Super Learning and Keeping Up in the Age of Innovation with Justin Noppé

Boomer Anderson
February 6, 2019
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Justin Noppé once memorized a chapter in Moby Dick and Pi to 100 digits. The techniques Justin employed go far beyond the memory palace. He developed systems which are useful in tackling the feats of memory and applicable to learning any subject, including language.

“Most people just want to have a conversation that's comfortable. How much time do you need to put in for that? I would say, yes, 30 minutes a day. Five, maybe six times a week for about six months. You'll get to a point, if you use the correct methodology if you're learning the correct stuff, the correct material in six months you will become very comfortable with that language.”

Who is Justin Noppé?

Like you, language and performance expert, Justin Noppé, went through the regular school pipeline, coming out the other end asking if this was really beneficial? How much information from those 12 years is still accessible? Do I know how to study? Teaching languages for 15 years, his approach is radically different.

Unlike many teachers and language programs, he shows how to become automatic with a language and use your brains natural methods. Working in harmony with what is, rather than working against it. Asking the question, "How can I get better results with less time?" Justin is able to help his clients connect with other cultures and achieve surprising results. Justin's method is a fusion of language and brain training that connects his clients to their previously unrealized potential.

Companies and individuals all along the spectrum, from style consultants to internet exchange companies, have come to him for fast, long term results not only in languages, but also with other aspects of language and brain performance such as presentation coaching, accent reduction and meta-cognitive skills training (like memory techniques, speed reading and mental model workshops). Justin continues to work with cross-cultural professionals online or in group workshops.

Key Highlights on Super Learning

  • [8:38] Memorizing Pi to 100 digits
  • [11:06] How to internalize an entire chapter of Moby Dick
  • [12:16] The anatomy of memory
  • [13:48] Memory palaces
  • [20:06] Using emotion over logic to learn language
  • [24:21] Dealing with cognitive fatigue while learning
  • [25:58] The importance of the base-level of knowledge
  • [32:37] Establishing multiple neural connections in memory
  • [37:49] Is 30-minutes a day enough to learn a language?
  • [43:52] The 6-month protocol to learning a new language
  • [44:46] The role of threading
  • [47:45] The Spanish program which is making learning languages fun again
  • [50:28] Justin answers the final questions

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