A Day-to-Day Guide to Surviving and Preventing Injury with Dr. David Heitmann

Boomer Anderson
March 27, 2019
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Dr. David Heitmann joins the podcast to discuss the elements of injury, injury rehabilitation, programming for the long-term, and stoic philosophy.

“I just said, "screw it!" I changed my mindset. I said I'm in control of my own destiny. And I started focusing on my health instead of the business. It changed my whole world around.”

Dr. David Heitmann

Who is Dr. David Heitmann

The path to high performance doesn't come without bumps in the roads.  Dr. Heitmann had 14 broken bones and torn ligaments, his foot chopped up in a lawnmower, nerve traction injuries, debilitating sciatic pain, and even a period in his life which could be described as an "overstressed dark time."

Dr. Dave experienced severe depression, brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, joint pain, swelling, stress fractures, and even had 3 teeth crack in half which had to be removed.

All of these amazing experiences have taught him about the journey of health.

Dr. David Heitmann's obsession with health and performance started out of a love for football in 4th grade.  Dr. Dave was a 5 sport athlete growing up and played competitive football and rugby until he was 27. College allowed him to geek out on with a double major in biochemistry and molecular biology. As if that was not enough, he also did research in biomechanics and energetics.

From there, Dr. Dave went to get his Doctor of Chiropractic along with a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation completing 600 hours of training around Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning.

In his 10 years of owning a sports medicine clinic, he's treated 4700 patients. Dr. Dave was the medical director of 12 sports teams and provided athletic training services for most of them. He was the onsite medical provider for more than 100 endurance races, and was contracted provider for a hospital system.

The list goes on...

Key Highlights:

  • [5:57] - Dr. Dave's background, degrees, and experience in the sports medicine world
  • [8:24] Dr. Dave's injuries (warning, involves a lawnmower)
  • [10:02] The burnout of running your own business
  • [17:49] Stress buckets and what happens when you empty it
  • [20:42] The problem with exercise programs designed by pro athletes
  • [22:50] What is an injury?
  • [23:20] Dr. Dave and Boomer discuss Boomer's knee injury
  • [26:30] The significance of 3-month cycles in programming
  • [28:12] Microdosing ligament flexibility
  • [31:52] Why society needs "traditional" medical doctors
  • [34:08] Using Photobiomodulation in injury recovery
  • [42:22] Why you still need to exercise after injury and post-injury programming
  • [52:51] Dr. Dave answers the final questions

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Dr. David Heitmann
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