Wake Up Every Day with a Drive to Thrive with Tommy Baker

Boomer Anderson
April 17, 2020
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This episode is about making big decisions. The decision you always avoided about quitting your job, starting that business, or moving to a new city. In this episode, Tommy and Boomer discuss the formula for making big decisions and how to show up as a high performer every day.

Who is Tommy Baker?

Tommy Baker helps dreamers, visionaries and entrepreneurs bring those dreams to life —and create a life they can’t wait to wake up for. As author of UnResolution, The 1% Rule and The Leap Of Your Life, Tommy believes living up to our potential is what we’re here for.

Through his writing, coaching and podcast —he’s helped thousands of people take their next bold step and never look back. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Influencive, Thought Catalog and more.

Key Highlights of the Podcast

  • [4:31] How Tommy made the big leap
  • [10:08] Using reverse visualization for confidence in making change
  • [13:05] Making the change before the full-blown crisis
  • [15:02] Taking a non-emotional inventory of your life
  • [18:58] Developing a journaling practice
  • [22:42] How to wake up every day and perform at your best
  • [24:49] Finding purpose
  • [29:49 ] The significance of 90 days in planning
  • [36:07] Indecision as a dream killer
  • [38:12] Tommy's new book
  • [40:42] The significance of taking action within 24 hours
  • [41:20] Tommy answers the final questions

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