Biohacking Focus with Peter Joosten

Boomer Anderson
January 13, 2018
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I block time in the morning from 8 till 1 o’clock in which I’m really doing deep work. No social media, no email. I sometimes feel I really have to be aware of my emails everyday, all the time, but he makes a compelling case of it’s not that necessary. Clients are not getting mad if you don’t answer their email in 10 minutes but a couple of hours later.

Do you ever wonder why some people get more done in the day? Or why some people seem to be so calm despite having a lot on their plate? Peter Joosten is one of those people.

Peter Joosten owns the successful blog where he writes weekly on biohacking, technology, and health. He is a speaker, adviser and trendwatcher at various companies and institutions.

Peter runs the popular podcast, the Project Life Show (iTunes top 100). In it, he interviews with different experts about lifestyle, health and technological developments. Peter has been featured on national television in the Netherlands, Dutch newspapers, and magazines such as Men's Health.

Key Highlights:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing as a base for reducing stress
  • How Peter uses Binaural Beats for focus
  • Tips for not drowning yourself in Social Media
  • What is Deep Work? Why does Peter block off large blocks of time during his day?
  • Tips for not drowning yourself in Social Media
  • Peter and Boomer's favorite nootropics for increasing focus

Episode Transcript

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