I believe in full disclosure. Below are the products in my current rotation. Some of these I use daily. Others, a few times a week. If I stop using a product, it gets removed from the list.

Therefore, this list will change over time.

Technology and supplementation are just two elements of my health optimization regimen.

In certain instances, I may have involvement in some of these companies or receive a small amount of compensation for referrals. This compensation helps keep the podcast free.

Current Rotation: 

Products I Use Now

Catalyzing World Change—

Health Optimization Amsterdam is my private health optimization practice. Along with a team of all-star doctors, I work with no more than 15 high performing executives and entrepreneurs at a time. Through a rigorous amount of analytics, one-on-one meetings, and leveraging the power of technology, we help these individuals optimize their health so they can go change the world.

If you have interest in working with us, please apply below and one of our team with connect with you if it is the right fit.