Chrononutrition with Greg Potter

Boomer Anderson
September 4, 2019
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Greg Potter, PhD discusses the biological clock, best times to eat and fast, and what you really need to do to discover whether you are a day person or a night person.

Who is Greg Potter, PhD?

Greg Potter's PhD work at the University of Leeds on sleep, diet, and metabolic health was featured by the likes of the BBC World Service, the Washington Post, and Reuters. Greg has a BSc and an MSc in Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University, where he coached a sprinter to four gold medals at the European Championships. Greg has also worked with groups such as The United States Naval Special Warfare Command on health and performance optimization. He is now Chief Scientific officer for a digital health startup.


[3:20] The issue with quoting percentages of night and morning people

[8:00] Biological clocks- circadian rhythms, light dark cycle, peripheral clocks, eating and fasting

[13:54] Biological daytime and how can we hack it

[18:46] Age and biological clock

[20:25] What is chrononutrition?

[22:28] Time restricted feeding - morning fasting versus early time restricted feeding

[28:15] Enhancing morning focus and cognition

[32:24] When to eat and meal sizes

[44:40] One meal a day - is it sustainable?

[51:50] Biological clock and recovery from jet lag

[59:40] Greg answers the final four questions


Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Doing Good Better by William MacAskill

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Biohacker Summit - Finland

Episode Transcript

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