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November 12, 2019
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How can you get an effective workout with the CAR.O.L with two 20 seconds sprints? I put this thing to the test first at the Health Optimization Summit and loved it. We talk about the ins and outs of reduced exertion high intensity interval training, how CAR.O.L works, and new features coming soon.

Who are Ratna Singh and Ulrich Dempfle?

Ratna Singh and Ulrich Dempfle are the co-founders of Cardiovascular Optimization Logic, in London, better know as CAR.O.L.

Ratna currently is the CEO of CAR.O.L. Her educational background is microbiology, but instead has spent all of her professional career in advertising and management consultancy in the UK and the U.S. She was McKinsey & Company’s first entrepreneur-in-residence in Silicon Valley.

Ulrich is the chief product officer and acting chief operating officer at CAR.O.L. He has experience in manufacturing and product development due to his mechanical engineering background. He’s led AI and machine learning initiatives and helped to develop the interactive exercise bike that is CAR.O.L.


[3:29] Can you really get a good workout in 40 seconds?

[6:34] How does the science behind CAR.O.L exactly work?

[13:07] Why 20-second sprints?

[20:12] Explaining CAR.O.L’s adaptation pathways

[31:26] What is the typical CAR.O.L workout session like?

[43:57] How CAR.O.L’s artificial intelligence works?

[53:29] Why couldn't somebody do this with an assault bike?

[1:01:05] Is CAR.O.L designed to give you a full-body workout, or we should expect a rowing machine or a treadmill?


CAR.O.L's Website - use Decoding150 for a discount

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Results from the American Council on Exercise randomized controlled trial

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