Habits of High Performance with Dr. Matthew Accurso

Boomer Anderson
April 11, 2018
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Think of a child. When a child knows there’s gonna be a routine, their body automatically kindof starts to go into that rest mode.

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About the Guest: Dr. Matthew Accurso

Dr. Matthew Accurso is a world-renowned high performance doctor.

At age 6, Dr. Accurso was an expert at reading lips due to a 75% hearing loss. At age 8, he almost flunked out of school due to his “disability”. At 10 years old, Dr. Accurso was called to be a doctor of cause while listening to his uncle speak. At that moment, he vowed to help people optimize their mind and bodies. Dr. Accurso never looked back.

Dr. Matthew Accurso is one of Americas top concierge wellness advisors for some of the countries most prolific healthpreneurs, CEOs and executives. He hosts Superhuman Entrepreneur, an INC. Magazine top ten podcast. Dr. Accurso teaches doctors across the world on the most cutting-edge strategies to optimize high performance and magnify their impact. He leads high-performance strategy retreats around the world in Sri Lanka, Ma, and Japan.

Habits of High Performance

One of my favorite quotes is Gustave Flaubert's, "Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work."

What Flaubert hinted not-so-subtlely on are daily routines. By "automating" part of your day, you enable the best to come out when needed. This means better work; this means more creativity; this means high performance.

Dr. Accurso is a doctor to top high performers around the world. In this episode, I picked his brain about the commonalities of all these people. Daily routines and habits are at the top of the list.

Key Highlights from Habits of High Performance with Dr. Matthew Accurso

  • Commonalities among high performers
  • Why establishing your top priority each day is so important
  • Living in 90-day sprints
  • Earthing first thing in the morning
  • Why "movement" is a common component of morning routines
  • How to avoid disrupting your organs' resting processes
  • Using lavender and Frankincense essential oils for relaxation
  • Why you should cycle supplements and nootropics
  • Do you actually need to eat right after working out or first thing in the morning?
  • Why it is important for women to weight lift
  • How to achieve more mobility through your daily routine

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The Final Three Questions:

What is your number one tool or technology that you use to become more superhuman?

  • Checking Blood Glucose twice a week with Accu Check

What is your top trick for enhancing cognition?

  • Incorporating brain games into social interaction
  • Huperzine A - acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (see research on PubMed)

What is your favorite book on peak performance?

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Dr. Matthew Accurso
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