AMA: The Foundations of Cognitive Enhancement

Boomer Anderson
October 6, 2019
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Recently, I reached out to the listeners to source ideas for episodes. The result is the first "Ask Me Anything" episode of the Decoding Superhuman podcast. One consistent theme was cognitive enhancement and nootropics. In this episode, I discuss the foundations needed before delving into the vast world of nootropics.


[1:00] Reflections on Biohacking Fest Ukraine

[4:51] Biohacker Summit Helsinki

[5:53] The genesis of Ask Me Anything

[7:25] Building your foundations before taking nootropics

[9:15] Glymphatics, Circadian Biology, and the need for sleep

[13:03] Getting your food right through eliminating the bad

[15:55] External brain, bandwidth poverty, and stress optimization

[18:47] Controlling your nervous system through breathing

[19:57] My current favorite nootropics


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