Quantified Bob with Bob Troia

Boomer Anderson
June 5, 2018
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I was always kind of curious about myself and understanding what makes me tick so it kind of goes way back to those days and then as I got into my professional life and you get a little bit older, you start shifting from okay I’m trying to be an elite athlete to I want to optimise myself in this high pressure, high-stress world of business.

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About Bob Troia

Bob Troia is a technology entrepreneur and citizen scientist who has been at the forefront of digital innovation and emerging technologies for two decades. A leading voice of the Quantified Self and biohacking movements, “Quantified Bob” documents his personal efforts focused on the intersection of data-driven citizen science, health and wellness, human performance, longevity, and self-optimization at QuantifiedBob.com.

In addition to consulting and coaching, Bob is also working on building tools that make self-tracking easy and frictionless for busy people. He is the co-creator of Awesome an app for fast, simple photo-based meal tracking, and will soon be launching a “human optimization” facility in New York City.

What is Quantified Self?

Quantified self is increasing self knowledge through self tracking. You can track endless variables on yourself, but not all of these are impactful or worth tracking. "Quantified Self is really about finding a personal meaning for your data."

Key Highlights with Quantified Bob

  • Where did the name Quantified Bob come from?
  • How did Bob initially get into quantified self?
  • Where does Bob get inspiration for these tests?
  • How to begin performing self-experiments
  • What data does Bob recommend gathering for someone performing their first self-experiments?
  • The best apps and devices for tracking HRV, improving water quality, tracking sleep, and much more
  • Top tips for optimizing your sleep environment
  • How mouth taping may help you sleep better
  • Why is it important to filter your shower water
  • What is Deuterium? Why is this important in terms of water quality?
  • Should you get a mold assessment for your home?

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