The Mind Upgrade Behind Winning Million Dollar Poker Hands with Felix Paries

Boomer Anderson
March 7, 2019
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Hypnosis is misunderstood. Felix Paries, CEO of Primed Mind, joins the show to discuss how hypnosis has helped the world top poker players win million plus dollar hands and how you can use it for increased performance.

“Poker is a lot about having the right mindset and having that right mindset at the table. Two years later, he was number one in the world.”

Felix Paries

Who is Felix Paries?

Felix Paries is the CEO of Primed Mind. Felix sees entrepreneurship as a spiritual path of self-development and freedom. Primed Mind is a mobile application company supporting people to really close the gap between their performance and potential. Primed Mind focuses on getting people to experience the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy.

Key Highlights from the Podcast:

  • [03:07]  The connection to the World Series of Poker
  • [04:22] Elliot Roe, the coach behind million dollar hands of poker
  • [06:03] Common misconceptions about hypnosis
  • [10:56] The difference between hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming
  • [16:53] Using hypnotherapy to deal with past obstacles
  • [18:32] The benefits of hypnotherapy
  • [19:54] Hypnotherapy and public speaking anxiety
  • [20:48] Primed Mind App
  • [26:56] Felix answers the final 4 questions

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Felix Paries
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