have them in their place they be no like protected, but this is no, this is not exactly how it works. So, so we came came to that. Basically this explains how like some of the DIC was built and how it’s different from from other smaller devices. So the main difference is that in its core, we call it heart there are like physical precious stones and minerals and precious metals like Platinum palladium, copper silver, and we are amplifying their frequencies and properties into environment. We are amplifying that with other energy amplifiers in like a natural form like that you find in nature. So the sum of any even though you have to plug it into electricity work works even when it’s not plugged in. Interesting. It’s it has about like 50 to 60% efficacy when it’s not plugged in, but it’s still working Mm hmm. So, you have this you have this design device where inside are these minerals, we are amplifying them. And in this way it is creating like a coherent field around the unit with the radios up to 100 feet into all directions, up, down left, right, so it’s like a bubble like a protective bubble around the unit. And when we are in this way, when we are in this field, ourselves, they basically don’t negatively react to the like negative effects of emf radiation on the on a cellular level. So what Soma Vedic is doing, it’s not blocking the EMF If the emf is still there, if you would have like an EMF meter, it will be still there.

Boomer Anderson 9:04
Yeah. Because I take out my Gauss meter and that’s still there, right? Yep. Okay.

Juraj Kocar 9:09
Yeah. But the cells don’t react, react to that. And we do have third party lab studies showing that we measured it, like, indirectly, like via biomarkers. Yeah, like HRV red blood cells are free radicals. So and like these were showing, like from Germany, Austria or Slovenia, or even Czech Republic from here. They were showing like positive effects on on our on our biology.

Boomer Anderson 9:44
Yeah. Because one of the studies mentioned blood pressure as well, right. In terms of and I think the conclusion of this study was like, Hey, this is improving blood pressure in people but it needs to be further studied. Has that right?

Juraj Kocar 9:58
Yes, yes, exactly. This is the most recent study and there’s very it’s going on right now like a click official clinical trial like a double blinded study. Oh, wow. Okay. And there’s like an interesting story. How we get there because to to medical doctors bought some of it because they heard great things about it. So they bought it for their homes and their wives like, felt it right away. I mean, they’re, they’re slept better. They headaches are gone, because a lot of times, especially with women, they get like, they get rid of headaches. I mean, they just are far like like less. And at the same time, they they starting to start to observe that their flowers that are growing faster and are blooming longer. So so the doctor said like Well we have these flowers that are growing, growing growing faster so there’s definitely something going on in in the area in space, so we have to find out how to measure it. So and and they were so they approached us they approached us if they can like do like a small small test with 10 people and as they are working at the boundary ology Institute, which is something like a spa where they are you treated with mud like a healing mud, so that’s about ology. So they took they took 10 people blame elderly people and they were measuring blood pressure twice a day. And and their mood like they had like standardized tests for on how they felt. And this This test was going on for for four weeks at the end of the day. end of the month, they basically found out that with seven out of out of 10 people, the blood pressure was lower than the first week as they were measuring it, which they were quite amazed by that we were as well, because the summer medic was not designed to lower blood pressure. And there was no other, no other change in in drugs into how in a lifestyle, whatever.

Boomer Anderson 12:29
So interesting, and I know you’re doing a double blind study. So I assume that the N now is much bigger than seven people. So hopefully, you know, when that

Juraj Kocar 12:39
comes out,

Boomer Anderson 12:40
I’ll be a little bit more supportive. That’s awesome.

Juraj Kocar 12:43
Yes, exactly. So so they they’ve done this small 10 people study. And they were like, amazed by the results we were as well. And what they what they say would What surprised me even more was the psychological state of the patients. Yeah, that proves Even even even more, like they just felt better. They were like more and more smiling, more optimistic. And so then they decided, Okay, we’ve done a small study, which can be. Okay,

Boomer Anderson 13:14
so I think I cut, you cut off just a little bit there. But as I understand it, you’re going through a double blind study right now, what was g know the size of the population that you’re sampling right now? For that double blind study? I think it’s about 55 people. Okay. So the end is much more significant. Is it both male and female? Or is it just more?

Juraj Kocar 13:39
Yes, yes. Yes.

Yes. Okay. Well, so yes, this is this is something that our that we are really excited about, because they said that once once it will pass, which the first shows first that show that that there’s a good chance that it will Day will apply, they will actually file like some of edik to be as a, like official medical device, right? medical device. Yes, exactly. implanted or like a medical device, which is far beyond we could imagine like years ago, when you have, let’s say like an EMF mitigation device that would be like a medical

Boomer Anderson 14:26
device. So Josh, I just want to back you up a little bit here because well, one I want to hear let’s start with how you became involved with the company because I understand the founder had his own issues with pancreas which I love that story. How did you originally get involved?

Juraj Kocar 14:48
Yes, so there’s, there’s story to that as well. And it was more than it was more than three years ago. Where I was basically like again because during my childhood I was fascinated with with Egypt and pyramids and all planets and whatever was I was reading interesting stuff. And then like later I was studying like what what the pyramids can do when you put like water in it or fruit or whatever that they last for like much much longer so I wanted to like experiment with it and I was looking for for a pyramid for my home where I could just sit in and like just just test that out and I realized that like a friend of mine was was selling them so I visited him and as well when I got there like all over his living room there were like some of attics like these these slides. I didn’t know like at that time, like what they were, but they, they look very nice, like so. So we had like a discussion about the pyramids, etc. But then we of course I asked like what is that what’s on your table? Because he had Somavedic there and on top of that, there was like a jug of water. So he gave me that water and it was Yeah, it was very, like smooth and silky water. So we started like talking about that and he he basically told me like, amazing stories of customers that that we’re experiencing Somavedics on somewhere like really funny. Somewhere basically, like lifesavers. Mm hmm. So, so we I took one Somavedic home, and which is and the interesting part is which I’m still like learning with with customers and on finding out that the Somavedic It might sound strange, but it really basically reacts to the owner in a way. Because I was there surrounded by I don’t know, like 20 Somavedics and I got home, they’re basically on mine. And like my jaw started buzzing in my head started spinning. Like I was like a bit like a drunk.

Boomer Anderson 17:29
Yeah, I was gonna say it sounds like something you’d do in Prague on like a Friday, late night, but it’s just

Juraj Kocar 17:35
Yeah, exactly. So, so this this went on for about two to three hours. And even my girlfriend, she she felt like some something like on her chest and going on. But then it just just went away. And for me it was interesting because to observe because when we’re when there was like one sympathetic and I quit like physically feel that something was going on when I turned it on. But before they before I was rounded up, it took me 20 and there was nothing Oh, you know, and just recently I was yesterday talking with with a customer that has very similar experience. So but yeah, so I had this I had to Somavedic at home, I was working for different company, and then I brought it to my office so and when you when you go to work to the same place, like you know the exact levels of energies you have when you basically when you leave into work, and you don’t you’re not thinking about it. So I brought somavedicc to the office. And when I was when I was leaving that day, I felt like like a huge amount of energy like when you would know like wake up in the morning. So it was the same levels around like four or five afternoon and that was a huge like surprise for me because you all of a sudden I could compare like how I was feeling like year before that and now whenever it’s Somavedic like to the office, so when you are actually going home from office and feeling great, so there was a huge like difference even much stronger like experience when I brought Somavedic home for the first time. So So yeah, I was fascinated by by this by this like device. I gave a few of them to my friends and they had interesting like reactions, some kind of like, they got like detox into symptoms.

Boomer Anderson 19:47
Yeah, I wanted to just double click on detox symptoms because this is interesting. And allow me to just open up here a little bit because I felt when I plugged it in it was like, Okay, I felt lighter. I told you before the show that when I come into my office, it’s for whatever reason, like my favorite spot in the house, whereas used to be just kind of like another spot, and I feel a certain energy of it, but I also am wondering, that detox symptoms what those look like because I’m almost certain in some ways I’m going through some of that too. What have some of those detox / herxheimer reactions looked like from clients?

Juraj Kocar 20:29
Yes, so usually it’s a there might be headaches, yeah. Some people sleep worse for like first or one or two nights. Some they just have have to like run to like three times toilet today. Yeah. So the or there might be even like flu symptoms, but that’s more and more rare. But this, this is, this is This is just happening only to some people, but it is happening. Okay. And the reason is that if a body is used to basically like live in a, in a strong EMF or strong Glee, polluted environment, all of a sudden, it has like abundant levels of energies and energy, because like it’s not affected by it. It’s using the whole energy to clean itself. And and it’s so fast that the body can get rid of it fast enough. So you could get a headache to run to the toilet or you have, let’s say, you sleep, your sleep gets worse. But of course we have lots of lots of testimonials of people that just even biohackers and they have their own measurement that they brought it home and turn it on and they have the best leap like two people told us like they slept For 1010 hours,

Boomer Anderson 22:01
yeah, you an hour you and I are chatting about that when we are in various, it’s different with everybody. Of course, of course. And, you know, I would note that I do feel, you know, past couple weeks I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks, right? Like did a TED talk, help launch a supplement, etc. And then, like, for whatever reason, I just feel calm about it. And I can’t explain it and the only thing different in my house is this device. Yeah, I it’s amazing to me.

Juraj Kocar 22:33
Yeah, yeah. As a like, like last year, I spent last three months in San Francisco in like a co working space. I was sitting in a co working space. And I had like, of course my summer medic there because it was in the it was in the city center. So I had it there and went to lunch. And as I got back, there was a one guy sitting in front of me is like, like you developer was like, programming something. And like, immediately as I, like, got in, he asked me like, what what is that? Like, what is this? Like, what is this green thing? And I said, like, why are you asking? And he said, because I feel so calm around it. So, so So, so great. And I started to laugh because basically and I told him like, yeah, this is this is how you should feel. I mean, this is this is how like this is its effects on you. And he was sitting there just for a few hours. Yeah, so so like, yeah, this this just is showing that some people don’t feel it like will never feel it like on the like physical even though it’s working. It never stops and some feel it right away.

Boomer Anderson 23:51
So it’s something you said earlier I want to expand upon which is the structure of the Somavedic itself. We’ll come back benefits because there are certain things I want to go into with EMF and water structuring. But the structure of it is very fascinating to me, and I am not as well versed on precious stones. So you have precious stones sitting in the middle of it. And then you said there’s natural substances to amplify the production of the, I guess the waves, if you will. Yeah. Can we talk about what some of those precious stones are? I mean, we can give, for example, the medic green ultra is the one that I have. Do you mind just get into a little bit of those short term memory, verbal fluency, focus, all of those are of high value to me. And they certainly all go by the wayside when I fly from Amsterdam to California. That eight or nine hour time changes absolutely brutal. And if you need to perform right after getting off the plane, what do you turn to For me, the answer is simple. I turned to blue canteen, which is made by the group of amazing people over at church descriptions and you can head on over to transcriptions.com to get yours. It comes in a buckled turkey format and one of my favorite things is to go into Smurf mode as soon as I land. If you’re wondering what Smurf mode is, well, one of the ingredients is methylene blue and it helps Dye your tongue blue. So it’s very very fun as well. Head over to truescriptions.com and you can get your blue cannatine today.

Juraj Kocar 25:35
Uh, yeah, well, we don’t disclose. disclose like what precious stones we we disclose what precious metals we can use. Okay, I’ve told all that already. We don’t disclose like the exact names okay. But, but there are about in the medic ring ultra in the best seller. There are about like 19 19 precious stones and we are there’s like an let’s say learn upgrade and fine tuning going on like once or twice a year. So for example the lover like medic, ah, last year in December was was upgraded then now he can handle like like 5g, but what I would like to get back is that it’s also like structuring water.

Boomer Anderson 26:34
Yeah, we can we can talk about that. Yeah,

Juraj Kocar 26:37
yes, yes. And because some Somavedic models do that some don’t. We have two models that are doing it. And this was also it’s a it’s like contact contact less structuring. So you just put a jug of water next to it. And then in about 1520 minutes the water is structured okay. Ah and So it tastes different.

Boomer Anderson 27:01
So how close just real quick, how close does this some of it need to be to the water filter? Because I showed you mine earlier where it’s like right next to it, does it need to be that close? Or is it sort of just within the 30 meter radius, where

Juraj Kocar 27:17
we we usually recommend to people have it right next to it. But we know that it is affecting basically, within we didn’t measure the radius in terms of how far the like the structuring goes on. But we know that if if the plants that are I don’t know on the balcony or on different room are reacting to that. It’s mainly because of all that it’s working with the water that’s in the plant. So it is, let’s say, like, it could be like 30 feet, it could be 40 feet. We didn’t do exact measurements, okay. But ideally, we just recommend to put it just next next to the within few feet. And yeah, that would be

Boomer Anderson 28:12
okay. And let’s go into some of the benefits of structured water just high level because people may be a little unfamiliar with that term. I know Gerald Pollock’s work has come up on the show a few times but just any sort of high level benefits that you experience with church structured water.

Juraj Kocar 28:29
Yes. So like the scientists that basically like I don’t want to say started it but when mostly into mainstream is Masaru emoto Japanese Japanese scientists, where he showed that that your mind can influence like the structure of the water, the crystals of the water, so like a structured water means that when you freeze it, then put it in a microscope, the can see a very nice very precise geometry of the of the frozen water it looks like a slop snowflake. And the non structured water or not not structured water it’s very like chaotic. And so structured water of course can be naturally found found in flowing rivers. But other than that you you don’t have it like we had don’t have like access to that whether it’s tap water or a plastic like bottle of water is not structured. And why it is important to drink structured water is that in ourselves there is only structured water. So when you drink struck like directly like structured water, your body gets much better hydration and also vitamin and mineral absorption is improved and to Give you an example. So why we think that women usually get rid of headaches is because because of the water because of the hydration? because well, a friend of mine from from San Diego, go, she told me that she used to drink like a gallon of water a day. And she was still thirsty and still she got headaches. And since she got some of Vedic, like, the headaches are gone. And she said, she’s drinking half of that.

Boomer Anderson 30:34
Yeah, like, I noticed that too. It’s just very interesting. Like, I’m not needing to drink nearly as much water throughout the day. just fascinating.

Juraj Kocar 30:44
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So this shows that it’s much more bioavailable, like the water the it’s more, yeah, just the body good, just much better hydration. This way it has like indirect effect. Let’s say Oh, On headaches or whatever, like, on all organs basically.

Boomer Anderson 31:05
Okay, okay, let’s, um, let’s go back to EMF and just kind of like how that worked. Because it doesn’t necessarily if I take out my Gauss meter, it doesn’t necessarily affect the levels. How would you explain this to somebody who’s saying like in a 5g world, I want to protect myself, but hey, the Gauss meter or you know, your RF meter, or whatever you’re using, is still showing numbers. How do we kind of get comfortable with that as consumers?

Juraj Kocar 31:39
Yeah, that’s a that’s a great question. So

as I mentioned before, like Somavedic is creating it’s basically own field. And I’ll give you an example of, of like a doctor, quite famous doctor hearing to Republic that was quite like a non believer in Somavedic Yeah. And we gave him we gave him like free radical test strips that like some of them you can buy on Amazon and you can do your home test with your urine. This is like a quite a new thing it was not available like until last year. So we gave him we gave him gave him this free radical test strips. And they’re like, the levels are from zero to four, which which four is the highest and he has done the measurements and he was almost at the maximum and he got like quite scared because of course he knows what what free radicals are doing. And, and we gave him we gave him like Somavedic and after two days, he’s done the measurements again. And with basically like The effects were that the free radicals got normalized like into normal levels. And he done the best again and again. And they were like, like normal, and which which he couldn’t basically believe, but like it was like he was doing the tests. And this is an yeah since then he’s like a strong believer and supporter, but this is a very important thing because there are like, like companies that are cooperating with let’s say, with athletes and NHL and NBA, and they are also like measuring free radical levels because they are causing oxidative stress. When you’re free radical levels are on like a normal normal level. That means your body is okay and it’s not affected like no like, like the emf is, is not having like a negative negative effect. On your body gotcha. So this is like a indirect like measurement of that yes, you are in the field like bad thing like in the EMF soup, but your body like it’s still has done the control and it has, it has has no no effect on that. So this would be like one of the ways how, how we could like how I would go about it. Then there are bioresonance devices

they’re mainly from from Germany and from Russia.

And they can measure the EMF levels in your body. And so, and they can be basically the bioresonance devices where a still are one of the few devices that can measure like the effects of some of medical in your body like directly Not only on the biomarkers, but they’re directly Yeah. So, you can you can find them like all over the Europe and in some states they are recognized as like official like diagnostic tool. So, so this this way you yeah this way you could you could measure that the some of it is working that your body’s okay. Even though you are in the same environment in a city city or whatever,

Boomer Anderson 35:35
yeah, I mean it’s, I appreciate you going through this because it is very difficult to explain right and it but at the same time, it is effective, or at least it feels effective to me. And I love what you’re doing with the double blind study as well as you know, all of the stuff around bioresonance in order to help prove the efficacy, but you have quite a number of if I go on your website the case studies and testimonials appear to be quite large Do you have any you know, do you have a quantity that that is official in terms of the case studies that have come in so far?

Juraj Kocar 36:17
Ah well we’ve we’ve sold as of as of last month we sold more than 30,000 like some of attics all around the world Wow. Yeah. Mainly mainly in Europe and Japan because they started there but but yes, in since last year, I like we’ve set up set up a US branch where I’m the CEO of that. And we are we do like we get a lots of lots of testimonials. About like about plans about like pets about children stop having non stop having nightmares. CEOs like high level seats. In Amazon, that they are saying like, yeah, like, I feel much better, like much more productive. My brain fog is gone. So they’re like, very different, like white or orange. Yeah, yeah, very, very wide range of stories that are going on. So

Boomer Anderson 37:20
let’s go into the different models because I have the meta green ultra, which I’m looking at the checklist. I’m like, I got everything I want in that. But the, the number of different models that you have, you have a you have a cobalt, you have a ruby red, you have one that’s actually gold. And I would love to just take people through what the different models are and some of the various implications of those models.

Juraj Kocar 37:47
Yeah, so

there are basically like two main differentiators. It’s if some of it is structuring whether or not so there are two Are those Atlantic and the Medi green ultra? Well basically there are two standard models because because the premium models the ember and the goal there are structuring water as well. So, when we are talking about the standard models, the essential basically essential etic let’s call them essential models. So, then you have the water structuring and then the other like main differentiator is how basically how much protection are they like providing in terms of like 4g, 5g, etc. Oh, so the medic and the medic green altra and the models above that have like 5g protection, the lower models they don’t have it. So the most affordable unit we have for 5g mitigation is the medic 44605 and, and the best seller basically the medic green ultra This for 850 has of course 5g it’s even stronger than then the medic. But on top of that has the water structuring like properties, which is very important feature for basically for our for our bodies.

Boomer Anderson 39:19
I love it. And can we talk about so the ruby red and the cobalt Are you know, they look gorgeous. I’m staring at them right now on the screen. Some of their effects is that due to the precious stones that you use?

Juraj Kocar 39:32
Yes, yes, exactly. So

as so as the founder.

Basically, the how he came up with Somavedic in general, he decided to do like two, let’s say models that are based on the medic model, but there is like the Ruby admixture or the cobalt egg mixture, with different like specific On what what each of each of the precious stones are like like providing so one is for I don’t want to say for people that have basically cause you more so the cobalt is for like like calm calming you down. Yeah. And and the Ruby is more of for your for your heart chakra to anywhere like like to open up or whatever but but these are like a supportive more i would i would call them like supportive models. I would definitely like recommend the medic or the or the automatic renewal tra as Yeah, we have tons and tons of selective sim models awesome on on top of these two. I mean on top of the medic Renault rather on the premium models amber And gold. So Ember was the first basically device that that was able to mitigate the 5g. We introduced it last year. And in in basically in all aspects, it’s four times stronger than the medic green ultra. So when you are really working, let’s say, in a corporate environment, because like 10s of computers and Wi Fi, and whatever, it’s ideal place to have there, or in a clinic, or like, if you know that, like there’s like 5g like really close to, then that would be the ideal model to go with. Gotcha.

Boomer Anderson 41:44
Okay. This is amazing and fascinating to me. It’s just so incredible. Wow, look, the parasites and viruses point. I would love to hear more about how that works. works and sort of, because admittedly, I’ve had a parasite before where, you know, I’ve been traveling around the world and you get something, right. In terms of is that just a result of the harmonization of the environment that the parasites and viruses just decide to leave? Or are you familiar with how that works?

Juraj Kocar 42:24
Yes, yes. It’s not a it’s not like a like a direct effect on on the specific.

Boomer Anderson 42:31
So it’s not like shooting a parasite, right? Yeah.

Juraj Kocar 42:34
Yeah, exactly. It’s more of that some of edik is like helping to helping the body to create an environment where they just don’t last. So like the body just get to get rid of that. Get rid of them. And this also could be measured on the bioresonance device. Yeah. Like, what kinds of parasites Do you have it cetera so and yeah, this could be like you can measure it before and after and you will see for yourself

Boomer Anderson 43:08
Mm hmm. So for instance, if I had XYZ bacteria overgrowth, parasite, fungus, whatever, I did it before and after in the middle through the Somavedic there and had some sort of prolonged herxheimer reaction or reaction to this, it could be as a result of just detoxification in my environment, is that right?

Juraj Kocar 43:27
Yeah, yeah, that could be of course, like, I have to mention that. Like a like some of it is a it’s not like a one bill solution, of course, for everything, because we have like really like, amazing stories, and I like to tell them, but then on the other hand, like there are huge expectations that people just bring it home, plug it in, and miracles will start happening. Yeah. And they forget that it’s, it’s like a very subtle and Energy and it’s supposed to basically like mitigate the effects of emf. But But thanks to the like great stories like they are expecting much more. So even though they don’t feel anything like they can be assured that it’s working so this has its pros like pros and cons, of course, but but we do offer like a 60 day money back guarantee. Yeah. So and that’s hesitating, bacon, just try it out and see for the

Boomer Anderson 44:32
perfect I mean, you covered my next question, which is how do you how do you handle the haters? Because it’s, it’s a question that I’ve been getting more frequently is sort of how to prove it, right? Because the audience is hyper rational. And you do have quite a number of studies here and it sounds like you’re going through the double blind stuff, but the 60 day money back guarantee is definitely a way to help out that’s for sure.

Juraj Kocar 44:56
Yes, yes. In terms of in terms of studies, we Want to do much more of them? Especially in the US, okay? Cuz we know we have something and then the clinical like double blinded studies going on, but we want to do even more of them on the free radicals. Yeah. on, like, blood pressure on like lots of lots of things, these things because like the data that we have so far, they look great. We just want to have like really, like official stems that like it’s, it’s it’s working, working great, but when I get so this is this is our goal. But when I get back to the let’s say haters questions there, there always will be like, like, like haters, some people, some people just don’t believe it and like yeah, will will hate it or whatever. But the only thing that we can do is show them the data. We have so far, we can show them testimonials. And yeah, we can tell them you know, there there’s like 60 day money back guarantee. But for some that’s that’s not enough. But that’s that’s just fine. I mean, uh, yeah, they just not. They’re just not like our real customers but we don’t I no way I’m forcing anybody to buy that I just like a look like this is what we have you this is like here we have like the 60 days. You can try it or return it. It’s definitely up to.

Boomer Anderson 46:37
Yeah. And look, I’ll give you another testimonial right now in the sense that I told you in the past couple of weeks like things have been crazy. I’ve been in and out of the city. I’ve been doing this TED Talk. I’ve been involved in the launch of a supplement haven’t been sleeping exactly the amount that I would like, but that’s probably more to do to actually arduous events like these, but at the same time, I feel more relaxed than ever and like I wake up and I’m just sort of like, that’s nice. It’s quite pretty to look at to and the only thing that’s really changed within my physical environment is the sum of it. So I can’t put a finger on like, I know my HRV is pretty consistent, if not higher than it normally is. I know that I feel better. But the only thing that’s changed is that, you know, thank you for for the device. It’s been pretty. It’s pretty fun to work with so far and I look forward to seeing what comes in the future.

Juraj Kocar 47:40
Yeah, thank you. Thank you for the I mean, thank you for testimonial. So it is what you are describing is, it’s quite common that that people that have it at home just, it makes them feel calmer and more relaxed. Is it just one of the let’s say side effects of of having a somavedic at home and and yeah I also really do like to look at it even though like lots of people from the biohacking like community like basically a scare debate of the of the blue light. But in absolutely majority of cases like whoever has it at home feels better sleeps better even though like, like they’re not like blue LEDs are nice. They are like ultraviolet. But when I look at somavedic I like it’s something it makes me feel like I would look into fire, you know, like is this very similar feeling that calms you down. So the green light has similar calming effect on me.

Boomer Anderson 48:51
Mm hmm. Interesting. Juraj has been an absolute blast and I appreciate you educating us on The device I want to just transition into some final three questions if that’s okay with you

Juraj Kocar 49:05

Boomer Anderson 49:06
The first question and these are more personal kind of rapid fire questions What book has had the most significant impact on the way you think about life

Juraj Kocar 49:20
on the way I think about life wow ah

well I now I have to know you’ve got me I have to really think hard because like last year, so I’m just like, rough like reading no like more of a self development and business books but like on the life in general.

Boomer Anderson 49:47
We can come back to when I can ask the next one first.

Juraj Kocar 49:50
Okay. Okay.

Boomer Anderson 49:53
Top trick for enhancing your focus

Juraj Kocar 49:56
or ad has seen my focus Ah,

To do to do basically breaks, it works for me like to work on, let’s say 30 minutes cycles. And then just to stress for a few minutes and then then go again. And at the same time I know it’s, it might sound contradictory, like contradicted, but it’s improving my productivity. When I’m like delaying like gratification, you know, like, open like Instagram or I don’t know, like like water online magazine. So when you have that on the table, and you can see like, delay your gratification, so you do the next thing and the next thing and then like you feel product more productive you are, and yeah, so you have to just find the balance between between this and this is what worked for me.

Boomer Anderson 50:56
Awesome. Awesome. I guess the other the other question that I always ask people is, where can we find out more about you? But before we do that, I want to hear the book not letting you off. I’m not letting you off the hook man.

Juraj Kocar 51:16
Oh, I was I’ll tell you the name of the book, but I was not able to think of basically the book that you are asking for, but I have this book that’s sitting right next to me. And this is the book that helped me a lot in terms of because as a as a CEO, like your life is about like running a company, of course. So this book, The Great CEO with it within Okay, that is the book. Okay, yes, it Yeah, it’s uh, but by Matt Matura Yeah, great deal with it is double that helped me tremendously in last week’s

Boomer Anderson 52:08
awesome, my friend. Well, Juraj where can people find out more about you? The company purchase a device, etc.

Juraj Kocar 52:18
Yes So

basically all the info that we were talking about, they can find it on our web page, somavedic.com all the testimonials they can order the products there they can find the studies and where they can meet us in person. Is that the end of March at the upgrade lab conference in LA and end of April.

Boomer Anderson 52:48
Awesome. guys listening to this, the show notes for this one are going to be at decodingsuperhuman.com/SomaVedic. Juraj, It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. I’m going to be at both of those conferences. Provided that everything goes well with travel and everything but I’ll be at both those conferences. I hope that you and I can grab a coffee together. If not, I’m coming to Prague to visit you because you’re not getting off that easy. This thing is a pretty awesome so I look forward to continuing the conversation and thank you for coming on the show.

Juraj Kocar 53:21
Yeah, love, love to hear that and thank you very much for having me. I really enjoyed it awesome.

Boomer Anderson 53:26
Till the superhumans listening have an absolutely epic day. All right, guys. So the precious stones precious metals, applications for health is not a world that I’ve delved into until this interview. And in fact, it just makes me more curious about what is possible with these precious metals and precious stones. If you want to check out the show notes for this one, it’s at decodingsuperhuman.com/somavedic and there will link to everything you need to get your discount on the device. But if you enjoyed this episode, please take to the social medias and give a little uproar for garage and team in a good way. Share a quote that you enjoyed share something you learned on the episode or head over to iTunes and leave us a five star rating on the podcast. Again the show notes for this one are at decodingsuperhuman.com/somavedic and thank you so much for tuning in. Have an epic day. Remember, choose health.

Juraj Kocar
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