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The Wonderful World of Wearable Technology with Chuck Hazzard

Boomer Anderson
June 19, 2018
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Most of the fitness wearables are on the wrist because people are used to wearing watches and one thing that became apparent right off is they work reasonably well, they’ve gotten better at it but that is one of the worst places you can actually measure anything. There are a bunch of reasons for that - your tattoos, skin color, hair, you get vibration no matter how tight it is, you get a lot of interference from the sun, it’s much stronger than the LEDs they use on the watches. But the bigger thing is you don’t have a lot of concentration of where arteries handoff to capillaries, the blood, whereas in the finger you have a huge density of those.

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Who is Chuck Hazzard?

Chuck serves as Oura's Vice President of Sales. Chuck Hazzard is an entrepreneur and technology expert, with a current focus on the wearable industry. In the past, Chuck has designed and built computer networks, developed software applications for large corporations, helped build a successful telecommunications business from the ground up, and more recently, helped a large telecommunications company develop and bring to market products and services yielding an additional $500 million in annual revenue.

Chuck earned his BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Maine, where he also earned his JD at their School of Law. Chuck is also a graduate of the FDN program and is a licensed Heartmath Provider.

Key Highlights on the Oura Ring

  • Chuck's background in software development
  • How Chuck went from ultra-marathon raw vegan to wearable advisor extraordinaire
  • The difference between Whoop and Oura (as well as why Chuck is very qualified to speak about both sides)
  • Why Oura is a ring instead of on the wrist
  • The accuracy of the Oura Ring for items like Deep Sleep and REM
  • The importance of tracking temperature in nocturnal biology
  • Does the Oura emit significant EMF?
  • Establishing a relationship between resting heart rate
  • An overview of the Oura app, dashboard, and future plans for the Android app
  • All the details on the new Oura Ring including key changes, improvements, and details of shipping

Resources Mentioned

What are Chuck's Top Tips for Enhancing Focus?

  • Restorative sleep

What is Chuck Hazzard's Favorite Book on Peak Performance?

Episode Transcript

Chuck Hazzard
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