The Insider's Guide to Nootropics with Mansal Denton

Boomer Anderson
February 27, 2018
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The best approach for nootropics that I found and I try to impart on people is to think about them as tools where we can go from hopefully 95 to 100% in that range, just being totally optimized in ourselves to 105, 110% using nootropics. So hoping for some small increase above what we’re already capable of as opposed to what many people are drawn towards nootropics for, which is to go from 60, 70% because they got a bad night of sleep, bad diet, drinking alcohol in order to just simply get by or function and I think that taking that approach is really the first step.

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About the Guest: Nootropics Expert, Mansal Denton

Mansal Denton is an entrepreneur. He has experience in many different ventures, organized a festival, published a book, and a myriad of other projects like donating books to prisoners.

At age 20 he was arrested and at 23 sentenced to 8 years in the Texas State Penitentiary. This prison sentence has influenced Mansal’s life tremendously.

With these unique life experiences, quirky behavior, and a somewhat arrogant nature, he has been featured on media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Fox News, and Elite Daily.

Mansal Denton is the creator or co-creator of Nootropedia, which is a website that provides unbiased and factual information on nootropics to the extent where it's actually available. He's also the creator of a documentary and a book called A Head Above: A Simple Guide to Peak Mental Performance which Mansal wrote in 30 days.

Mansal lived in Switzerland, Poland, but currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Disclosure on Nootropics

This article and podcast episode do not constitute medical advice. Should you have interest in nootropics, please do your own research and consult your physician.

What are Nootropics?

The strict definition of nootropics is a synthetic or natural compound that improves markers of cognitive abilities without the risks or significant risk of side effects. Other cognitive enhancers which may have significant side effects are labeled as "Smart Drugs."

For the purposes of this discussion, Mansal and I utilize "Nootropics" to describe both Nootropics and Smart Drugs.

Non-Nootropic Cognitive Enhancement Intermittent Fasting

Increasing one's capability without nootropics is possible. In this discussion, Mansal references intermittent fasting as a method to upregulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Mansal employs a fasting technique called 16-8. In this strategy, a person would fast for 16 hours of the day, only having an 8-hour eating window. Additional fasting strategies, such as 3-day water only fasts can be utilized under the supervision of a physician for different results.

Deep Work

Similar to previous podcast guest Peter Joosten, Mansal often employs "Deep Work."The concept is based largely on Cal Newport's book entitled Deep Work (link below). Mansal defines Deep Work as "uninterrupted work that is 100% free from distraction."

Mansal tracks his time religiously. He utilizes earplugs, a specific morning routine, the "Inbox When Ready" app for Google Chrome, a gratitude practice, meditation, and putting his phone in airplane mode to eliminate distraction.

Who are Nootropics for? Who are they not for?

Nootropics require a solid foundation of health in order to get the maximum benefits. This includes: optimal sleep, solid nutrition, and a reasonable exercise regimen. Once these areas are reached, nootropics may provide additional cognitive enhancement.

In the words of many health practitioners, you cannot out-supplement a bad diet. If you are looking for a magic pill (NZT in Bradley Cooper's case), nootropics are not for you.

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Key Podcast Highlights on Nootropics:

  • Why Mansal spent time in prison and how did it change his life
  • What are some non-nootropic cognitive enhancers people can employ to start
  • The foundations needed to get the most from nootropics
  • What is the difference between Nootropics and Smart Drugs?
  • Is Modafinil the closest thing to NZT?
  • If you considering taking modafinil, you may want to check your COMT gene (rs4680). AA variants tend to barely benefit than others when taking modafinil.
  • Do any long-term studies exist on Nootropics? What is the quality of these studies?
  • What are the Racetams? How can they benefit you?
  • Creatine - it is for more than just bodybuilding
  • Mansal's favorite Nootropics at this moment
  • The importance of cycling nootropics
  • Nootropics: Mansal's friend and caveat emptor
  • What is the Shulgin method? Why should you use it for Nootropics?

Research Mentioned and Additional Resources on Nootropics

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