Constructing Systems on the Path to Mastery with Thane Marcus Ringler

Boomer Anderson
January 30, 2019
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Former professional golfer, Thane Marcus Ringler, joins the podcast to discuss the path to the perfect swing. The system he developed on that path applies for mastery in any endeavor.

It's super boring. It's super unsexy. It's not fun, but you do it. You do the work because you know it produces results. The best performers, the best of anything... they find beauty in the process. Enjoying the mundane and they're able to do it over and over and over again because of it. And that is what produces the results.

Who is Thane Marcus Ringler?

Thane Marcus Ringler is a former pro golfer turned writer, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA. After competing for nearly four years as a professional, he transitioned out of the world of golf into his new endeavors.

In his current work, Thane is coming alongside freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to help them by taking the professional athlete’s mindset to everyday people in everyday life. He is passionate about speaking to the journey from the journey and wants to empower this generation to take ownership of their lives and never settle for less than they are capable of.

Key Highlights on Mastery through Systems

  • [6:59] Life as a professional golfer
  • [9:09] Simplicity, complexity, simplicity
  • [12:08] Do humans make tasks too complicated?
  • [17:57] There's no plan B (but what about A.5)
  • [23:59] What it means to be a learner
  • [26:17] Taking the path of most resistance
  • [27:22] Becoming teachable
  • [29:41] A debate on pride
  • [31:54] Dealing with fear
  • [35:02] Creating rituals and routines for performance
  • [38:31] Dealing with failure
  • [44:01] The final four questions

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