The Oral Episode: the problems with Root Canals, Amalgams, and Removing Wisdom Teeth with Dr Dome Nischwitz

Boomer Anderson
February 26, 2020
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Dr. Dome explains the oral microbiome and why all health starts in the mouth. If you grew up with crowns, fillings, root canals, had your wisdom teeth removed, you may not be in the clear. Dr. Dome outlines the impact on performance and the best practices for a healthy oral microbiome.

Who is Dr. Dome Nischwitz?

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is a dentist and naturopath, a world specialist in biological dentistry and ceramic implants and the President of the International Society of Metal-free Implantology (ISMI). With his father, Dr. Nischwitz cofounded DNA Health and Aesthetics Center for Biological Dentistry in Tubingen, Germany in 2015. Dr. Nischwitz has exclusively used ceramic implants since 2013, placing more than 3000 to date. A pioneer in the field of holistic odontology, Dr. Nischwitz regularly gives lectures around the world.

He trains traditional dentists in biological dentistry and believes that all health starts in the mouth.

His new book “It´s All in Your Mouth“ will be published through Chelsea Green on March 18th, 2020.

In addition to his surgical work, his passion for the last 15 years has been optimal health and performance, nutrition and competitive sports.

Consequently he developed the FOOD DESIGN CONCEPT, the BONE HEALING PROTOCOL as well as several intravenous nutritional treatments and is the founder of the company Bioaesthetics and the expert behind the formulations for the SUPZ/SUPZ INSIDE supplement line.

On August 18th, 2018 he opened his first health food concept store – JUICERY THE STORE – in his hometown Tübingen.


[7:58] Oral microbiome

[11:13] Explaining Leaky Gum

[26:24] Connection between amalgam fillings mercury and Candida

[33:45] EMF and 5G

[41:37] Root canals

[52:59] Meridians and the impact on performance

[1:02:20] Wisdom teeth extraction

[1:14:24] Using fluoride and brushing your teeth

[1:26:46] Benefits of mouthwash


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It's All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness by Dr. Dominic Nischwitz

Intro to biological dentistry by Dr. Dominic Nischwitz

Root 2 Disease by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Food Design according to Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Episode Transcript

Boomer Anderson 0:06
Welcome to decoding superhuman. This show is a deep dive into obsessions with health performance, and how to elevate the human experience. I explore the latest tools, science and technology with experts in various fields of human optimization. This is your host, Boomer Anderson. Enjoy the journey. Alright, super humans, it’s Boomer and we are back with a nother first time episode or first time topic on the decoding superhuman podcast. So today we’re going to get a little bit into actually very deep into the oral microbiome. But before that, I want to talk a little about my past week because I’ve floated back and forth from London first time post Brexit and had a great time with this Fantastic community of health optimization people in London at the first really biohacking Congress. And one of those guests or co speakers there happened to be among the cohort of people that introduced me to today’s podcast guest. But before we get into today’s podcast guests, let’s talk about the iTunes reviews because we picked up another couple of five star iTunes reviews this week. And I want to give a shout out to one in particular and this is from Mark reo. Mark a dot reo subject a great show. It’s like having a health coach in your pocket. Boomer does a fantastic job breaking down complex topics. Thank you Mark, because he’s based in Amsterdam. He has great guests from all around the world. This is my go to performance podcast. Well, I really appreciate all the shout outs guys and if you want to head over to iTunes and leave a five star review, I probably will read yours pretty soon on the show as well But Mark Thank you so much for the shout out. Alright, so today we’re going to get into the oral microbiome. And as I mentioned, I have to give a shout out to both Dr. Scott Sherr as well as Tim Gray for the introduction to today’s podcast guest and it is Dr. Dominic Nischwitz. He’s a dentist and natural path specializing in biological dentistry and ceramic implants. He’s also the president of the International Society of metal free implantology. If all of that seems just confusing to you, stick around for the podcast because we delve into these topics in detail. Dr. Nischwitz co founded DNA health and Aesthetics Center for Biological dentistry in Germany in 2015. He regularly lectures around the world and his new book, it’s all in your mouth, which I have read will be published through Chelsea green on March 18 2020. So actually You guys may be able to pick it up shortly after this podcast is released. In addition to a surgical work, Dome’s passion for the last 15 years has been optimal health and performance, nutrition and competitive sports. Similar to me, we both have an obsession with performance and kind of fell into this world of biohacking by accident. Dr. dominate, go into many different topics in detail and really start to unpack a lot of the things that we think about when it comes to biological dentistry. When I was growing up, it was always common that if you had a cavity, you get a filling, get a filling. If you had a issue with your tooth, you get a root canal. I had my like so many other Americans had my wisdom teeth removed at the rightful age of 18. And Dr. Dome takes the time today to really break down why those processes that we went through and didn’t question may actually be affecting our health today. We get deep into the oral microbiome, the problems with root canals, amalgams, and the association with mercury as well as why all of health may actually begin in your mouth. The show notes for this one or decodingsuperhuman.com/DRDOME. And enjoy my conversation with Dr. Dominic Nischwits.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 4:30
Dr. Dome. Welcome, everyone. Thank you for having me.

Boomer Anderson 4:35
So this is a decoding superhuman. First, our mutual friend Tim, Greg came on the show, I don’t know about six months ago, actually to talk briefly about Mercury, but we haven’t really done the the deep dive that is necessary into the oral microbiome. So got a big task at hand today.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 4:56
Thank you, baby.

Boomer Anderson 4:59
There’s an number of questions that I and some of our listeners want to ask of you. But first and seeing this on your wall brings up this question and also just a general personal interest. Where does skateboarding come into play?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 5:16
Yeah, stadium is basically you would shake knees, I would say I’m still a skater at heart. But it started back in 1995 and was 12 years old. And I’ve just seen a music video from Joe Cocker where somebody did an Ollie, and I thought it’s just cool and asked my dad if you can buy a skateboard, and then we went and we bought one and basically skateboarding was dead in 1995. So I had to do that in front of my home like on the street. And yeah, try to learn it myself. So very intrinsically motivated. And of course the whole lifestyle that came with it like baggy pants being individuals that had long blonde hair or long blonde dreadlocks when I was 12 years old. Yeah, I will send you a picture. I had my pants, my pants or my baggy pants back then. They were Cut off at the widest part so the only like super shots I had to wear them below my body basically so that and then it’s still just when right above the shoes so really look like yeah for my mom and look really weird so but I like to say it on the street credibility is and of course the hip hop retinues rep all these things Wu Tang clan and graffiti the whole the whole thing appeal Tejas, you just said the magic words of Wu Tang clan I know we’re gonna get along now. Wu Tang clan if you would see this here, right there is I can show you later. This is my little 30 year. Yeah, kind of like a wall of fame where everything’s in their face skateboarding basically. And yeah, I like to do things that nobody nobody should tell me something bro and I like to learn it myself. And like the challenges in skateboarding basically trained me to do like, yeah, follow back up, fall back up because there’s no literally was nobody to teach me a head. To have like a little magazine, and then go lens and see how maybe a kickflip works. So I learned that all by trying trying trying fall Dr. Fall. So failure is not an option here. So,

Boomer Anderson 7:12
yeah, it’s just always learning, right? I recall, I wasn’t a skateboarder per se, but I was on the roller blades and you go and do something crazy on the rail and bust yourself. It’s not like the day is over. You just keep on going, right?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 7:28
Trying to demand it.

Boomer Anderson 7:29
Yeah, exactly, exactly. So today, again, there’s so many questions that we’re going to go through here, and I want to just touch a little bit. Let’s just go into the oral microbiome because there’s something that you say in your book, and we’ll get to the book later about how the oral microbiome and the Oso popular gut microbiome are really indistinguishable. Do you mind going into what that actually means of it?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 7:58
It’s actually pretty loud. Because, yeah, the mouth is kind of like the engines through your whole system. It Yeah, you can imagine basically kind of like a worm and going through your body, it starts with your mouth. And it ends with the behind, you know, I mean, man, and you talk about the whole gut system, which basically, like what we’re talking about, mostly starting with the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the rear end, but the engine is your mouth. And if you see it from like an evolutionary point of view, when you go when you go through the womb, the first thing in contact for the microbiome is your mouth, getting the vaginal flora microbial, and then like basically breastfeeding. So the first initial contact with an microbiome is always the mouth and then you see little babies, they cannot see that in nothing. They only with their mouth, they have to test everything stuff everything into their into their mouth. And you know from research nowadays, we know that the microbiome will change within three days, depending on Your Diet lifestyle. But also, of course, if you breastfed as a total different microbiome all, if you came through the world through seryan section is a total different microbiome, then if you get the regular birth, everything starts in the mouth. And this is why we Yeah, it’s kind of like the mirror for your overall health. So leaky gut is a big thing. I would say leaky gut is even before that, and the microbiome in your mouth is way more diversified than the microbiome at the rear end, which makes total sense because the mouth has to control everything is a huge immune system. And basically, you know, your immune system is there to attack foreign invaders, proteins and stuff. Of course, initial contact has to help here so we have a microphone with containing an immune system, of course, all the all the digestion will start there to send it with this live and stuff. So I would say it’s at least four fold higher than the microbiome at the end. very diversified any changes so, and if you, for example, have some things installed later on because you have dental work done, for example, amalgam fillings, they will totally disrupt your whole microbiome in your mouth already. And of course, then filter down and you get, it’s the same thing. It is a lots of research shown that when you have amalgam fillings at one time, Mercury is the most toxic non radioactive element on Earth. Mercury kills the good bacteria and attracts other bacteria or other micro bio micro micro biotics, like for example, viruses and parasites. So it’s it’s getting shifted into a dysbiosis mall, for example is just one example.

Boomer Anderson 10:44
Yeah. So Dr. Dome, one of the things that you mentioned there was this concept of leaky mouth. Now leaky gut I think has got a lot are leaky gum, I think you use the word. leaky gut has got a lot of publicity gum little bit less. So is there a way for us to define or I don’t want to use the D word of diagnose but able to assess what exactly is leaky gum.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 11:13
So leaky gut busy just see like is your your skin is a protection the outside skin and the gingy right here the red your skin in your mouth called Jinja is also outside outside body also like the same as the mecosta in your gut system, it’s outside body and if that gets inflamed due to stressors, weeks, I’m wrong diet etc. Or maybe different metals like it just gets inflamed. Or wounds come in as you get an opening into the system already in your mouth is the same as leaky gut but just more up there. So if the gingiva is it should be like if you’re just not diagnose it, but if you just look in the mouth of patient, the ginger should be like not molan should be not super red. So the opposite of everything that kind of like time a little bit of pinkish no bleeding at all. And it should be super tight attached to you, you tease, it’s actually called the attached Jinja it would show you would see this and attached part of the Jinja, which is stable, you cannot move it. And then if you if you pull it a little bit above, they will be aligned, which then changes to the mucosa, which is Google. But that techspot is basically this the thing that protects the whole inside body, same as

Boomer Anderson 12:34
the gut lining here. So it’s like the tight junctions in the gut if I have not right,

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 12:39
yeah, it’s totally the same concept. Maybe not with the zone aliens and stuff. But of course if you have an inflammation and the attachment gets loose, so if it goes further down and get periodontitis which means you have an inflammation already in your paradox him which is the bone structure around the tooth, all the stuff around the tooth. hanging in there then it’s already an opening to your whole system so bacteria that anyways this in your body and in your mouth, which is not a problem because you basically we are 2% human DNA on about 98% is microbial, microbial DNA or foreign DNA if there’s no opening and everything is signed in and in balance, no problem but if it’s not inflamed, and we have kind of like a huge opening for anaerobic so example a virus is sending can just go into your system, initially from your mouth, so it’s basically the same and and if you have a healthy mouse, let’s say you’ve never been to the dentist nucleon perfectly the ginger is amazing, amazing attached injury or no bleeding at all, Dennis, no problem. But if you had the feeling that you have, the tooth is not the same tooth anymore. It’s not healthy because from a reparation or maintenance point of view, you can bite on it, but it’s still different. So maybe you have a method for the well maybe a crowd work. It changes if the crowd For example has metal underneath you will always see clinically if I look into your mouth and and I can totally see where you have a metal crown because then the attached ginger will not be as healthy anymore it will be more red, a little bit swollen, it will bleed all the time, but chronically and have it will be a little bit away from the truth. So there will be always an opening statement root canals or whatever you bringing from the outside that disturbs the system. So it’s a big so

Boomer Anderson 14:28
you, you struck on a few things there that I want to elaborate on quite a bit. But if I were to extrapolate just a broader message for people and it’s something that you mentioned in your book is that that low grade chronic inflammation that we see is the hallmark of all disease. It I mean, kind of has its its root pardon the pun in our mouth. Do I have that right?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 14:54
Yes, not with everybody. But let’s say from a different point of view had good mentors. One of them was is still Dietrich Klinger maybe you can look at him very well. Yeah. And I’ve also worked at paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland whereas Thomas Rahl you maybe heard of him so I had a lot of great mentors and from their perspective being integrative medical doctors 70% of all chronic disease starts in your mouth so that’s a lot. Yeah, and this is somebody This is something nobody addresses and I think me being also a naturopathic doctor and trained in functional medicine or just the health and they’re basically Yeah, I’m I want to tell this to all the other colleagues because of course Diedrich looks at this and says patients over and we work industry but still if you listen to a lot of podcasts, this in this part is just missing kind of like kind of like in university you just are like an angle what you just the dentist, you’re not a doctor, you basically just repairing people’s mouths, so that they can buy it. And this is the problem you be with trained and university to basically have a super high craft and high tech skills, which is super important. This is the basic for everything. But the missing part here is that it is the mirror for your overall health and it’s actually not outside body, it’s inside body. So we look at this very particular and the good thing is if you see it that way, it’s just a little bit more knowledge, you can actually help people getting healthy again and this is the fun part. Of course the Craftsman part is amazing. And you can achieve awesome stuff kind of like building Lego but very difficult. But if your patients tell you in the next day, okay, I was chronically depressed at super high TNF alpha, chronic inflammation I couldn’t see etc. And you mentioned it and 80% is all gone already. Then you dense the fulfilling part and you don’t work you one day and you live anymore because he’s just helping people this was the pharmacy was missing from in university I didn’t know that. You see, it’s just we just have to add in the whole body and of course all sciences are also clickable in your mouth. And a little bit is the FDA The FDA still kind of clarify or like, the fillings stuff you put into your mouth, or kind of not in your body, but they lay on top of your teeth outside of the body kind of like devices. So you don’t have to. That’s how they how they do kind of not have to totally Yeah, evaluate toxicology and all these problems because you installing things just for the purpose of biting, which is just function, root canals, pain treatment, and of course, you can buy the root canal to no problem. And it’s also difficult therapy, but is it from an optimized point of view doesn’t make you healthier? Or is it not a good idea to leave a dead body new in your dead organ in your body know what

Boomer Anderson 17:44
I do. And I think this is a great light that you’re shining on something because when I was going to the dentist growing up, as you can imagine, because I know you’ve seen my x rays, I had an interesting experience whereby it was a lot of just repairing leave repairing leave comm for your six month checkup but it was never about optimizing my health. And this is what I think drew me to you and your work is that you’re looking at the whole picture. Now, Dr. Dome what I want to do is next I want to have kind of a choose your own path and we can go down a few different topics, but I want you to pick which one we go down first. Either we can go down the cavities and the amalgams route, wisdom teeth, or perhaps, you know, even I guess cavities. amalgams would be, I guess, crowns, that would be one that I’d also like to talk about as well. So crowns, wisdom teeth, or cavities, and amalgams. Which way would you like to go first?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 18:43
Yeah, I would say we can we could stop with the three three challenges at all. So we can see that different challenges in your mouth from a maintenance point of view and repairing protocol, which is methods that overall it can be feelings crower partial grants available. Goal whatever that we could do the second one which would be root canals from a biological point of view, because then the one thing is cavitations or Fetty, degenerative Austin recording job on which is still not accepted in medical school unfortunately, even if there’s a lot of research that will do all three challenges, and basically maybe start with the definition of biological dentistry from my blood center, so I I kind of explained how you get trained in university that you of course you learn all the sciences, but it’s not really applicable. It’s Mike, like you said, repair to patients, you being a garage later you have to go to see the dentist because you have a pain and then you want to buy it again. And of course everybody hates the dentist because this because most the pain treatment and our focuses the opposite. We, for us, it’s more like researching for your optimal health. But we’re looking at your mouth as the mirror for overall health. And basically what you can say is biological dentistry in my point of view is the overlap of functionality. In maybe biohacking and high tech dentistry, so it’s more like the next level and it doesn’t go against food medicine. It just adds in all the other things, even if it’s I Vedic medicine, Chinese medicine, whatever you can do to optimize the health. So first challenge, just stop. You want me just just go on? Just keep going.

Boomer Anderson 20:20
I go with the first challenge.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 20:22
Yeah, I’m able to speak like four hours. That’s where

Boomer Anderson 20:25
I’ll interrupt you and ask follow on questions as well. So the first challenge

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 20:29
will be metrics in your models. Yeah. 20 years ago, no problem in terms of fighting in the 80s. There was this in early 90s. There was the first discussion about amalgams. So amalgam is always a little bit critical because it’s still used amalgam from dental point of view is the super material. It lasts forever. It’s easy to perform, and it kills all the bacteria. That’s what he learned in university. What you don’t learn is that 50% of amalgam is mercury and what you learn after university Is that if you remove an amalgam fillings from the mouth of the patient, you have to you, you have to put it away as highly toxic stuff. So somebody has to come in and pick it up. So that was the first thought process of why I cannot put somebody something in the mouth of anybody, which is super toxic makes no sense. And on the other hand, from my personal perspective, I just thought a black feeling is super ugly. We have Yeah, from an aesthetic point of view, just it and my dad is a dentist and working with him at the clinic. And he I knew that he didn’t do amalgams since the early 90s. And I heard it was kind of toxic. And for me, this is also the entrance in the whole field because I was learning everything to help to optimize my health for about 20 years now since I’m 1617 years old. And because I told my first boss then I won’t do a million things. I think they’re ugly. I had to know a little bit more about this. This is when the whole concept open and when I first met and Met digit. I’ve never placed any melon feelings but a remove them on the safe portion. So the melanin part

Boomer Anderson 22:08
is the one thing Dr. Dome couldn’t go into that removal because I’ve had removal of amalgam fillings before. And I’m almost certain that it wasn’t done in a quote unquote, Safeway, what is exactly that Safeway look like?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 22:22
Yeah, so at the beginning of my career, like in dentistry, I just, of course, I thought amalgam filling removal will be the holy grail, I will be able to help every patient getting healthy again. And of course, I use all safe removal measurements, which is because of rubberdam. But the rubber dam is just a protection in for the pieces so that they don’t fall in your mouth and don’t swallow the big pieces. The most problematic is always the murky wafer. So if you find on at least you whatever you will always release a little bit of mercury vapor which is about two to three micrograms, almost nothing and the vapor Of course you can see you can smell but the vapor goes through everything. Even through six layers of what is it that can can

Boomer Anderson 23:03

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 23:04
Yeah, the

Boomer Anderson 23:06
the latex gloves, those kind of things but you six

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 23:09
yeah latex gloves does it goes just straight through into your cell and will be catalyzed by enzymes and then stuck there. So that’s one thing just rubber there, then we use a different section it’s called clean up. It’s from Sweden, it’s kind of it goes over YouTube. And as this it spins so it will suck up a lot of the mercury vapor will try to not drill it all and with a lot of water, it’s depending on the size of the mercury but if it’s a big one, we can go around because anyways, maybe do a partial prom, so we break it out. So we don’t even do any waiver. And we have a big machine which is kind of like a huge Yeah, it looks like a huge oven, and it pulls 99.9% of all the paper and it sucks. It’s a big suction device. You can it’s called IQ air. Yeah, this will help us as the dentist and of course the patient He’s also the patient will get a nice little probe where we will apply this and just regular oxygen. And when we have taken out the melon filling we will put the chlorella paste just into the cavity to find what’s left in the dental fuels. Leave it there for three minutes and then we most of the time place just a temporary filling to help the twos and detox itself even further. And that’s of course and we as dentists, we will wear a mask in Germany it’s called SFP three I don’t know what you call it an English it’s just a mess that just protect yourself about 99% of the mercury vapor. And I didn’t do that at the beginning that was my fault. I just did everything for the patient but basically intoxicated me take time because of course, I told my boss I will remove all American students and applies composite fillings and ceramics and I will help my patients with this and he’s like okay, Something you have to believe you protest, and I’m a Catholic. So that was his opinion. But he let me do it. And of course, but I didn’t those that didn’t notice this wasn’t a good idea for me. So my work is raised immensely. So make me a little bit more uncomfortable here, like a little bit sicker. But now I know how it works. So you can learn all these things. But this is just a toxic part of you like amalgam is just not a good thing. It’s not a static, of course. And of course, it’s super toxic. And now a lot of like Russia, for example, has no amalgam fillings for 30 years, all the Scandinavian countries banded around about 2009. Because they basically didn’t, like they did a Mercury law against mercury in the whole country. So you could you cannot place it in the mouths of people. It’s not against the melago. It’s just like America, in general is forbidden. So it’s not existing anymore. And still, to this day, the biggest source of mercury intoxication is your amalgam filling. Yeah, don’t do the fall and go to anybody and just rip it out. Because If you do a regular the normal then is to just try it out. And then you will have way more mercury vapor stuff in your body than by just having the amalgam filling in your mouth in the first place. So I’ve seen a lot of chronic sick patients becoming sick because of the wrong removal. So if you can find somebody to remove it, leave it in there and search for the safety. That’s one time Yeah.

Boomer Anderson 26:24
Okay. One thing I’ve heard from from others, and I just want to bounce this by you is the connection between amalgam fillings mercury and just kind of Candida is there one tweet tweet delve into that a little bit.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 26:40
Yeah, candy that just this is basically the the explanation but is is that they they liked the new environment, but heavy metals, they use it this stuff, just Canada is also parasites. They kind of like eat that stuff they use it for for building biofilms, etc. So it’s more like dysbiosis followed by mercury intoxication. And it’s also probably because of the wrong because of the dysbiosis because mercury kills the good bacteria so it’s a double whammy. So the immune system will be a little bit disrupted to biofilm you call it so these these micro these microbes, it’s this calling microbes they organize themselves in in little towns and how is this and it’s called the biofilm that says everybody you know the bio someone you tease if you have a little further on top of beauties is important stuff. But the biofilm goes further will be within fascia it will be like almost everywhere is microbes which is not a big problem. But if it’s the wrong ones, like anaerobic, so maybe viruses like like Canada, and they will also use the metal I can just pictured like they build houses and make this steel maybe, like just more indestructible. You know, they built their biofilms, little boys a little bit more extreme and parasites know that from the Research and that they just eat it up and you will and they will integrate it into into the whole system. So they kind of help coming to help you detox yourself from all these things. But of course, they come for price. They want your energy, they’re parasites, so it’s a big problem. So that’s why you always would if you do any sort of detoxification protocol after you have removed the whole sauce from your body, first things first, if you have, if you have no mental anymore, you will of course follow up with the for example, attesting to FCL. Any intracellular Mercury, which is quite common, of course, because you may be at the melon for 20 years. Always nowadays, not just detox heavy metals, you will always address chronic infections, parasites, microbes altogether. It’s just a basic rule of thumb and what you normally never do. This is something that Hal Huggins said, You will never saw the big detoxification for example collation therapy. While you having the salt in your mouth, this would be like showering. Yeah. And trying to dry yourself at the same time. This is classic Hal Huggins, one of the first electric dentist, he actually died like two years ago, three years ago. And it was one of the biggest pioneers, but it makes sense. And still, to this day, even good integrative medical doctors, I see they, they start of course, what they know and then they will do and then of course, the measure the heavy metals, but they didn’t look into the mouth. And of course, there’s the root source and you cannot do the collation protocol while still having the source and it just sets just basic block logic, right?

Boomer Anderson 29:37
Yeah, I mean, guys, you can see me laughing because when I tried to do this several years ago, the first the first step was the heavy metal cumulation. And then I was like, Oh shit, while the the actual source is still there. So I can see how this is working very well.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 29:54
This is a big takeaway here that you always have to address the source curse. You can build up Your body that’s what we always do we improve your liver phase one and phase two, we use macronutrients micronutrients, the whole lifestyle. And then of course we remove everything. Also all the other metals are nowadays a little bit more problematic. Now this talked about toxicology. So Mercury is just toxic by itself. It depends on the you individual ability to detox and compensate. But of course, from an optimal point of view, I wouldn’t want to have it in my body because I detox it but the other part is always the immune system. So immune system, if it gets allergic and immune system can become allergic to everything, even to gold to murky whatever. If it all nickel if it gets allergic, it’s not those dependent anymore. So like a little bit of it can get a full immune reaction everyday ongoing chronically and it costs a lot of energy and makes you chronically sick on the other side. And another part is nowadays, if you would be not allergic to titanium, not to go up to mercury not to nothing and also you get you perfect detox is one big thing. And this is I hope I’m looking forward to Optima colas book coming out on emf is EMF, because if you have Wi Fi and now is 4g and now 5g in biggest towns already and so electromagnetic wave fields will interfere with every metal in your body. It doesn’t matter if it’s the titanium hip or the titanium implant or the gold crown there will be a little bit of an antenna. Normally if you have a phone call it the electromagnetic waves go to you to cell phone and back to the tower. If you have any metal else when your body installed, it will go to the metal amplifies that up into 400 700 fold and of course disrupts your whole autonomic nervous system. And titanium ended we know that a 4g will heat up the area around a titanium event up into three to four degrees Celsius. This is high fever. Wow. Wow. Yes. And and with 5g I don’t even know what will happen but it’s probably five TV It’s just exponentially more. So 2.45 gigahertz will then be 4.8 probably so just higher frequencies will in medical point and medical terms always increase the problem exponentially never know but you always have to see that electromagnetic field is a big thing and of course corrosion salivary so we have Kalanick problem we have toxicology, immunology and EMF just with the metals so of course, it’s a no brainer for us and biologic dentistry. We have everything metal free, and as I’m a surgeon, I’m specializing in ceramic implants and have placed over 3000 pieces nowadays. This is also from the just strictly technical side of you tend to side of you, please. A lot of things I’ve done already is like in terms of gas, we are able nowadays I’m very lucky we can install things that are hundred percent biocompatible neutral, no free electrons and actually healing stones that help your body I’ll get to optimal so you don’t have to rip out anything and then just leave it like this, like, now we have solutions.

Boomer Anderson 33:06
So let’s go back to that idea on EMF because and then we’ll transition over some of these other topics. But EMF and 5g is a topic that we’ve tried to cover a few times on this podcast. And is the idea that essentially, it’s, for lack of a better term, wherever the weather’s coming from a cell phone tower, your Wi Fi, etc. The metal in our bodies just magnifies it by a certain extent. And then what is is the repercussions only to our autumn autonomic nervous system, which in itself is significant or is it to other areas as well.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 33:45
It gets to all areas possible like just the cell by itself as a as a as a current in your body all time. You know, a lot of pumps, very electron pumps, it’s always microcurrent kind of and the What is it the electromagnetic wave is the wavelength if it’s wrongly translated I’m a German guy so on time is 2.45 gigahertz normally and this is the same frequency our body works basically manipulate a little bit of the DNA but while being into this all and yeah go against your your own chaotic and frequencies. So early days, let’s say 100 years ago, there were so many frequencies nature us that we could align ourselves to face it’s all blocked because we have not just Wi Fi 5g 4g also have all these, like things that are used by the government by the military, I don’t even know which frequencies are like all frequencies are already used up and they interfere and if you go into your home, so my clinic in my home is all there was a building biologists and take care of it 10 years ago, so that I know that my environment is fine. So I don’t have any Wi Fi All I can, I can switch it on if I needed real quick. But for example, here’s a landline. And mostly My phone is in airplane mode. And it’s also all my patients and my staff will have airplane mode. So I’m pretty big on this to go back as much as possible into into nature to take this or maybe as a big fan of, of the new new techniques of the new things like I like that real cyborgs having an iPhone and our extended brains. I like all this. But of course you have to know how to use it because it’s really, or even if it’s convenient, it’s really not good for your health. And you never know what happens because you you may be kind of the same age so I grew up without him without a cell phone. Phone. I was 18 years old. My first computer I was 21 years old. Imagine.

Boomer Anderson 35:49
Wow. How did you get away with the first computer at 21 years old?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 35:53
Because I didn’t know anything about computers. I was just skating.

I’m more like an extremist. If I do something I do this like super focus kind of artistically and be only focused on this and everything else around me disappears. Same now, I wanted to become a professional doctor and help people. So it’s the same focus. And yeah, you just have to know you how to use it the smartphone but use it smart in terms of health. So of course no Wi Fi at nighttime is a no brainer, but still a lot of patients or people are there to just sleep but this next year and it’s not an airplane mode it’s on and it will interfere if you bring a I don’t know to wear anything. She will bring a meter to make it a meter.

Boomer Anderson 36:35
He can get an RF or an EMR meter. Yeah,

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 36:38
yeah. And then you can make the WiFi soft, soft sound to it and the SEC is dedicated. And of course this interferes with your whole system the whole night. You go into deep sleep perfectly, so you cannot detox anymore because the chronic stress so basically everything we need to find nowadays. This is my point of view also from biohacking world We just we managed to change our environment to an inhuman one over the last 100 years so it’s really difficult for us so we have to find ways and solutions to go back to nature and even more so if all these new things technically come into place so that’s why of course you have to do a cold plunge it because you don’t live in nature anymore next two nights river of course you have to go and find sun because the most most of the times you inside indoors you don’t have any sun so you need vitamin d3 maybe of course red light will help you and of course we need everything to to go back to nature and the same applies to your mouth. Of course from an IF marketing was be would be the idea to be to be maybe Terminator would be a nice idea to have a endoscopic skills skeleton which is full of metrics yeah Of course, all these things will bring you into chronic sympathetic, autonomic nervous is in fight and flight all day long. So basically, wherever you can find solutions to go back with nature, or in nature or use natural things, and now you have to use them technically. So use, of course, I had red light panel here in the back and I use all things in my clinic, but actually only because he managed to go off the human. And I don’t know where anything is better off, like

Boomer Anderson 38:31
so far away from humanity as it was. And we’ve gone away from ancestral norms and thought that all the sudden we can catch up and like this fast and in reality, this meatsuit that we live in has been built over hundreds of thousands of generations right?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 38:49
at all. Yeah, the only for 20 years, maybe Mexico maybe it’s 10 years there’s WiFi, landline, so it’s kind of like a big experiment and nobody knows what will happen. What sure is that what worked in the 80s? Or the 90s? The Kevin metals to Biden, it was probably not a big deal. But now it’s not. It’s totally different. So titanium implants are there. So implants are things that you can install. If you have lost the tooth. They’re mostly they’re mostly from type made from titanium and titanium is kind of not not extremely allergic. But nowadays, it’s getting more and more allergies for titanium. And of course, we have this antenna. Yeah, that’s why we need ceramic Comicon. So things that are just biocompatible neutral and yeah, let’s just say if we look at the evidence in the to the stress axis, which is basically hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal glands, everything that chronically disrupts this if it’s your lifestyle, emfs the chronic infections, the toxins, the stuff installed in your mouth, all these things and will add up as a burden or and you body will, of course, get into problems. And nowadays epidemic epidemic from my medical point of view is always and the chronic disease is our epidemic of training centers. So we need different solutions nowadays, and methods are not acceptable anymore. And root canals will be the next challenge maybe to go to the next

Boomer Anderson 40:21
slide. Let’s, let’s go through that. Just one real quick question before we go through is ceramic, the answer for crowns and all of these in terms of if we need to have those procedures done?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 40:33
So I wouldn’t say that’s the ultimate answer. But nowadays, we have the possibility to use ceramics, even as new tools as an implant ceramic embed, and if it’s done by surface, for example. So corneum dioxide is 100% neutral, and they also use it in spacecraft and stuff. And the possibility is there. I’m not saying that this will be the final word because maybe there will be better ideas, but for now I would say ceramics is something hundred percent natural. You shouldn’t use ceramics that are like containing any kind of metal oxide to, to make them look different or have a different shape. But if it’s just a pure, for example, pure atonium Darkseid implant which I’m using is perfect. And of course there are different em ceramic versions for parshat grounds for full grounds. You can use lithium die silicate, and pasta then you can use that’s just materials but yes, let’s say in overall terms, ceramics are neutral and biocompatible. Okay, so, all that stuff.

Boomer Anderson 41:37
Moving on to the root canal, I had one when I was 20. I didn’t like going through the procedure as it is, and I’m pretty sure that the guy that did it was not a biological dentist. What are the problems with that come with having a root canal in general. So sometimes you just need that swift kick in the butt. But other times you really are looking for Total self optimization. And when we look at total cell optimization, we’re talking about things like NACD, and all these super super hot topics. One of my go to resources for most nootropics is neuro hacker and neuro hacker has come up with one of my favorite formulations, which was the original stack, but they’ve continued to progress and push the innovation over the years. One of their latest is a turnus, which is all about cell optimization. You can head over to neuro hacker calm and use the code Boomer because, frankly, you’ll get a really good discount of 15% off of a subscription or 10% off your original purchase. That’s neuro hacker. com. Boomer is your discount code and back to the episode.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 42:48
So yeah, as you said you needed it probably because he had paid the big cavity, whatever. And then of course, the dentist wanted to save the tooth, just providing reasons and of course Like you said, the procedure itself is pretty painful. That’s why a lot of patients hated them. This

course will help you go over the initial pain and that’s also something we would do, we would use it as a temporary just to get you off pain when it’s already. Like when you had already that big cavity, of course, you invested You didn’t even get cavities at all. Yeah, then from a medical point of view, normally a tooth This is something you maybe have to picture we’ll send you a picture later. The teeth are 32 organs. If you have all the wisdom tooth in your mouth 32 organs that are kind of like totally super close to your brain and they’re all attached or the end of one big nerve, which is the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is one of 12 brain nerves that start in the brainstem and the trigeminal nerve needs 50% of the space there. So it might be very interesting for your body to keep this and These teeth are at the end of it. So the tooth is a living organ in itself it has a blood supply. It has a limp supply and a nervous system. That’s the definition of a of an organ same as his stomach or liver or the large intestine. If you now see the two T’s, yeah, and just for fighting because it’s hot stuff that doesn’t grow anymore because you can work with this. But root canal basically goes into the part. The part is the internal part whether it’s the blood supply, etc. And the root canal will take this part out of your out of your out of your tooth, because then that pain is gone. And then we’ll clean it and then use some things to fill it up and place into the paragraph to make it last it is what you see on the X ray these whites these white lines in in your roots. Here their studies showing this if you have a just again, the same thing, immunology, toxicology and material problems and the whole organism problem that it’s not, that’s not living anymore. So you take out the blood supply, then there’s studies showing that you don’t have any immune system there anymore. So if you have any kind of invaders that are coming to the cardassian, or to the dental tribals, and wanting to go into your part, but it’s still living, your immune system will just take care of these materials and stuff. But if there is no immune system anywhere, of course, this bacteria that anyways in your system, the microbiome, will go in there and can and it will kind of act like a big cave for micro organisms. districting I would say a compartment, this is all these micro microbes and organize themselves, they look for things that can lurk in and overproduce and colonize. So anaerobic bacteria anyways in your immune system, but if they go in there and live there, because they can live without oxygen. Then of course you will have a compartment and have more anaerobic bacteria there so we will have a copy infection over time this is just normal basic science. It’s kind of like I explained to patients like it’s okay if this route you have this little tiny dental trouble spreading smiles is dying, which are the microbes and the cat which is the immune system is just around the hole and tries to catch it all the time. So if you have a good immune system, you will end up having a low dose inflammation there which may be present as a cyst underneath the twos, epico, periodontitis, whatever. And this is just the basic you immune system to trying to protect itself and normally does it it’s your innate immune system. It doesn’t buy macrophage activated fact was a top five goes in telesis that means it will produce and pro inflammatory cytokines, just TNF alpha, interleukin one beta, NF Kappa b and l six etc which are cause locally problematic but also over time, this is the thing it’s getting chronic will will work systemically. So this is the huge part of you. So toxic immune system bacterial load, chronic infection, and of course chronic inflammation. Also the things we use just from a mechanical point of view to to put into the root canal which is good appacha California, lots of different things also metal containing could be in itself allergenic. Yeah, so you could also get an energy to the CUDA Pecha. You sit there and also the dentals you lose in one route. That’s again with the in one route is about one kilometer of length 4.6 miles in length where all this material can learn and just by cleaning the pig channel, you’re not able to clean or DESERTEC these dental pupils at least or overtime maybe a good root canal specialist is able to death effective evil maybe use or whatever but over time, because this is the case principle. You will have all these bacteria that are living with you going back into the into the ready in their overproduce and all These bacteria they also live there so they will produce their metabolites and these kind of lights they produce them out of them you know SSU anyways eat so it’s mostly the sulfur containing amino acids like cysteine the cyanide that they use to build their metabolites they are highly toxic, they’re on fire ether America pertains and you can also become allergic to them so they are not just toxic which adds on to your toxic burden which you live as deal with. Also you could become allergic which means it’s not those dependent anymore so your whole immune system immune system can get a long term LG to this which is not like the LG you think of when like the initial one when you get a rash or something. It’s more like like a type for in you not logical problem. So and then at the end you also have a debt audit. Just picture a debt and diabetic foot or toe or a black, a black finger. Yeah, to any medical doctor. They will say that’s going to cause a sepsis in your body where to take it off. Because the route you don’t see and you can put a cap on top, which looks nice. And you can see from an aesthetic point of view, they leave it in your body from that strictly mechanical point of view, just fighting on top of it and go so far that I see panoramic x rays with root canals with huge sits that you cannot even imagine how big the cysts are like, last week I did a surgery for one system was about two cubic centimeters thick and actually almost up into the eye. Wow. And she had no she has no problems in terms of pain, but the lenses will ask, do you have any pain there? No. Okay, let me just monitor it makes no sense because which chronic disease for your whole body does hurt? Does depression hurt diabetes? Third, basically no. So maybe at some point it will hurt because you get more sick and more sick. But this patient for example, she was her whole system isn’t working anymore. She’s coming in the wheelchair. In my clinic and she’s only weighing 40 kilograms by 175. Wow. And she didn’t even connected there but her true Pathak doctor sent you to me and said, Hey, I think her mouth is a big problem and she had root canals. Basically, the teeth are connected. This is another point the teeth are connected with your whole autonomic nervous system, kind of like every tooth has his own meridian. And the teeth she had was the whole gut systems like all the motors is got thyroid connection and it’s small intestine, large intestine, and she had for all of them was a two dead tooth with a huge cyst. So her immune system is actually pretty good. Be building tissues and building sis. But imagine how much burden This is on a body to have a chronic ongoing inflammation and activation of your immune system on a database just because of this. I will I’m very much interested in how how she will develop Of course with the whole process, but this one was a big foundational work because this is not healthy and this is also not helped from screen medical point of view you would need to do something somebody has tested the concept of removing the cysts and leaving the root canal wow which doesn’t address the root cause anyways but okay we have now now that the thing we have developed this we are able to remove the root canals very gently without even touching ginger by and Paragon serum if it’s still healthy take out to just the dead stuff. We clean everything with ozone and neural therapy with whatever you want to name to have the perfect clean bleeding socket and if we have the socket and everything this is so then I’m able to place ceramic implant cans like the bonus because the ceramic implant will will then act as a temple and help as guided tissue and bone regeneration parts so you basically have any good any surgery besides removing this tooth very gently. So besides being a huge surgeon and the old school way of thinking as a surgeon is big surgeon huge Massive trauma we now do. Even bigger searching, no, no cuts at all, if possible, and may change the tiny pick work and use timing intelligent lead. So we call that self preservation 3.0 or 2.0. By using stuff that’s possible as I’m very happy that all these things are there. And the whole concept, I had the whole concept ready because I’m a surgeon, I’m an implant specialist that can do surgeries. And I was missing a counterpart to titanium embed and for root canal back then like when I was surgery with his that’s how I found my next mandible, Rick and instagramming implants and from this point on the whole concept was there. So now we’re able 10 years later to teach all the dentists because the full concept, we kind of build it up to that point. So I’m bringing in more functional medicine point of view, nutrition, all these things. And luckily, we had this ceramic implant available. So now it’s really possible to do that minimum base. This is something we all will also plan for your case. So

Boomer Anderson 52:59
yeah, Um, we can talk a little bit about my case later. Let’s, you mentioned the word meridians. And I found that very intriguing in the book because one of the things, Dr. Dome that you’re very good at doing is pulling in influences from all over the place. And with the root canals in particular, qui talk just you touch on briefly with the molars going to various different organs. But we talked about how those influence meridians and may actually, in fact impact our performance

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 53:31
of different artists. So for example, just what I said the twos would be dead or has a Mercury filling or root canal. So it is also this is something I’ve not touched on yet is also attached to the trigeminal nerve. And what the geminus nerve is able to do is transport all toxins, all cytokines, whatever, into the brainstem into ganglia into the hypothalamus by something called retrograde. External transport This is something else you know the studies done years hundred hundred years ago almost when they just place like toxic cloten all into the into the cavities of docs and just measured when we find the Croton oil in the hypothalamus or in the brain ganglia so this is just a strictly physical thing and doesn’t even touch the meridians at all. But of course this will make your whole autonomic nervous system sick and but you also have to know from from the anatomy is that the trigeminal always has a little bit of a parasympathetic nervous system going with it with which means you can develop it’s called the toxic Vegas syndrome all the time. It means you hold parasympathetic nervous system will be blocked by all these toxins and all these cytokines and all these different problems coming from the system. Also they will be the cadavers and put the skins from the dead tooth also. So it’s a lot of load and it’s traveling, like any rain stem and if you know how basically your brain is just Switching mechanism for everything that comes from your body a second brain is also ticket system. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system you will see that it of course will affect the whole thing. And, and also on top of this the meridians is more like Chinese medicine. every tooth has this meridian for example, the first and size is connected to your kidney and bladder system. So will be connected to your to your neck will be connected to you specifically to your prostate, you may suffer founder and female and having problems as we could be that you have a chronic deck tooth in your front and you have a cyst in your ovary for the last 30 years and nobody finds it and it will try to look at the cyst but it’s basically up here. It’s just a meridian system. also kind of you cannot say hundred percent but it’s kind of connected to the autonomic nervous system. So you will let be in chronic in chronic stress all day long. As you see there’s a So many points that you have to address. But another point would be that all information so every tooth has a meridian and this is something what happens if you lose a tooth for example? How does it affect the meridian? This is a concept also again from Didrik. And that T’s are kind of like aggregates all I can say aggregates for your whole autonomic nervous system so you will buy 15,000 times per day to activate these meridians. If you’re missing a part there to stare, it stops. Luckily, luckily not every tooth has only one meridian for example, you models mostly two models have one ratings it’s mostly okay to just maybe replace one depends on the case and but they are, for example, the canines and your canine is only liver liver and gallbladder meridian. So if you have no canine animal, you have some kind of like it’s it goes both ways. It goes from the teeth to sin goes also from assistant to tease. So if I know that F in like the mouth is perfectly installed. And now I know that something in your mouth maybe hurts. I will always go the other way I can see your mouth then as the mirror of your overall has to tell you that your teeth are hurting now. The problem is not your teeth man. The problem is the whole system How about your lifestyle Did you still go with the protein I mentioned the vitamin d3 level and check and then most of the time you catch the patient which left the nice lifestyle which are all about so the whole clinic that’s how we differ is that we basically address all oral interference have nice solutions for this when we when you finally there but we will always prepare the patient. So we will like you You said you will send a panoramic X ray I will make a planning man I will tell you exactly what we’re going to do in order to optimize your health from a from the point of view of your the hell starts a new mass concept. He will have an additional design. It’s the food design concept, which basically goes a little bit into ancestral ways. And this busy my 20 years of trying every every mindset out there in terms of nutrition, and just make it as easy as possible. So the PDF is only 10 pages and it’s two charts red and the green one. It’s a little bit generalized, but it gives us

an overall idea for the patient what they have to do before we ask for bloodwork, like vitamin d3, LDL, just two critical markers. And we want we want all our patients when they’re finally there with us, prepared with high vitamin d3. So it has to be above the norm above 17 to help bone grows tissue grows and regeneration of teeth, and to make all this happen, improve detoxification, etc. And when you’re there Finally, we will plan a whole health optimization we will use intravenous nutrition, we will use everything from the world of banking that we have already possible to The whole setup of the clinic like I mentioned before is the building biologists so there’s no Wi Fi at all and you will feel very well the whole staff is kind of like trained by me that everything is really nice and and you will have no stress at all. So, we come in we will remove, we will actually meet you for the first time. Of course, we do full clinical examination with cone beam and whatever we found before we will may be precise that there you get the metal remove to get IV vitamin C procane whatever we need, and then I will do the surgery. And one day if possible, like remove all root canals play ceramic invented possible, but the implants are only the opponents of cleaning first or finding all cavitations everything at every touch in the next challenge and root canals so that you that you leave in parasympathetic mode you will be by removing all these oral interference. We will have a big detoxification you will have a huge load of your body in terms of immune system And toxicology and you will have everything installed at five pedal you get another IV another we will draw blood to make a pair of membranes. There’s a little bit of stem cells in there and growth factors so everything that comes in from function as in we will use so that you heal as perfectly as possible you will save at least three to five consecutive days after surgery so that we have time to adjust and I’m planning on using a little bit more of the biohacking machine soon in the clinic to to make it even more round up. So that essentially everything we do is optimizing your health and get rid of everything would you normally go to see a dentist for like a year or so and several different appointments will do it in one it’s called the all in one concept. You can see it applies all the things functional medicine, biohacking and also high tech dentistry. That’s why I said at the beginning it’s more like an overlap of functional medicine and health optimization biohacking you name it and high tech dentistry this really Because that’s kind of doing like the set because of the book, which I’ve written for the layman. Of course all my training I’m kind of in the dental field of unknown Of course, and I’m pioneer and of course there’s there’s also people that don’t like me that’s normal. But now we actually able to, to make it as the whole concept and we have so many friends of mine and dentists that are finally interested in one year after the book now It started with the big shitstorm but now I get like super nice emails from from my colleagues. This is a good thing because the patients they loved it from the from the beginning, telling this after one week, but not my colleagues. So but now colleagues coming in this is the fulfilling part. Also my colleague Sandy see my friends from university that always said, Oh don’t you with your food and nutrition, you’re the guy that brings this food within and stuff you just crazy. And nowadays seen finally seeing it and this is something that we have to multiply In the world, because I’m only able to maybe do 1000 let’s say 30,000 surgery, my career, this is nothing. But if you train 1000 dentists or not even dentist just interested in overall health, with this whole concept, you can help 30 million people, you can really have an impact in terms of

Boomer Anderson 1:02:20
the narrow, just optimal health, which goes contrary to of course, just absence of disease, which is not so interesting, but maybe to be and it’s not very interesting to go with the absence of disease as sort of the model for health. But, you know, this is fantastic, Dr. Dawn now, one area I think we’re gravitating towards is something that I experienced. It’s very common actually in the States at the age of 18. Before you go off to college, you get your wisdom teeth removed. I didn’t actually know what was going on. I didn’t know if I actually had a problem or if they’re impacted, etc. They just all got removed and Very, very painful surgery where you go in the hospital you actually remain there overnight. In some cases, you end up vomiting a few times. What’s the issues with getting my wisdom teeth removed aside from the fact that it basically reset my, my jaw line a little bit and I may need braces again.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:03:19
Yeah, the wisdom tooth removal concept is if you look at studies from Weston Price, and it’s a problem of our Western lives, and maybe the whole diet, etc. I don’t want to go too deep into it. Just focus on the actual surgery same year, actually. So I was 14 years old. My dad told me you have to get your wisdom teeth removed. He didn’t even do it because he didn’t want to do it on his son, Adam. Just remember, like you said, like Russ randomly went into clinic kind of like place to get some anesthesia, huge trauma. Like one minute later, I looked like Rocky Balboa and again, and I knew because back then I didn’t have any lives. There was a state of I was probably smoking on two days later again, so it got inflamed afterwards, I didn’t prepare myself like we do that. So basically, they caught me in hibernation mode, like vitamin d3, probably critical and my lifestyle was eating McDonald’s all day long, and maybe one good meal that my mom cooked. But besides that, just convenience stuffing everything that’s sugar and stuff into me, I would probably drink three liters of soda every day. Just no problem because I was skateboarding anyways, I was probably burning through this, but for my system, not a good idea. So this is how normally and also of course, I was still growing when you fall to you like in puberty. Yeah. trauma. And basically what it what happens is, it’s just your body’s just not able to heal it. And because you’re not prepared and it’s just too big of a surgery, trauma, and maybe it wasn’t even necessary. I don’t know what it is also, on top of that, this area, the western news area from Chinese medicine meridian point of view is connected to the small intestine, the heart meridian and the tricky one which is basically your adrenal glands. interfering with a kid that’s growing which are the other side can lead to a problem in these areas because you didn’t develop the whole body because of the surgery. Can you understand it? So it’s just too early to move to maybe you have to remove it so it’s it’s already pathologic that you maybe haven’t impacted wisdom to so I had an impact. So at one point, you probably should have removed and they did it because like you said, because of braces and stuff so that my my teeth wouldn’t crowd themselves again. And but it will leave your body and I didn’t know that back then with something called cavitations. Yeah, and about I would say in about 99% of all cases sets the case. So you can end up having to perfect panoramic X ray, still being chronic tired or having the opposite being a little bit nervous and having skin problems, small intestinal problems like digestive issue problems, IBS etc. Because we having these so called in layman’s term can imitations that’s totally wrong cavitations the better wording, like more medical point of view would be f DOJ in English, which means steady degenerative Austin necrotic Jawbone wow say that five times fast. Okay, exactly. And you could also call it CBD chronic ischemic bone disease. That’s where you find some literature. The German guy friend of mine, Dr. Johann lash, now, he’s studied basically devoted his whole life. He’s now 70 years old. He’s also a friend of citric they all know each other in the field. And dr. john legend and he wrote three books and has 10 peer reviewed studies and he’s still it’s still not accepted medically, even if there’s so much information and he basically devoted his whole life to this research. And I think it’s finally time that it will come and but he has to notice because he has the perfect panoramic X ray but you have to listen to remove and you could be chronic sick because of this because cavitations if you see them Cone Beam then it’s just basically an automatic process means means the subconscious bonding structure which is kind of like excited to be to be net like we’re business. what the word is to be where the bees live the beehive. Yeah, the beehive You know, it looks like this time like that’s how natural born should look like it’s called sponges are like a sponge. And on a condom you would see just messy basically black, a black area and I know because I’ve also did more than 3000 cavitation surgeries already over the last 10 years. How it presents clinically when you open this and it’s normally super Fatty, there’s no bone at all it’s it looks really nasty. can imagine there’s a little bit of back necrotic bone which is bone Parliament’s lying in there. And it can be as big as a tooth or even bigger like one I would say regulars about one cubic centimeter even one to two to three cubic centimeters. Wow, what he found out tonight no overtime is because he did So much research there. It’s kind of like a huge dumping area, your body in industry is not able to heal it because you’re not prepared for surgery. It’s just a big too big of a trauma, your kid you missing vitamin d3, all the minerals you have wrong diet, no protein, etc. Initially, it’s just not not healing. But then of course, again, it’s a cave. So we will find viruses, parasites funghi. Basically everything in the even heavy metals, they found glyphosate, it’s whatever you name it. And the problem is it’s again, sometimes even surrounding the trigeminal nerve. Imagine if you trigeminal nerve now it’s funny be inflamed because of the chronic inflammation surrounding it transporting all these different toxins and virus into your brain. Imagine just this is could be a problem, right? Because it makes you chronically sick so you could open a clinic by just addressing this and you will have you will be like a witch doctor because you help actually heal the patient a little bit because it’s just basically taking out the garbage taking out the trash, taking all the oral interference Preparing the patient Well, your body’s just able to heal itself. So what we do is just helping your body heal itself. That’s actually what we do, and now have to inform the whole Yeah, everybody that this problem actually exists or that this could be a thing and you know, a lot of people are chronic, chronically tired. Yeah. This is one of the main suspects all their autonomic and like autoimmune disease, intestinal problems. So me personally, I was on a search for optimal health since I’m 16 years old, and I found a lot of things and But still, let’s say about six years ago, seven years ago, I would have current rashes in my face and my diet was on lock. So I would say no inflammatory foods, best possible quality, but still is inflammation and whenever I eat something tiny little bit wrong, my whole gut would blow up and my get expression my bag and everything would have heard for days and it was super crowded grinding all night and was a little bit like this already. Of course you may see I’m having a lot of energy anyways that would be probably a DHS kid nowadays you me Best Actor and but besides that I was I was a little bit afraid of getting something like Parkinson’s or stuff like this and then the guy was there when we did surgery he was there to shadow us and he said okay let’s test this like muscle testing and as I told you I’m also trained by the tricks are muscle testing the sign for me like the air t so he tested me that okay, there’s some stress going on. You must have another oral interference let’s do combee now is already doing cavitation surgeries but I didn’t know I didn’t know all the stuff I just explained you. I thought it’s a random thing that happens maybe ever cavitation I didn’t know where it comes from. So we did a campaign and found huge computations on my body then and then it clicked and said, Well, we have to do surgery as fast as possible. I want to see what happens so of course my life that was okay and but we didn’t prepare surgery how we do it now. Patients I was basically also just at the end of the day like Nam acerra at 7pm after 12 hours of work and we did only one side and and we did the surgery was like well it’s so so nasty What do you find in that and even if I wasn’t prepared I was on the chair feeling that the block in my stomach It was kind of like more my back my back pain and you did a bad point for my stomach usami stress disappeared and I had to laugh I was like, sad as possible is it’s just something I’m imagining you right now. And this super shakiness that I had in the morning. Like this overly Extreme Nervous System was it was gone on the next day we only did one side. Of course they got a huge swelling because on the next day was working 14 hours through surgery will not win is begging in the other way. So I didn’t do stuff I will now tell my patients, but still I had this message, healing and of course I wanted to do my other side as soon as possible because my face was still inflamed. So let’s say four weeks data, we did the other side and two weeks after this, I was a model for skin cream. So my perfect everything was gone. And then you then you again, have this knowledge learned by yourself and you have the moral obligation. Of course, the surgeon, my my other mentor repulses, he also wanted his surgery then, and from there we integrated because he had, he also had massive healing afterwards for stuff that he couldn’t address with everything he tried, he wasn’t able to address that problem. And just this tiny surgery, which is not really in basis, and helped him heal so much. So we integrated that to our concept years ago. And then of course, we find we fine tune the concept, us new things that are able to get it that will help us so so everything that’s possible to even make it heal better. So nowadays, we’re able to remove with cities or whatever the whole protocol, like how to optimize the patient’s health so that you actually able to heal it because the surgery itself is not to be deal if you know how to do that minimal basis, you use pizza surgery use ozone to clean everything. A lot of it, we use the membranes we spin out the blood and make I told you already the plasma membrane. It’s kind of like a pee pee a little bit different spinning particle, it contains 1.2% of stem cells, growth factors, replace it all there and of course we do as minimal basis cuts as possible. But with the whole concept around and the fine tuning of your body, your body is just able to heal itself so good. So swelling after service. so tiny, little bit of pain, we will manage it a little bit of pain medication, maybe or whatever you want to use today. And this is the goalie I don’t want to have any Rocky Balboa say sitting in my waiting room. This actually I actually just do everything for my patients how I would like to have it on my body. That’s it. But I’m also the guy who I did surgery for my dad, my mom, my brother, for my sister, for my wife, for anybody. I don’t see any difference in any Patient I don’t even care which insurance yet you come to me. It’s kind of like my moral obligation on my chance to give you next level health. But in return, I want the maximum commitment of you. Is that something I cannot change something you have to bring in? And then then we will have some awesome results. This is fulfilling SL. Tim would say it’s fulfilling.

Boomer Anderson 1:14:24
Yeah, I may use the AF acronym from time to time as well. This Yeah, he’s um, he shared a few stories with me about it. And he said, I mean, overall, it’s just been a fantastic experience with for him and I know we’ve got the slotted to come down there pretty soon. So Dr. dome, I would love to just touch base on a couple of other points that were more questions from the listeners and it just looking at some bit more. We’ve touched on some really fantastic topics here. But there’s some very basic questions that people have like for instance, the F word fluoride. Should we be using it? Should we not be using it? And then toothpaste in general, how often should we be brushing?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:15:14
So that depends again on your lifestyle. Yeah, but just as a general rule of thumb, I would go with the two times a day brushing. I don’t use fluoride. Yeah, not don’t emphasize anybody to use the right. Because it’s just having any problem with you in your tools like a cavity or something. It’s not a cat a deficiency of chemicals in your body. It’s maybe the deficiency of minerals in your body or overall proteins and stuff. So I would always address it like this. Can Today’s the case for like, like, I don’t even see these patients but if you like, it’s called, like an oral pick. We would say like who’s like really nasty. Everything is full of metals. You have like, me, maybe, no, in my opinion, don’t even need it then. So let’s just go with it. fluoride is not necessary. Yeah. And I personally only brush my teeth once a day, which caught the attention of all the media in Germany late last year. But I can only give you that advice if you already optimized is your life that is on point. You don’t even so the stuff I eat it’s more like everything you can hunt you can fish you can like basically kind of like a paleo ish I call it macro nutrient timing food design because it’s a little different. I don’t even get any bio symbol for so I just brush my teeth basically to not smell Yeah, yeah, there is not that it’s always clean. And then you should use a soft brush and more Be gentle don’t like rub extremely and grind your teeth off you shouldn’t I my opinion don’t use anything that is it uses particles that makes it more white because most it’s kind of like a griptape which grifter or which I don’t know where thing this year which

Boomer Anderson 1:16:57
it’s like sandpaper kind of pull stuff off. Oh

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:16:59
yeah. It’s kind of like sandpaper and of course we’ll pull a little bit of a tease of overtime. You t should be half stone there in the Kid Hungry or category of grant night. It’s in Germany, at least its category five super hot. Yeah. And your body’s able to do that from the inside whatever you eat and assimilate minerals, vitamin d3, etc. Your body will be able to uptake it and build bone and teeth. It’s kind of like the same structure. So if you have all minerals and everything installed, then you have to have a stone and at the same time, that’s amazing. Actually, these organs can feel a hair today super sensitive, and super hot at the time. So Wow, that’s really crazy thing. And the celebration in New York in your mouth is this awesome liquid basically all this awesome electrolyte, which of course could be not awesome if you lie says wrong. But if your life is perfect test the immune system, your whole digestion starts the order that gets justice. enzymes already in your celebra. And it also protects your tooth by building this thing called pedicle. Which kind of like attached itself, you know, the movie venom. How Mendham? Yeah, that’s how I imagined the pedigree, it’s

just you know, and it’s kind of this tiny little fluid, which is kind of like a huge net or Spider Man net that goes over you choose to protect itself. And then it pulls proteins and minerals. And the saliva saliva is very tightly controlled. So there’s this calcium, phosphorus and mineral and equilibrium, maybe I’ll balance anything again on your whole eating protocol. So if you for example, do the standard American diet or send dramatize the same and with loads of blood sugar spikes and and lots of sugars and stuff. It will be different than if you have an ancestral lifestyle that doesn’t have any big insulin, Spike blood sugar spikes and insulin things and left Because leptin maybe maybe also blocks enzymes and receptors you will have a total different and this is why I always training the patients or everybody with the food protocol the food first and this is actually what how I started so before university I was interested at civil service because I wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be. That’s why make it as a professional skater maybe have to tell him maybe also have to drive for this dinette environment but I was too sick all the time. So and of course the lifestyle. But when I started working out because I want to just look muscular, like every 18 year old I wanted to look like a turtle like action figure. Aesthetically driven I went to the gym and of course the performance escape or in jumping high or whatever. And I found a book that was probably was a flex magazine and on top. So the title was eat 3000 calories a day to gain muscle that was like what is the calorie I don’t even know what that is. I was already 20 years old, so 20 years old. I didn’t know what a calorie was so basic in nutrition and lifestyle wasn’t in my in my focus. I just did what everybody did. But then I ate calories. So I just ate noodles. Yeah, and tuna fish because I thought, okay, I get this kind of protein. And there’s a lot of calories in the noodles. So I probably eat a year, and I gained 20 kilograms, but probably not as healthy as it should have been, all the time. Because of all these experiments on my body, I was able to see that health should be top priority, not aesthetics and stuff to be able to figure all this out. Now I know. And so many health challenges on the way that I took as a challenge and basically learn from this. And now I can use all these things, but diet is really a fun foundation party in my field. And that’s why this is always foundations like nutrients macronutrients, like the protein, the enzymes from the protein that are built up, if you test it studies showing you when we when we get to go and tease again. So teams can build rebuild themselves. So, you go to the lenders, you will have maybe an X ray and they see this little tiny initial cavity, you would say, then the dentist decides whom you want to drill on not. Then maybe you say as a patient or I don’t want to show let’s just monitor it. Yeah. But from my point of view, I will never drill it. I will explain you Okay, this is a mineral deficiency. It’s kind of like a super rose roses of you. And let’s go with your lifestyle design. Yeah, how’s your protein look, etc. How is your vitamin d3 level? What about the minerals because we know that we need vitamin d3 to get calcium in your bloodstream and then we need vitamin K to and magnesium as cofactors to bring it up into your bone to your teeth. It’s the same thing. But if you have a lack of protein in the first place, or amino acids, and you don’t have it, you’re not having the enzymes to build it. So basically, food comes first. And as a study the osteoporotic of osteoporosis study the framing and osteoporosis study that shows and people that just so they go with one gram per kilogram protein, kind of like it’s a critical low dose. If you go below one gram could be You have 30 days longer hospitalization as the fracture of your hip of your of your bone here. Whereas when you go above one gram it’s way faster the healing and of course the bone density and everything the same applies Of course to the bone and in you you choose around you choose and you choose itself so the turnover rate of everything that grows in your body could become 30 days or three days depending on what you feed your body. So that’s why I always give when you they’re at surgery day at the end, they will always sit down with you personally individually individualized, you plan on how you look. So I can see if you metabolic problems is a thing and that we have to maybe start with an initial ketogenic elimination diet or you maybe have some kind of mindset you being maybe a vegan but don’t know how that works perfectly. So I’m just able to optimize your vegan lifestyle because I don’t care if you want to be a vegan, it’s fine, but you still have to cover basis.

And that’s basically what I’m therefore I will do that 1015 minutes and then of course I have everything with the other company I’ve build up to the last five years with the supplements etc. And that dialed in because of all these things I had to learn in my body because all these chronic patients kind of overlap also with what they had to they have the problem with the snips. So one month one of my things when I was 22 years old, I was crashed a little bit and I didn’t know what to do and found out over time that I’m that I’m just having a neurotransmitter problem. Yeah, so I have a document dominant person, no, zero

Boomer Anderson 1:23:32
colon kind of like an athlete. Yeah, I’m an acetylcholine dominant person. So

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:23:36
I know what that’s like. But I wasn’t feeling so good. Yeah, so it wasn’t all anymore but look took me a while to figure out that Erik Braverman test found that one and how can you be dominant I have a deficiency in the Doberman so then from my studies in biochemistry is just so easy to use supplements and build my brain structure. And Elsa have the snips. I’m ahead. It was English. heteros the guide is probably Yeah, heterozygous Yeah, at delation so I need to have a focus there and of course we all have like the chronic inflammation and stuff in your body we all have vitamin D receptor deficiency snips are both be the same and also had a huge head neck trauma which led to something called trip to pile Yuria. So all the I had an excellent message for those folks in snowboarding so it kind of rip my head off and this is a big thing but we cannot go into this rabbit hole now.

Boomer Anderson 1:24:31
We’ll save it for the next one.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:24:32
Yeah, had a neck as extreme and also see one to see falls directly connected to all oral interference. And this is why this is all installed into this protocol. So basically designing it for me and for patients to get them to the next level. So it says a lot of different things. Now you may be see by why they call like last year, I didn’t know what the word biohacking was. So there was a patient coming in from New York set up 50% of our patients coming from all over the world. At least she came from New York. She has nice shops there. And she told me after like this week with me, you kind of like, Tom bill, you and Dave SP one person in Germany. I wasn’t even I didn’t even know who Tom bill you was. And I didn’t know if he was now I know of course and about a week later, I was invited to give a podcast interview for the German biohacking community, which is flow. Great. Maybe you heard of that?

Boomer Anderson 1:25:25
Yeah. And Max is a good

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:25:26
friend. Yeah. Max interviewed me and like 10 minutes into the interview, he said, Dude, you like to a huge fire hacker because you do that for 20 years and I didn’t even know about the word what by It was so when Tim said health optimization, that little bit applied to me mobile nowadays. I also like the biohacking because that’s what the cool kids do. Yeah. skater would rather biotech and optimize the health. You know what I mean?

Boomer Anderson 1:25:50
Exactly. The skateboarder inside of us gets a comes back. It’s it’s like that old adage. You can’t take the skateboard out of the kid. You can take the skateboard away from the kid but you can Take the skater out of the kid I may have butchered that one but

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:26:04
yeah it’s good one a goal of mine was with all the product problems I had I just wanted to become 14 again because I knew how I was when I was a kid and it’s kind of like I’m no I’m just every day like you said at the beginning of our interview it’s just to have some people that are like minded that have the same mission just helping as many people as possible getting healthy again, don’t don’t push the egos too much but just you can find all my information for free it’s all there I give you everything that’s fine. It’s just it’s more like an inner calling because it helped me so much and I think we should all alive that’s why I call it the wolf pack. No, like all the good people that talk about it, then we can change. That’s amazing thing. I like it.

Boomer Anderson 1:26:46
I like it. One last one last question before we switch over to the final rapid fire ones. mouthwash. Is it useful? Should we should we table it? What should I do with mouthwash?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:27:01
I would say a chemical mouthwash I would skip it right away throw it in the trash because it’s shown that for example, and floor floor accident it’s probably also in English this activates enzymes that are actually killing your immune system you’re like disrupting the ginger and the tension you’re not I wouldn’t use it. What I would do as a mouse washes if you need it all as a substitute maybe you’ve heard of the concept of oil pulling Yeah, using aerobatic treatments so if you use anything from nature, also different herbs and stuff. That’s a good idea. Yeah, like brush your teeth make it make your ginger healthy supplying the right nutrients and all cooling. I would normally say just use an extra virgin coconut oil because it tastes good and also coconut oil in itself because it’s the different family structures is antibacterial, antiviral, etc. So you will just put all into your mouth and especially gently around for about five minutes. You can also go 15 minutes, whatever. And it will attract all these fat soluble toxins and of course also kills bacteria. Don’t swallow it, spit it out. It’s basically the content. And it will help you consistent.

Boomer Anderson 1:28:14
This has been absolutely amazing. Dr. Dome, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time. I just want to transition now into our last final set of rapid fire questions that I asked everybody. And the first one is, how do you unwind?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:28:32
Yeah, this is a bit of a challenge for me. So basically nowadays, because I don’t even everything I do is fun for me. So I have a big team. Like I have in my trading. I have 20 people working with me in the juicery I have another five so I have about a staff of 30 to 40 people and they all love their jobs. I can take away a few things and me personally, I love to hit Hang with my family. And I tried to have 50% of my time or my net time with family, friends and stuff. So I think this is more relaxing. But also everything I do is no stress for me. So I don’t of course, I’m maybe pushing the cortisol a little bit because I’m like that, but it’s just if you look at my, my causal, it’s maybe a little bit higher, but that’s just me generally. So it’s not that my salivary is wrong, just high in the morning. And everything that I don’t like I skip right away or find somebody who likes it actually. And as this thing is a mission, I would say there is no no such thing as work life balance. It’s more like if you do what you love, then you just do it. For me. It’s more like if I don’t do things and just sit around. I’m not the type of person who can sit still too much. For example I have to work out or gym is my happy place nowadays because I don’t have so much time to go and do skateboarding and stuff. So when I go into gym and I go morning 530 in the morning or wake up and I go straight to the gym. And there’s nobody just me and I’m most of the time I even close my eyes and just feel everything. It’s more like everything I do is basically just feeling that I have installed that I like how my body should feel. And I of course I’m the guy who measures everything like you are wearing orange e because I would be the president smashes it and don’t think about it or probably not look at the recovery part too much. And I had to learn that so I will biohack my way around it so but this is my family my friends, I love to hang with family and friends and having a good time and actually if I can make that that my patients are also my friends and family kind of everybody I’m hanging around with should be a friend of for example, Tim. I met Tim big. He invited me to the house musician summit we didn’t even meet it we didn’t even see us just one fist stop. And but then because of his own case He came into Germany. And we hang out. We hung out all day long and and talked. And of course, we also did a little bit of surgery for him and everything. And this is what I’m all about, like finding like minded people basically that’s the same thing I did as a skateboarder. So I pushed it so hard, because I just like it and I’m liking this just the mindset of giving everything like what I’m a little bit better everyday maybe it was a perfectionist has been fun, but at this is gone. So now it’s just like getting a little bit bigger, better everyday growth and contribution part of you and then find people that are exactly like the same frequence and try to push it themselves and just having fun with it. And Tim is a guy that’s why we went away went what he said, that’s why we got along so awesomely and, yeah, pushing it and speaking about everything and this is it’s not work for me, you know what I mean? It’s but of course, it can become too much. I have to be a little picky about My time nowadays is a lot of people want to do something with me in a 3d see, okay, is this something that makes sense? Is it aligning with the mission? And yeah, of course I have my kids and my wife. Yeah.

Before the first moon before the first milodon Yeah. And that’s my wife calling. We

Boomer Anderson 1:32:21
gotta get back to the family. What ahead?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:32:23
Yeah, there were times before my son was born. I did this thing called flying implant service, where you could just book me I would go to his clinic don’t even know the nurses. Not even the patients for sure. Don’t even the case. There’s when the devil stuff and did full day surgery. So it was like 1213 hour days, 14 hour days. And my son was born. I was like, heck, I don’t even see this guy. So that’s where my mindset switch night and I kind of visioned what I wanted to do in my life. And one thing is, I’m a big family man. I wanted to I want to hang with my my wife and with my three sons. So now and Maxis five cow will be three and a month. And Lewis was just born is only like 10 weeks old. So I need this time so everything is structured around this. So when I wake up in the morning, I might go to pull in the workout when they still asleep. Of course I know it would be better to do that over like, like at a time just from health musician but, but of course, that it will endure the hours will be away from my family. Play space Yang with my wife, my wife is my wife, my girlfriend since I’m 21 years old. So she’s there for 15 almost 16 years, kind of like my soulmate, and partner in crime best friend all in one. So I have to have time for this to make it 50% That’s why I’m very structured with everything I do. So I go into clinic, they start at eight, I go in 930 and do full day surgery without any breaks. I do a little bit of practice, maybe drink a shake or eat something but basically compact everything to make it as efficient as protected as possible to everything so that everything is fun, because of course, also surgeries if you do too much can become not fun anymore. But micro refinements of your lifestyle design whatever you want to call it.

Boomer Anderson 1:34:14
It’s amazing. Dr. Dom I know you have to go your family’s calling you. But also you’ve been very generous with your time where can people find out more about you? And I know the book. It’s coming out in English very soon. Where can people find the book?

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:34:28
The book is on every platform available, of course on Amazon Barnes etc. And it’s, it’s going to be called it’s all in your mouth, the English version so it’s coming on in China and in French Canada, so it’s awesome. That never happens with German books. And it’s amazing so I’m kind of proud of this. You can find me on our web page is maybe you have it in the show notes. It’s hemstead seen instead accidental pod and then you can find me you with my on my Instagram which is at Dr. Dumb one probably edit in the show notes of course and if you if you there’s also YouTube channel you can find me everywhere because I tried to push the information

Boomer Anderson 1:35:09
and as you hinted will link to all this that the show notes which are at decodingsuperhuman.com/drdome that’s d o m e. Dr. dome this has been amazing I can’t wait to come down to Germany and get my my whole mouth resituated but this has been incredible. Thank you for taking the time.

Dr. Dome Nischwitz 1:35:28
Yeah, I don’t understand. Thank you very much for having me. It was Yeah, it was awesome.

Boomer Anderson 1:35:32
To all the super humans listening out there having absolutely a big day. Alright, superhumans. So let’s talk about some of the things that I got out of that episode. Because it was the first deep dive we done into the oral microbiome. Dr. Dominic Nischwitz talked a little bit about some of the things that I took as gospel growing up are really not something that we should just do without question. For instance, getting your wisdom teeth removed when you’re 18. And so, among other things on my to do list I will be getting my wisdom d3 looked at but also, I just want you guys to share with me what you learned. To take a picture of the podcast episode, write down a quote, share it on the socials tag decoding superhuman, I would love to hear what you got out of it. If you really really enjoyed the episode, head on over to iTunes, because as you heard earlier, I’m reading all the reviews. And so I’d love to read yours on the air. So just leave a review with five stars. And it really really helps get the word out the show notes for this one, as well as links to Dr. Dome’s book and so many other things right decodingsuperhuman.com/Drdome, that’s D O M E. So Dr. Dome superhumans. You are epic. I appreciate you have an epic day

Dr. Dome Nischwitz
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