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Boomer Anderson
September 11, 2019
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Andreas Breitfeld discusses perpetual jetlag, life without hormones, and recovery from the road. As the Head of KTC Lab, Andreas created an incredible EMF-blocking travel pant to benefit road warriors worldwide.

Who is Andreas Breitfeld?

No question, traveling is fun and what better way to broaden your horizons than by traveling the world? If you want to get to know other people, cultures and other markets, you have to leave your home behind from time to time. When Andreas started his own business about 15 years ago with a PR and marketing agency, it was clear to me from the very beginning how important it was to be as close as possible to everything that was happening in my industry around the globe.

The concept worked and with the success of the agency, Andreas' travel volume increased as well. In some years, Andreas visited the USA, Canada, China and South Korea more often than France or Italy in his entire life.

At some point, Andreas realized that adapting to new time zones was harder and harder. He had massive problems recovering at all. Increasing sleep problems, food intolerances, heavy metal poisoning, leaky gut, too much cortisol at first, then probably no cortisol at all at some point - his lifestyle took its toll.

Andreas' travel problems peaked parallel to the introduction of the Skynet, i.e. the wireless networks in the airplane. Andreas sat one day in Thailand at the beach and had to admit to himself that, despite the success, he was physically and increasingly mentally completely down.

Andreas began to do research and was amazed at much of the knowledge he gained. And he realized that he needed help.

Luckily Andreas found understanding, the right support and the way (back) to biohacking. This already fascinated him as the first fitness editor of Shape magazine. As in the past, it fascinates Andreas not only to understand things theoretically, but also to try them out in practice. Thanks to a happy combination of perseverance and willingness to take risks, Andreas managed to get back to his starting point within nine months.

As Head of the Lab at KTC LAB, Andreas sees it as his task to collect and pass on knowledge, experiences, and tips on the subject of "safer and better travel". In addition, Andreas is pleased that through and together with KTC Unlimited he have the opportunity to develop textile solutions for a wide variety of biohacks. KTC Lab is currently working on the completion of a collection that will not only enable frequent flyers to shield their bodies from additional stressors such as EMFs. KTC Lab is also exploring strategies to accelerate regeneration and provide all the tools to meet the challenges of an active, global lifestyle.


[3:18] Being perpetually jet lagged

[8:05] Skynet

[13:26] Life with 0 cortisol

[15:01] The effects of constant jet lag

[20:25] Finding biohacking and recouperation

[29:45] EMF and Airplanes

[34:31] Calcium channels

[41:14] Creating EMF blocking pants

[49:30] Testing the effectiveness of the pants



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