Protecting Your Eyes from Technology with Daniel Georgiev

Boomer Anderson
February 13, 2018
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“The flicker rate is really high that you can’t perceive it but your eyes start to synchronize with this. It’s like pumping in fitness, pumping your muscle. Every second this happens, hundreds of times per second. So we need this flicker rate to be the maximum amount to not feel eye pain.”

Daniel Georgiev is the developer of Iris and a native of Bulgaria. Daniel, 22, developed this program after experiencing eye damage at a young age due to excessive amounts of programming.

Think of Iris as Flux or Night Shift on steroids. Iris allows you to control the temperature of your screen, the flicker in the background, and the emission of blue light.

I use it every single day on my computer, on my phone, and on my iPad. Iris has really revolutionized my relationship with the computer in terms of my day to day work. I am able to work longer, more effectively, and know that my eyes are not getting damaged.

Key Highlights:

  • Why computer screens are harming our eyes
  • Blue light and its impact on melatonin secretion
  • The differences between Iris, Flux, and Nightshift
  • How your monitor flickers and why the flicker rate is damaging your eyes
  • What is pulse width modulation
  • The benefits of adjusting your screen’s color temperature based on the day
  • How every profession involving a computer would benefit from Iris, including designers
  • Why Daniel ended up sleeping in his car and showering at the gym when he started Iris
  • The two things Daniel believes everyone should do to increase performance.

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