How to Protect Yourself from EMF with Robby Besner

Boomer Anderson
February 20, 2018
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Philip Morris when they were developing the tobacco industry 40 something years ago they knew that nicotine was very harmful for health. They also knew that it would take 20 plus years or more for the world to catch up to them. And actually you know take a stand. Even so people are still very active the working in the cigarette industry. Well I believe that these wireless devices, EMF, the health science behind EMF is sort of the same parallel.

About the EMF Expert and Guest, Robby Besner

Robby Besner is the founder of Therasage, a health devices company. Robby is the Chief Executive Officer of Therasage and is a seasoned entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Born in New York, Mr. Besner brings together the best of his birthplace, his New England education, and his innate skills that enable him to envision the enormous potential in what was only a niche market, then research the potential and develop products to fill and expand the niche with global marketing success.

Educated at Boston University, Robby was granted a Bachelor of Science degree. His coursework at Boston University included studies in pre-med, psychology, biology and business administration. He followed-up his undergraduate studies in biology and anatomy at Case Western University’s Graduate School in Cleveland Ohio.

Robby has more than 30-years experience in strategic planning, coupled with comprehensive financial, manufacturing and management expertise, underscores his success as an executive officer and director of several healthcare companies.

Robby Besner is the driving force behind the applied science and technology development of all of Therasage’s innovative products. He is on the Education Committee of the prestigious, world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, invited to speak and educate, as an approved CEU presenter, at many Wellness Centers around the world, Medical Conferences, Weight Loss practices, Anti-Aging groups, Fitness Forums, Infusion centers, Toxicology practices, Wound Care clinics, as well as on-air health shows. He is also a distinguished annual contributor to the World Committee on Infrared and has been appointed to a four-year tenure with Specialty Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

EMF - A Brief Introduction

From a technology perspective, the world is rapidly evolving. Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, and Nanotechnologies bring great opportunity. The world is more connected than ever, allowing me to live anywhere in the world and stay in touch with clients, friends, and family with ease. But the growth in technology brings challenges, one of which is EMF.

Below is the disclosure made for radio frequency directly from the iPhone 8 plus manual.

To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone, the supplied headphones, or other similar accessories. Cases with metal parts may change the RF performance of the device, including its compliance with RF exposure guidelines, in a manner that has not been tested or certified.

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF,  is a frequency generated by anything that is electrically driven, powered, or battery powered. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. It is invisible. It comes from ultraviolet light, the microwave oven (which you hopefully do not use for microwave dinners), when you listen to the Decoding Superhuman podcast on iTunes, etc.

The emission of energy as electromagnetic waves is referred to as radiation. Sometimes, this radiation can create undesired effects. These include wide-ranging issues:

  • Brain fog
  • Sleep issues
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea
  • Restless leg
  • Joint pain
  • Eye problems
  • Rashes
  • Mitochondria Dysfunction
  • And so many more...

Initial Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself from EMF

Step 1 - Purchase a Gauss Meter to measure "hot spots" for EMF in your home.

Step 2 - Consider rewiring your home and turning off electronics causing hotspots. This would mean ridding yourself of WiFi and reconnecting via Ethernet cables.

Step 3 - If you are sensitive to EMF, look into getting rid of the microwave, smart meter, and consider a Faraday Cage to protect yourself (and potentially your bedroom). Additional EMF protection technologies (such as those made by Therasage) can be purchased.

Step 4- Try to implement a grounding practice. Robby tries to spend a few days a week with his feet touching the earth.

Key EMF Highlights from the Podcast

  • Robby's background in infrared and how it led to him working on EMF
  • Common symptoms of EMF sensitivity
  • How to mitigate EMF risk when it is everywhere around us (even when traveling on business)
  • What does Robby think of 5G, Smart Meters, and Teslas?
  • Why should you turn off your WiFi at night and not let your kids play with an iPad for too long?
  • What is a Faraday Cage and Shungite and how do you use them to mitigate EMF sensitivity?

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