Eliminate Jet Lag for Good with Jari Koponen

Boomer Anderson
May 22, 2019
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Can one device eliminate your jet lag forever? Jari Koponen discusses the value of the Human Charger in battling the winter blues and jet lag.

Who is Jari Koponen?

Jari Koponen is a Brand Ambassador of HumanCharger.

Before joining HumanCharger in 2014, Jari spent more than a decade in different roles in the automation industry delivering and taking care of systems in the mining sector. After that, between 2012 and 2014, he was full time at home with kids.

While Jari very much enjoyed the global mining business, it was the constant long haul traveling that eventually motivated Jari to change the direction of his career.

For a period of time, the opportunity to travel the world and to visit exotic mines (gold, copper, platinum, and others) in some of the most remote places on earth felt like a privilege for Jari but eventually the almost never-ending jet-lag and long stretches away from home was not worth the effort.

Nevertheless, it was that first hand experience with the jet lag that connected Jari with the HumanCharger.

When Jari had an opportunity to use the HumanCharger in 2013, while travelling cross 9 time zones, his experience with that "strange device" was so positive (he felt hardly any jet lag!) that after the trip, Jari made it clear to the HumanCharger team that he wants to join them and go out to tell everyone what an amazing device HumanCharger is. And since then Jari has been on mission!

In his role at HumanCharger, Jari is responsible of the marketing efforts (among other things) and you can find him for example at HumanCharger booth at conferences around the world.

Jari has a Master of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (today Aalto University, Finland) and MBA from Helsinki School of Economics (also today Aalto University).

Jari lives in Switzerland with his wife, two kids and a puppy.


  • [5:32] How big is the winter blues issue?
  • [8:05] Winters in Finland
  • [12:35] The origins of Valkee
  • [13:45] How does the Human Charger work?
  • [20:33] The significance of 12 minutes
  • [23:24] Why shine lights in your ears? The role of opsin
  • [33:08] UVB light
  • [37:30] Tackling jet lag
  • [50:13] Jari answers the final questions


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