Minimum Effective Movement with Pamela Gold

Boomer Anderson
July 31, 2019
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Staying fit when you are busy is a problem for many. Pamela Gold talks about the future of fitness and how an individual can stay fit by working out for only 40 minutes a week.

Who is Pamela Gold?

Pamela Gold grew up on her family’s apple farm in upstate New York, graduated from Yale University, and then entered the business world in NYC where she was the point person on an IPO at the age of 24. Leaving the workforce to start a family, she co-founded West Village Parents and went on to pursue her passion for fitness and wellness. It was through this pursuit that she discovered yoga, which connected her love of philosophy, science, psychology, and wellness and started her meditation practice, which ultimately unlocked an entirely new flow of wisdom and inspiration. She wrote her book, Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness in 2 weeks, founded a coaching business and created Peace Power Parenting, an online course to support conscious parenting. In 2018, she created HACKD Fitness, New York City's first biohacking fitness studio.


  • [6:51] - 40 Minutes total workout time per week
  • [13:41] - How data makes the 40-minute week workout work
  • [23:01] - Exercise Bulemia - changing the mindset of people on the food their eating
  • [33:38] The Lief and monitoring HRV as an entrepreneur
  • [38:31] Live O2 and Oxygen Saturation
  • [50:20] - How the AMP Coil uses specific frequencies to get specific modes of healing
  • [55:44] Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in the path to higher performance


Episode Transcript

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