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Mental States on Demand with Daniel Clark

Boomer Anderson
August 21, 2018
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"We make functional music to help people focus, relax and sleep better. It's all backed by science. That means that we create music will be idea of building a mental state in the beginning and then through pattern process with our AI and our composers were able to help induce mental states for people on-demand." - Daniel Clark

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What is Brain.Fm? is a music software program which helps users maintain focus on while they listen to music. As of the publish of this episode, it is also used for sleep, meditation, napping, and for a recharge.

Who is Daniel Clark?

Daniel has been in love with technology- and its potential to positively impact the world- for as long as he can remember. From building websites when he was 13, starting a design and advertising business at 18 and driving $2MM in revenue for multinational brands as a director for a boutique ad agency, he has truly been at the forefront of how technology can exponentially grow successful businesses.

One of's first users, he called the company 12 times before they agreed to bring him in for an interview. When he did receive an offer, he jumped at it (even working for free for the first few weeks). He eventually moved up to Head of Technology and is now the CEO. As CEO, Daniel is constantly striving to build a company that can not only change the world through music, but also be one of the best companies for people to work for and grow with.

Daniel has visited over 20 countries across five continents, with plans to set foot on all seven (including Antarctica).

Key Highlights of the Podcast

  • What is Brain.Fm?
  • How does Brain.Fm differ from Binural Beats?
  • What is the composition process for a new track?
  • What is Neural Phase Locking?
  • The significance of 15-minutes when using Brain.Fm
  • Does Brain Fm become less effective with more use?
  • Brain Fm's grant from the National Science Foundation
  • The data behind Brain Fm's sleep and focus improvement
  • What is the future of Brain Fm

Resources Mentioned

The Final Three Questions

Daniel's Biggest Pet Peeve with the Health Industry

  • When someone's health decisions are not based in fact, but rather opinion.

Daniel's Top Trick for Enhancing Focus

  • Daily habits. Focus is something which needs training. Daily habits and discipline create focus.

Daniel's Favorite Book on Peak Performance

Episode Transcript

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