Your Personal Jetfuel: Ketone Esters Decoded with Frank Llosa

Boomer Anderson
March 20, 2020
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Frank Llosa discusses ketone esters, racemic versus non-racemic ketone salts, and why you should really pay attention to those terms on the label of exogenous ketones.

“It costs so much more to be non-racemic. They are going to put it on the package. They’re not going to accidentally sell you something that costs them 10 times more.”

Frank Llosa

Who is Frank Llosa?

Frank Llosa is the founder and CEO of KetoneAid – the same ketone ester company that raised over $150,000 on Indiegogo (5X their projected target!) to continue research on their ketone ester product. They had so many people pre-order the product, that they had to stop the offer. He got into the wide world of ketones after his wife’s godfather – the creator of the exogenous ketone Dr. Richard Veech tapped him on the shoulder.

Key Highlights of the Podcast

  • [4:00] Should everyone follow a ketogenic diet?
  • [5:03] An introduction to the ketogenic diet
  • [9:04] Racemic vs. Non-Racemic
  • [12:22] Which Ketone Salt would Frank use
  • [14:02] Dr. Richard Veech
  • [15:50] What is a Ketone Ester?
  • [16:36] The problem with mixing Esters and MCT oil
  • [19:10] Why esters are more cost-efficient than salts
  • [25:22] Ketone Esters, the Tour de France, and sports performance
  • [28:18] Boomer’s experience with Ketone Esters
  • [30:24] Ketone Esters and improving sleep and bettering jet lag
  • [38:22] Does exogenous ketones reduce the natural production of ketones?
  • [41:03] The effect of combining ketones and caffeine
  • [45:21] Ketone Esters and the battle against cognitive decline
  • [52:48] Ketoacidosis
  • [55:50] Ketone Esters and professional sports
  • [60:00] Frank answers the final questions

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