Quantum Health with Matt Maruca

Boomer Anderson
May 1, 2018
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About the Guest Matt MarucaMatt Maruca is an 18-year wonder-kid. He believes our lives are exactly what we choose to make of them. Matt is a researcher, blogger, coach of optimal human health, and the Founder of Ra Optics.

Ra Optics is a company that creates products and shares information to help people protect themselves from the environmental factors responsible for today's worldwide chronic disease epidemic.

Matt has traveled the world and met with some of the leading researchers of quantum biology.

In this episode, Matt shares much of what he learned along the way.

What is Quantum Health?

Quantum health refers to the reconnection of our body's with nature. This includes having a functional circadian rhythm, getting sunlight during the day, reducing exposure to EMF, drinking high-quality water, and exposing yourself to cold temperatures.

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Key Highlights from Quantum Health

  • How severe gut issues and some severe allergies helped Matt discover Jack Kruse
  • Why Matt went from vegetarian to Paleo without success
  • How tans correlate to health
  • Why "you are what you eat" should be reframed to "you are what you absorb"
  • The connection between the water you drink, the air you breathe, the use of electronics, and your health
  • Why you need 2 hours of sun on your face to reach optimal health
  • The positive impact of drinking mineral or glacial water
  • Dr. Douglas Wallace and his research into Mitochondrial DNA
  • Options to eliminate seeing blue light before bed
  • The role alkaline hydrothermal vents in the development of life
  • The role of Mitochondria in disease and optimal states of health

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

This podcast is loaded with resources. Whether videos, books, or research papers, I captured them all below.

Products Mentioned in the Podcast

The Final Three Questions:

Matt Maruca What is the number one tool or technology Matt uses to become more superhuman?

  • The Sun

What is Matt's best advice for boosting cognition?

  • Oxygen, morning sunlight, really good water

What is the best book Matt has read on peak performance?

Episode Transcript

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