EZ Water and the NanoVi with Hans Eng

Boomer Anderson
June 26, 2018
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We should not forget that our body, the human body is made out of minimum 900,000 different proteins. Most of the proteins we have no clue about. We know something about 30,000 but more than 850,000 proteins we have no clue about what they are, what they do and where they perform but whenever one of those proteins is losing its function we will run into a problem. Some of these problems we know we call them chronic diseases, we call them fatigue, we would call them lost of performance. We can also say simply we are ageing by losing protein functions because we accumulate more damage. By helping the body to regenerate and to repair those damages you would slow down the process of losing optimal functions. And in some cases we actually can reinstall functions that we lost and we perform better, we feel better, we are better.

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About the Guest: Hans Eng

Hans Eng is President and CEO of Eng3 Corporation, a Seattle-based company that produces applied biophysics technology for the US and international markets. His 32 years of experience with advanced medical technologies includes working for Johnson & Johnson in Europe and the formation, growth, and successful sale of a German medical implant company. Hans has deep experience in research and development, production, and quality assurance for medical devices. An advanced Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, combined with his background in material science and proteomics enabled Hans to develop the patented technology that underlies Eng3’s NanoVi™ products.

Key Highlights

  • What is Fourth Phase (or Exclusion Zone) Water?
  • What is the role of Exclusion Zone Water in Protein Folding?
  • Do light and wavelengths have an impact on results with the NanoVi?
  • My experience with the NanoVi at PaleoFx
  • The science behind the NanoVi and Eng3's relationship with Dr. Pollack
  • The role of Fourth Phase water in the reduction of oxidative stress
  • The different NanoVi models and functions (including corporate wellness)
  • Use cases for the NanoVi, including the 2017-2018 NFL Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles
  • How to spot a potential Fourth Phase fraud
  • Hans' work to create the certification of Fourth Phase products

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