Creating a Healthy Home with Andrew Pace

Boomer Anderson
April 10, 2019
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Andrew Pace is an expert in constructing a healthy home. Andy reveals the toxins hidden inside the average home, how to remove them, and simple home upgrades which will lead you to high performance.

Who is Andrew Pace?

Andrew Pace is the founder and owner of the Green Design Center® in Waukesha, WI. He launched the company in 1992 as Safe Building Solutions ®, a division of Mitchell Pace & Associates, a family owned business that serves the commercial and industrial building market. Green Design Center® is now the premiere retailer of green and healthy home building and improvement products and consulting in Wisconsin, and a major national distributor of green home improvement products. Green Design Center® currently operates its own retail location in Waukesha, and has 8 GDC Trade partners throughout the Midwest

Pace has been a materials consultant for numerous LEED®, NAHB®, Healthy Child Healthy World®, and Green Built Homes® projects throughout his career.

Pace has become a nationally recognized expert on green and healthy building products. Along with being profiled in numerous publications, Pace has authored several articles about the construction of healthy homes, which have been published in regional and national magazines, such as Environmental Design & Construction, Ecological Home Ideas, and Paint Dealer magazines. Pace is a columnist and serves as an editorial advisor for Green Building Product Dealer magazine. In 2008, Pace launched a new green building product rating system called Degree of Green®, which has already been featured in numerous national publications. Degree of Green® is being used by retailers and manufacturers alike to educate consumers and eliminate confusion within the green building realm.

Pace regularly shares his knowledge through online forums and blogs covering green and healthy home improvement and building topics. Further, his insights have been chronicled in print publications such as Home Improvement Magazine, InBusiness Magazine, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Business Journal, Small Business Times, and others.

An avid speaker on the regional and national level, Pace has lent his expertise in the field of technical product knowledge to the National Healthy Homes Conference, Paint and Decorating Contractors Association, Construction Specifications Institute, National Hardware Manufacturers Association, Southern Building Materials Assoc, as well as numerous regional conferences and presentations. Pace is a regular lecturer at numerous interior design schools throughout the Midwest.

His successful business ventures illustrates his strong understanding of the green and healthy products market. In 2016, Pace launched Nontoxic Environments, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to the education and avoidance of the many thousands of toxins and pollutants found in our homes and workspaces.

Pace is a past board member of the USGBC-WI Affiliate and is a two-time president of the Construction Specifications Institute-Milwaukee Chapter. In 2003, he received the Citation for Distinguished Service from the American Institute of Architects.

Key Highlights on a Healthy Home

  • [6:04] The common toxins found inside the home
  • [8:38] Toxins in your flooring
  • [10:31] What happens when you do not address the toxins in your home
  • [12:49] Formaldehyde in your home
  • [18:42] Identifying and ridding your home of mold
  • [25:12] What is off-gassing?
  • [29:10] How to optimize a condominium environment
  • [31:28] Air filters in detail
  • [43:03] What tools are a waste of time in your home?

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