How (not) to Keto with Cristi Vlad

Boomer Anderson
October 17, 2018
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Bestselling author Cristi Vlad comes on the Decoding Superhuman podcast for the second time to provide tips on the best and worst ways to get into ketosis.

I guess there are many keto movements. Like for example, we have the keto carnivores. We have the vegan keto that you just mentioned. You have high protein keto you have people doing if I am you know which is If It Fits Your Macros and I guess that's not really a bad thing. I guess anyone can find their place within this keto space

Who is Cristi Vlad?

Cristi is a repeat guest on the Decoding Superhuman podcast. You can find his first episode here.

Cristi Vlad holds a master’s degree in civil engineering. He’s self-taught in genomics, nutrition and biochemistry, machine learning, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, and rational thinking.

Cristi is the author of seven books including Ketone Power and Periodic Fasting.

Cristi Vlad’s utilizes the scientific method in his approach to experiments to limit logical fallacies and remove cognitive bias. He favors science-based medicine, which is actually different from evidence-based medicine.

In research, Cristi looks for good evidence and solid arguments to support an ever-changing opinion. This method leaves him thinking fluid and flexible instead of fixed and self-limiting.

Key Highlights on How (Not) to Keto

  • [8:27] Does food quality matter for keto?
  • [13:15] Genetics and the Ketogenic Diet
  • [14:00] Are microbiome tests worth the price?
  • [17:00] APOe genotypes and fat choice
  • [23:25] Ketone esters vs. Ketone Salts - which exogenous ketone is worthwhile?
  • [29:29] The problems with fat bombs
  • [33:00] The one pasta which may work in ketosis
  • [34:00] Nutrient deficiencies and the ketogenic diet
  • [38:15] Cristi's opinion of the ketogenic movement

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