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Boomer Anderson
January 9, 2018
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“If you look at microbiome and the human microbiome project when it was launched in 2008, it’s been growing about 35% year over year. Even though we’re kind of early on in the microbiome research and science, the pace of how fast it’s growing is pretty staggering.”

My guest is Richard Lin, CEO of Thryve ( Thryve is a microbiome genomics and probiotic therapeutics company with an end goal of indexing the entire world’s microbes to improve health & wellness. Richard started Thryve after antibiotic overuse. He has made it his mission to learn about the microbiome to improve human health.

By starting Thryve, Richard’s goal is to provide a platform where citizen scientist, academic researchers, government institutions, and pharmaceutical companies can come together and halt the progression of microbiome related diseases.

Richard has been featured on MIT Technology Review, CEO/CFO Magazine, Small Business Reviews, Medscape, Health 2.0, eHealth Radio, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and has been featured in a Brazilian documentary.

This conversation is both an introduction and dive into the field of microbiome testing. For the purposes of this conversation, Richard and I focused on the Gut Microbiome.

Key Highlights:

  • What is the microbiome?
  • The INSANE amount of growth in microbiome research
  • The technology behind Thyrve and how it differs from other microbiome testing companies (hint: Machine Learning)
  • Are microbiome tests accurate?
  • Why some probiotics are more useful than others… and why others do nothing.
  • The 30% discount code Richard gives to new users
  • Some pretty bad jokes from me!

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