Making Sense of a Complex World through Mental Models with Kaspars Vendelis

Boomer Anderson
May 29, 2019
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Mental models help make sense of our innovative, complex, and volatile world. Charlie Munger, Nassim Taleb, and others use these on a regular basis to make an informed decision. Kaspars Vendelis joins the show to discuss mental model implementation.

Who is Kaspars Vendelis?

Cofounder of the biohacking.lv movement, community and organizer of the largest biohacking conference in the Baltics.

Creator and founder of 3-day-live-program and online program RESTARTS for synchronizing brain, nervous system and life purpose.

Renaissance man.

Serial entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle and top performance promoter.

Systemic improvement of wellbeing by science, technology and nature. Emphasizing the one neglected area of biohacking – social aspect.

Author, communicator, public speaker and mentor of strategies to self-improvement, to high performance, to longevity (through mental models).

Nowadays this biohacking is applied to raising 3 children, optimizing for sleep, right foods i.e. cooking, fasting, brain health, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular systems.


  • [5:20] The Biohacking Latvia Conference
  • [7:12] Podcasts, frozen water, and Kaspars progression in Biohacking
  • [15:42] What is a mental model?
  • [25:43] Pattern Recognition
  • [28:02] The Dunning-Krueger Effect
  • [29:56] Heuristics
  • [41:59] Farnam Street and other resources
  • [44:31] Evernote and the external brain
  • [45:14] Confirmation bias


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