Embracing Play with Darryl Edwards

Boomer Anderson
February 27, 2019
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Bestselling Author Darryl Edwards discusses the value of movement, why traditional exercise is not enough, and the value of play in life.

"Just because you're in nature doesn't make it playful. Just because you're moving and being active doesn't make it playful.

It's the attitude which makes something playful."

Who is Darryl Edwards?

Darryl Edwards is a best-selling author of Animal Moves, a movement coach, TEDx speaker and thought leader in the area of creativity and innovation in fitness and health. Founder of Primal Play.

Key Highlights of the Podcast

  • [4:18] Darryl's transition from investment banking to play
  • [8:08] How Darryl reversed his pre diabetes
  • [11:43] Darryl's journey from intense exercise to play
  • [13:33] The current movement crisis
  • [16:38] Homo sedentarians
  • [22:27] The dangers of being sedentary
  • [26:44] Exercise vs. Play
  • [35:38] Do you need to break the Type A, measure everything, personality?
  • [46:21] Optimizing movement under a time constrain

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