Becoming a Ninja: Welcome to Prehab Dojo with Skip Kelly

Boomer Anderson
April 2, 2019
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Skip Kelly is a corrective exercise specialist, trainer of Olympic athletes, and founder and CEO of the Prehab Dojo. Prehabing may help you with current injuries, get you ready for the day, or even improve cognition.

“When you're prehabing your spine to decompress it, you're realistically compressing it at a high intensity. That will allow it to decompress itself if it wants to.”

Skip Kelly

Who is Skip Kelly?

Skip Kelly ditched his life being a corrective exercise specialist to travel the globe building education companies and creating world-class courses to eventually return and create a digital product to ensure we all didn’t need professionals like him anymore.

Key Highlights of the Podcast:

  • [6:15] Skip's background in hip-hop dancing, training Olympians, etc.
  • [12:17] What is prehab?
  • [13:36] Helping veterans with shrapnel walk again
  • [23:13] Using the prehab technique to repair a broken foot without surgery (after dancing dressed as Gandolf from Lord of the Rings)
  • [24:00] Your body is perfect
  • [36:04] Using prehabing for performance optimization
  • [40:12] Decompressing your spine with prehab techniques
  • [42:51] 80% of the neurons that are in your brain also control movement
  • [46:22] Using biomechanics to access peak performance
  • [52:44] Microdosing death
  • [54:54] Skip answers the final questions

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Skip Kelly
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